Sunday, December 28, 2008


Jay and I have been ever so busy with family/holiday obligations this week. Much more busy than either of us cared to be. Yesterday we were obligated to go on a day trip to visit yet more relatives. 2 hours in the car up with the 2 kids in the back, a day of visiting with the old folks, bad food, and bored children, capped off with the 2 hours ride back with the mercifully sleeping 2 kids in the back.

Needless to say, Jay and I were in need of some stress relief when we finally got the youngest one bathed and in bed while our 14 year old entertained himself with his new computer courtesy of his doting Grandma.

We lay on our bed, dazed and shell shocked. Jay casually mentioned he was newly smooth "down there," perfect for licking.

"What are you going to do to me if I don't want to suck you?"

"Try me," he responded.

"I'm not going to suck your cock tonight. I don't want to," I announced petulantly.

Jay got up from the bed to lock the door, directing me to take my clothes off as he did so.

I lay there still playing the willful child, still refusing to follow his lead.

He brought out the bamboo cane and whacked me on the hip with it.

"I said get undressed," he ordered again.

This time, I complied.

When I was completely naked and shivering a bit in the chill, he went to the task of cuffing my wrists and ankles with our new leather cuffs.

With the cuffs properly fastened to each limb, he went to work with a long black rope. The end result found me with my legs in the air, bound together, hands bound to legs, ass vulnerable and exposed to Jay's deviant desires.

The bamboo cane met my upraised ass over and over again with delicious, small stinging blows.

"I'm such a bad girl," I cooed.

Silence, as he continued to work my ass with the cane.

And then...

"Such a fucking slut," Jay spat out as he blows came faster, my ass beginning to burn in earnest.

He walked to the edge of the bed, and jerked me up until my head hung over the side. He then began to adjust the rope again until each breast was tightly bound.

At this point, I began to gush. I imagined the picture I would present to anyone on the outside looking in on our little scene...ankles cuffed and bound to each other, wrists cuffed and bound resting on my mound, midsection crisscrossed with rope, breasts tightly bound, nipples pink and very erect, ass crisscrossed red from my caning, head hanging off the edge of the bed, mouth open and awaiting insertion of Master's cock.

I didn't have to wait long. Jay shoved his pulsing cock deeply into my mouth, thrusting in and out as my tongue traveled hungrily around his shaft. I worked my head up and down as best I could seeking to please my Master with my mouth.

The longer the face fucking went on, the more uncomfortable I became. My jaw became tired, my neck began to ache with the uncomfortable angle. I turned my head to the side, gasping for air, asking Master for a break.

"I'm not done using you, slut. We'll be done when I cum," he growled at me before shoving his cock back down my throat forcing my aching jaws wide open.

Master fucked my face several minutes more until he was ready to let me rest. He gently helped me back onto the bed as which point he began to stroke his pulsing cock over my tits.

"Mmmmm, yes, baby, stroke your cock for me. Cum on my tits, Sir," I begged.

I waited and watched him stroke eagerly anticipating ropes of hot cum spurting onto me at any moment.

Instead, he pushed me over onto my stomach, spread my ass cheeks and began to stroke over my ass. My pussy began to throb, growing wetter and wetter as Master worked his cock over on top of my ass. I moaned and wiggled around impatiently waiting to feel his hot release rain down over my ass at any moment.

He left the bed for a moment, and walked over to rumage around in the nightstand drawer. I assumed he was coming back to spank me again with a different implement. Instead, he pushed my bound legs as far apart as they would go and crawled in between them, my raised feet resting against his back.

I felt lube being poured onto my already soaked cunt, then worked further down into my ass.

"I want your ass tonight, slut," was all he said to me before thrusting his cock between the folds of my ass cheeks and working his way into my asshole.

I couldn't imagine that he would ever succeed and took a secret pleasure in that knowledge. My legs seemed bound too impossibly close together to afford him entrance into my tight little bud.

I groaned as he pushed harder and harder until he was unbelievably inside my ass. I let out a small scream as he pushed in deeper before beginning to thrust.

He leaned over me, his hands bracing his weight on either side of my head, his cock working in and out of my little asshole.

Dear God, I was so wet. I knew it must surely be dripping down into my ass helping to lubricate as he fucked. I snaked a finger down to my clit to rub it as he fucked me.

"Your ass feels so good and tight. I love fucking it baby," he breathed as he raised up, gripped my hips and continued to thrust into me.

"That's it, baby. Cum in my ass. I want your cum dripping out my ass."

With that, he fell back down over me, muscled arms holding his weight above me as he buried his cock in me. I looked up to watch his face in the dresser mirror as he lost himself in the pleasure of my ass.

I laid there on my stomach, bound, his body looming over me, his cock buried deeply in my ass, and realized I had never been more helpless in my life. The realization turned me on more than I can possibly express in words. I was unequivocably at the mercy of my Master, and my cunt responded by growing even wetter still.

I looked up to watch my Master's face twisted with pleasure.

"Uhhhhh, I'm...going your ass now!" he grunted out just before shooting his load in me.

He collapsed on me for a moment panting and sweating before pulling out and rolling over.

He left me there on the bed, bound, prostrate on my stomach, cum leaking out my ass while he showered and cleaned up. His intent was to help me remember my place as HIS slut no doubt.

I really must run upstairs to the bedroom now as recalling this tale for you has my pussy wet and calling out for attention once again.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taking a Ride with Master and Sir

The three of them sat at a table together in the midst of the bustling nightlife of the restaurant doing an admirable job of making small talk despite the presence of overwhelming sexual tension. She watched his mouth move as he spoke to her husband and wondered what he tasted like. Her eyes roamed down to his hands and imagined them tangled in her hair as he whispered filth in her ear. She pressed her legs together, feeling the wetness growing between them as she began to undress him with her eyes.

Her reverie was abruptly cut short by the sound of her husband’s voice calling her name. She had apparently been required to add something to the conversation, and was embarrassed to find her new friend looking at her with a knowing smirk on his face.

They made haste to finish their meal and move on to “dessert.” They walked together to her husband’s car which would take them to a discreet hotel where they intended to engage in delicious depravity. As her husband slid into the driver’s seat he nodded his permission to her, and she pushed the front seat forward, climbed into the back seat and looked up at her friend invitingly. He wasted no time climbing in beside her as the car rumbled to a start.

His mouth was soft and wet against her throat, his thumb warm as he rubbed it across her lips. She slipped his thumb into her mouth as he kissed his way up to her ear, his hardening cock pressing insistently against her thigh.

“I’m going to unzip my pants now, and you’re going to suck me like you’ve been dying to do all night,” he breathed into her ear.

As he unzipped, she leaned forward and whispered into her husband’s ear, “I’m about to suck his cock, baby.” She left him with several kisses up and down his cheek before she was roughly pulled to the backseat again.

She knelt in the seat, her dress riding up over her hips, exposing her stockings, garters, and naked ass. She circled the head of his cock with her tongue, tasting the salty wetness of the precum there. He slapped her ass firmly commanding, “Suck slut.”

She knew her husband was witness to this in the front of the car and the thought drove her wild. She swallowed her friend’s cock to the balls. Her head bobbed sensuously up and down as she gently cupped his balls, her tongue circling his head on each upstroke.

“Your wife is a good little cock sucker,” he complimented her husband.

He rubbed her ass reverently as her lips and tongue worked steadily on his swollen cock.

POP went his hand across her ass. “Suck harder, bitch,” he snarled as he gripped a handful of her hair and shoved his cock to the back of her throat.

She obediently worked her mouth harder and faster up and down his shaft as he began to groan above her.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good girl. That’s so fucking good,” he crooned.

She felt his balls tighten in her hands, sucked harder still with loud, wet slurping sounds as his middle finger entered her sopping wet hole.

“Is this making you wet, slut? Is my hard cock in your mouth making you wet?”

She nodded her head vigorously as she sucked, feeling his cock twitch in her mouth.

“Your wife is enjoying my cock in her tight little mouth,” he informed her husband.

His fingers probed her wetness as his hips thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was gagging and struggling to keep pace with him.

“Oh fuck, yes,” she heard him moan as her mouth was flooded with his hot, delicious load. She sucked and swallowed until he was spent.

“Such a dirty girl,” he declared stroking her hair as she licked his cock and balls clean.

She leaned forward again, and purred into her husband’s ear, “His cum tasted so good, baby. Are you hard now?”

“Yes,” he whispered hoarsely as she kissed his head, rubbing her hands along his chest before once again being pulled into the backseat.

Her friend bent his head to her outstretched thighs, licking up the inside of one, and down the other, pausing only briefly to inhale the scent of her aroused cunt. He planted small, soft kisses all around her mound until she was squirming about desperate for his tongue to meet her clit.

“Ask for it and I might give you what you want,” he said.

“Suck my clit. Oh God, I need you to do that for me now,” she begged.

“Has she earned it?” he asked her husband.

“Not hardly,” he replied.

“Your husband says you don’t deserve to have your pussy licked,” her friend informed her.

“Baby, please,” she began, and then remembered her manners. “Please, Master, may I have my pussy sucked?”

“Do you want to please Master?” he probed.

“Yes, you know I do,” she replied.

“Then tell me why you want your pussy sucked.”

Silence echoed in the car as she could not bring herself to say the words.

“Tell me dear, or I’ll pull over right now and call your new friend a cab,” he threatened.

“Because I am a dirty slut,” she whispered feeling her pussy begin to gush just inches from her friend’s face.

“Give her what she wants,” he acquiesced.

She gasped as her friend’s tongue met her swollen, wet clit. She fought the urge to ride his face as his tongue circled eloquently. He inserted his tongue in her hole as she watched, running her hands through his hair. She imagined the sight they would present to any passing cars…her husband driving with a raging hard on, her knee high boots braced against the windows, her friend’s head bobbing between her wide open legs, and felt herself grow wetter still.

She looked down to meet his eyes as he tongue fucked her, running her hands along his smooth cheeks as his tongue roamed back up to her clit. He sucked her clit tenderly into his mouth, as her hips began to buck against him of their own accord.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Please don’t stop” she begged.

He gripped her hips, held her against him as he licked and sucked until the growing warmth in her groin exploded all over his face.

Her orgasm washed over her so strongly, her thighs clamped down around his ears, trapping him between her legs as her moans filled the cabin of the car.

When she came to her senses, she released her headlock and let her friend up for air.

“Your wife tastes marvelous,” he informed her husband. “I can’t wait to fuck her.”

“I’ve been a bad, bad girl,” she giggled into her husband’s ear as she wrapped her arms around him from the backseat.

“You have, and you’ll pay for it, my pet, trust me,” he warned.

They soon arrived at her friend’s hotel, the night’s fun just getting started…

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho HNT

It has been quite some time since I have participated in the HNT fun. It's good to be back.

My but that was quite a large, delicious candy cane! Happy holiday HNT'ing

Friday, December 12, 2008

Desire at the Office

She walks slowly down the hall, busy looking folders and pen in hand; however work is the fartherest thing from her mind at the moment. As she passes his office, she slows down, turns and makes eye contact with him, making sure he follows her with his eyes as she ducks into the bathroom. She waits one minute… then two until she hears the click in the door as he joins her. He locks the door to the single stall bathroom and comes up behind her as she stands at the sink watching him in the mirror.

He runs his fingers down the sides of her soft, suede business suit, stopping to cup her ass as he buries his face in her hair and releases a small moan. He gently moves her hair to one side and lowers his mouth to her neck as his fingers begin to unbutton the front of her suit coat. He removes the coat, letting it fall to the floor as their eyes lock in the mirror. He moves his fingers to her blouse. They both watch in the mirror as he methodically opens each button. She can feel her nipples straining towards his fingers, longing to feel their warmth, aching to be pinched. He removes the blouse, letting it fall to the floor as well as they continue to watch each other in the mirror. She feels his hand on the zipper at the back of her skirt. He smoothly pulls it down, wiggling the skirt down to her ankles. She braces herself against the sink and gracefully steps out of the skirt. She stands there in bra, garter and stockings, shivering just a little, needing the warmth of his skin against her as his eyes travel up and down her body lingering on her hard nipples and closely shaven pussy.

She turns around and slowly begins to unknot his tie, tossing it to the floor as she pull his suspenders from his broad shoulders and carefully opens each button down the front of his shirt. As she pulls it off of him, she can’t resist reaching out to run her hands over his chest, touching her tongue to each pink nipple. He lets out a low, rumbling groan as she lets her hands slide down his stomach to his belt. She unbuckles the belt, unfastens the pants, and kneels in front of him to remove them. This maneuver places her face even with his bulging cock. She reaches around behind him, slipping her fingers under the waistband of his boxers and letting her nails graze his skin as she slowly pulls the boxers off. His cock bobs out, bouncing against her face as she slowly stands up and turns back around to face the mirror.

He teases her nipples through the mesh material of her bra before opening the clasp in the front and letting the bra fall to the pile of clothing at their feet. She feels his erect cock poking against her backside, as she leans back against him, clasping her arms around the back of his neck as he kneads the flesh of her breasts in his hands. She turns her head to kiss him; his tongue slips warm and wet into her mouth at the same instant he begins to roll her nipples between his fingers sending ripples of pleasure through her body. She feels her pussy gushing as he tugs harder and harder at her erect nipples. She slides her hand down between her legs gathering some of the flowing juices there and bringing it up between their lips. They both lick and suck the sweetness from her finger moaning into each other’s mouths, their tongues melting together. She turns her head to watch for just an instant as he tugs viciously at her nipples, his cock spearing her backside until he urgently turns her around, seats her on the faucet, and sinks to his knees before her open legs.

She watches as he runs his tongue up the inside of her thigh, pausing to take in the aroma of her aroused cunt before burying his tongue inside her swollen hole. He presses his nose against her clit and begins to slowly rock it back and forth while his tongue slips in and out of her. She leans her head back against the mirror, spreads her legs even wider to him, closes her eyes and loses herself in the joy this man is bringing to her. He gradually picks up the pace, massaging her clit faster and harder in a smooth, steady rhythm. She opens her eyes to see him lost in the pleasure of the moment. His eyes are closed as he tirelessly works her clit, his face shoved deeply into her pussy, his hands clasping her thighs so tightly she will find tiny bruises there the next day. The sight of this, combined with the view of her rock hard nipples, and stiletto heeled feet digging lightly into his back bring her to a powerful orgasm. She clasps her hands over her mouth to muffle the moans as her hips buck and thrash, her other hand digging into his head, trapping his face against her pussy. He opens his eyes and looks up at her clearly enjoying watching her tremble and struggle to remain quiet as she showers him with her glistening cum.

When she has spent herself on his face, he stands up before her. He leans in to kiss her with the aroma of her pussy all over his face as she reaches down, takes his throbbing cock in her hands and teases it by rubbing it against her slick pussy. What she wants is to stand up, turn around and watch in the mirror as he fucks her from behind. However, she is so overcome with the need for his cock inside her, that she cannot coordinate communication between her brain and her limbs. He is also crazed with the need to be inside her. He thrusts towards her, seeking entry, seeking relief from the burning need for release between his legs. With his next thrust, she guides him inside her. She wraps her legs around him, her heels digging into his ass, her torso leaning back against the mirror, tits bouncing heavily as he plunges deeply inside her, over and over again.

She thrusts her hips at him, whispering, urging, “Harder, baby. Fuck me harder.”

Her head bangs against the mirror as he pounds his body against hers. He reaches out to roughly twist a nipple as she runs her nails down his chest leaving angry, red welts. She places her middle finger in his mouth urging him with her eyes to suck it, wet it for her before moving the finger to her clit, circling it lightly as he continues to move inside her. She can hear him groaning softly, his head thrown back, his face contorted in a grimace. She knows he is close, she knows he is waiting for her. That thought alone does it for her. Her pussy grips his cock in orgasm as he leans into her and covers her mouth with his own to quiet her moans. He swiftly pumps load after hot load of cum into her as he buries his face in her breasts.

The rest of her day is carried out with his scent all around her, his cum dribbling out between her thighs and thoughts of their next encounter running through her mind

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's That TIme of the Week

I know I was supposed to produce a picture of the new nightie for this week's HNT, but I'm just too damn tired to deal with it, alright?!

So you get a perfectly respectable picture of my feet after a long hard day of work.

Happy HNT everyone!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Hello all. I'm sorry to report there has not been much going on in my world lately. I've been under the weather all week with a cold which I am finally getting over today. No sex to speak of at all this week except for today.

I bought a new nightie, which I must admit does accentuate my curves in all the right places and looks fabulous on me. I'll try to get a picture for display soon. Jay was quite taken aback by the sight of me. So much so that we retreated to the closet for some spanking time this evening. I donned my slut heels and bent over for him, grasping my ankles, my new nightie riding up just over my ass. He gave me several good whacks with the crop (one or two stinging blows landed right on my pussy..ouch!) before I asked him to please spank me with his hand. I so love the feel of his big, warm hand as it meets my flesh. Nothing is as erotic a spanking tool for me as his hand. I pushed my ass out further for him as he whacked me. My hand went to my pussy as he instructed me, one finger in my cunt hole, one in my ass. He told me how hard I was making him just before he brushed his cock against the back of my thigh. I licked my lips, asked if I could suck him.

He told me he wanted to fuck my face just before leading me out of the closet, into the bedroom. Slut heels and naughty nightie still on, I lay on the bed as he straddled my face. This has become our new sexual "trick". He slid his cock in my mouth, holding my wrists against his chest with one hand as the other reached into my hair, twisting it as he fucked my face. I gagged and sputtered several times, my tongue running over the underside of his cock. I felt his grip tighten on my hair as he rammed his cock home even harder. Then the coughing began. Damn, this cold. I couldn't stop coughing around his cock!

He finally dismounted, and retreated between my legs. His tongue running circles around my clit. I raised up on my elbows to watch him. My legs spread around his head, slut heels on either side of him, tit half out of my nightie. I love to take his face in my hands as he licks me, to "feel" what he is doing to me. When the stimulation began to intensify, I laid my head back, my hips bucking against him, surrendering myself to the sensation until I came on his face.

At my beckoning, he was quickly on his knees, cock swiftly buried inside me. He pumped steadily as I thrust back to meet him, my tit, free of the nightie, bouncing erotically in time with his thrusts. My hand went down to cup his balls, squeezing, kneading. As directed, I inserted a finger in my asshole, pressing upwards, against his thrusting cock. His fucking increased in intensity, became more urgent, as the pressure from my finger brought him closer and closer to the edge. "Does that make you want to cum, baby? Does my finger in my ass make you want to cum for me?" I grunted out. That was all it took. He groaned as he emptied his sticky load inside of me, my finger pressed even higher into my ass as his groans turned to, "Oh God. Fuck, baby that's good."

So now, here I sit, pussy fresly fucked and leaking cum relating my little tale for all who care to read.

Jay has written quite an eloquent post detailing our delight with our newest sexual "trick." I think you will enjoy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Switch

Disclaimer: Just for those of you who are inevitably going to wonder if the below has any basis in is simply a work of fiction, entirely dreamt up in my little head.

Here she was in the middle of the mall on a Sunday afternoon, because that was what he had asked of her. She could no more refuse him than she could will herself not to breath. She had no other choice but to come to him in the black dress and stiletto heels he had requested; her tits practically spilling out the top of her dress while her naked pussy pulsed with anticipation.

She managed to find her way to the tiny employee bathroom in the back of the mall he had apparently scouted out for just this meeting. She took a furtive glance around before ducking inside. There was one small stall inside with a slightly larger sink area. At least it was fairly clean she thought, as she draped her purse over a hook, and anxiously awaited him.

She waited two minutes then three then five, all the while holding her breath for fear of being discovered where she clearly did not belong. She jumped as the door opened, spun around and exhaled as he sauntered through the door, and locked it behind him.

He stood there with his back against the wall, gazing at her as she leaned against the sink, her dress just barely covering her pussy.

"I only have about 45 minutes before I have to meet the family in the food court," he murmured.

She stared at him, eyes wide, not understanding.

"Wait. You mean they're here in the mall with you?" she asked.

"Yeah. They're off looking at new clothes for school. I'm supposed to be looking at golf clubs and camping gear right about now."

"Holy shit," she breathed.

This had been a fantasy they had bantered back and forth for a while, but she never really thought he'd go through with it.

"What?" he grinned.

"Didn't you think I had the balls to do it?"

Her only reply was to untie her belt and open her dress for him to reveal her breasts bulging out of her bra and her neatly trimmed naked pussy.

She took a step towards him before she heard,

“Uh uh uh… get on your knees, slut. Crawl to me.”

She hesitated a fraction of a second, considering the filth that must be on that floor.

“I said NOW, cunt,”

His shouts were so loud she could feel them vibrating off the walls of the tiny bathroom. She thought surely someone would hear him. She knew she had no choice but to obey.

She lowered herself on all fours to the scummy floor, and crawled to him because it was his wish for her to do so.

When she reached him, her face was even with the bulge in his pants. She longed to rub her face against it. She leaned forward just a bit before he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Did I say you could touch yet, slut?”

“No Sir,” she responded, head cast down respectfully.

“Remove your bra. I want to see those beautiful tits.”

She did as he asked, slowly, allowing him the full joy he sought in looking at her naked body before him, hands clasped respectfully behind her back, offering herself to him.

He reached down, cupped her breasts gently before taking her nipples between his fingers and gently rolling them back and forth.

“You like that?” he queried.

“Yes, Sir” she breathed.

The pressure on her nipples increased until he was pinching them, her back arched as he pulled her toward him by her nipples. She struggled to keep her hands behind her back as she knew she was required to do. Her only desire was to please him.

She let out a small moan as he brought her face even with his waist, his belt pressing uncomfortably against her cheek, the bulge in his pants swelling between her breasts.

“You may touch now, my angel”

She gently tugged his belt loose, lowered his zipper, and dropped his pants to his ankles. His cock was already throbbing as she gripped it in her hand, squeezing gently. She moaned softly at the sight of the precum oozing from the tip. She let it drip onto her finger, and rubbed it slowly around her hard nipples.

She heard him groan as he watched her do this, just before he reached down and shoved her mouth onto his cock. She took him in hungrily, loving the taste of him. She slid his full length to the back of her throat, her hands on his ass, slowly working up and down his shaft. When she felt his hips begin to buck against her, she used her hands to twist up and down as she sucked harder and faster.

"Mmm, baby you're so good at sucking cock," he breathed as his hips thrust harder and faster at her.

She spread her legs wide, her fingers dipping in and out of her sloshy pussy. Her mind’s eye picturing the view she was giving him of her dress splayed open, her tits bouncing up and down as she sucked him, and her fingers sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. She knew she was pleasing him well. She wanted to cum at the thought of it.

Soon he rearranged their positions and had her pressed up against the wall, his hands on the top of her head, his cock ramming in and out of her mouth, the back of her head smacking against the wall.

"Oh fuck, baby, here it comes. Open wide, open ...." he commanded.

She opened her mouth wide so he could watch as his hot load shot into her mouth. She held her mouth open for a moment so he could see all his white hot cum in her, then greedily swallowed as a little dripped down her chin onto her tits.

No sooner had she managed to swallow than he was jerking her upright with his hands under her arms, and shoving her over to the sink where he lifted her onto the sink, legs spread, cunt ready.

He stepped back to drink her in once again. Her chest was heaving with excitement, her legs were spread wide for him, and her pussy juices dripped down the insides of her thighs.

He stepped towards her, grabbed her hips and impaled her on his cock in one swift move. His cock slid balls deep in one thrust slick with her excitement.

She braced herself on the sides of the sink, legs wrapped around him, heels digging into his ass, as he fucked her.

“Don’t you fucking cum cunt until I give the word. Do you understand me?”

She nodded at him, eyes crazed with need and lust.

He did something he had only done once before. He wrapped his hand around her neck and squeezed. The fucking continued, unrelentless. His body pounded into hers over and over again as she gulped for air.

Her hand flew to his on her throat, her other hand clawing at his chest, her eyes rolled back in her head as she momentarily lost the ability to bend to his will, and came all over his cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she heard him whisper as he collapsed against her, his cum warm and sticky between her legs, dripping into the sink beneath her.

“Why do you make me do this?” he pleaded softly against her neck.

She stroked his sweat soaked head murmuring comfort and sweetness.

In that moment she knew he loved her, and he hated her for it. She knew where the balance of power lay, and she was afraid of the control she wielded.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Unexpected Greeting

I arrived home yesterday afternoon having all but forgotten the day's earlier naughtiness in the office bathroom. I was lugging in items from the sodas, Sunny D for the kids, etc already thinking about what I wwould be making for dinner that evening.

When I arrived in the kitchen, I spyed Jay sitting in the den wearing only his dress shirt and boxers with the crop in his hand.

"Put that stuff down," he directed.

I giggled a bit, slowly setting my things on the table.

"I said put it DOWN, and come here." he commanded as he slapped the crop against the leather chair he was sitting in.

I made haste to throw everything on the table and approach him as directed.

"On your knees," he beckoned.

I knelt in front of him like a good little girl.

"Now turn around," he said.

I turned around and kneeled over the ottoman in front of me.

SLAP went the crop, smarting a bit even though I was fully clothed.

"You've been a bad girl. You didn't take care of me this weeekend."

"I know. I'm sorry, Sir," I offered.

CRACK went the crop against my ass again.

"Take those pants off," he bellowed.

I unbuttoned them and slid them over my hips.

"Take them all the way off."

I stood to comply with his wishes and remove my pants.

"Did I tell you to stand up?"

SMACK went the crop against my now naked ass.

I kneeled again as quickly as possible.

He was relentless with his assault on my ass. The crop met my tender flesh over and over again before he brought out the paddle.

I cried out as my bottom began to sting and burn, lost in the pleasure of the moment.

He had been hiding my most dreaded implement of discipline in the folds of the chair...the whip. It met my flesh and I screamed.

"You will learn to please me, wont you, dear"

"Yes, yes Daddy. I'll be a good girl."

POP as the whip lashed through the air to meet my exposed bottom.

I gripped the edges of the ottoman, my knuckles turning white with the effort.

"I already came today, Daddy." I blurted out. My secret so easily taken from me.

"Where?" he demanded.

"In the bathroom, at work, Daddy"

"What were you thinking about?"

"Sucking cock, Daddy."

"Whose cock?"

"N-nnno one. A strangers cock, Daddy"

"So you do want to suck strange cock, dont you?"


SLAP went the paddle again.

"Tell me the truth, you little slut. Do you want to suck strange cock?"

"No, Daddy, No!"

"Rub your pussy, slut"

I dutifully slid a finger down to my cunt and began to rub my clit.

"Are you wet?"

"Yes, Daddy. I'm wet for you."

"Fuck your pussy"

I inserted a finger in my pussy and began to thrust it in and out.

"A finger in your asshole now"

"NO, no, Daddy"

CRACK went to whip against my ass.

"Did you tell me no, slut? I said put a finger in your asshole"

"Please, Daddy,please no"

SLAP, CRACK, SMACK came a rain of blows on my ass with the whip.

I screamed, my body trembling with the physical and emotional intensity of the moment.

I could see no way out. I was broken. I inserted a finger slightly into my asshole hoping it would be enough for him.

He raised my bottom and examined my hand.

"That finger is NOT in your ass. PUT A FINGER IN YOUR ASS!"

I complied after another series of blows with the whip. My finger inserted high into my ass.

"That's a good girl," he crooned as my finger slid in and out of my asshole.

He moved in front of me, dropped his pants and his boxers.

"Suck me," he ordered.

I took his cock in my mouth and sucked greedily as he bent over to rub my red ass.

When he had had his fill of my mouth, he moved me onto the chair, legs spread wide, bent all the way to my chest as he pounded me with his cock.

When he tired of this, he ordered me to the bedroom where he stradled my shoulders and fucked my face as I rubbed my dripping wet cunt.

"Fuck me Daddy" I manged to plead in between thrusts of his cock into my mouth.

Because he loves his little girl, Daddy soon complied.

He entered my dripping wet hole, both of us moaning with the sensation.

He fucked me hard and fast, my finger working my clit until I was pulsing around his swollen cock.

Soon after, I was rewarded with his hot, sticky load all over my belly and tits.

What a way to start off an otherwise, normal, ordinary suburban evening!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Office Debauchery

I was a very BAD employee today! I had a certain fantasy running through my head which I have been planning to elaborate and share with you here, but I just got so carried away thinking about it today that I locked myself in one of the bathrooms at work this afternoon, and played with my special toy seen below which Jay presented to me as a birthday present a few months ago. What a naughty, naughty girl!

I would come to regret it later that afternoon as Jay got a confession out of me in a most delightfully painful way...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early Morning Fuck

Jay and I had sex this morning...just the two of us in the early morning darkness, and it was, well, blissful.

I had laid there with him when my alarm went off debating on whether or not to get up, not really wanting sex, but feeling guilty because I knew he did by the way he was lazily rubbing my back, hips and ass. I eventually got up, dressing for my usual morning run, concerned about getting our son some breakfast before the school bus came by, ignoring Jay's sighs from the bed.

I went downstairs, blearily throwing a frozen sausage and egg croissant into the microwave for my son. One of our dogs was pawing urgently to be let out at the back door. I shuffled over to let her out, and realized it was raining heavily. This of course meant I couldn't go out to run this morning. It meant I had time for alternate activities this morning.

As soon as our son was safely out the door for the bus, I headed back upstairs with about 45 minutes to spare before Jay had to be in the shower and I had to awaken our daughter for the day.

I peeled off my running clothes as I came back into the room, whispering to Jay...

"It's raining outside."

"Hmmm," was the only reply I received.

I slid into bed beside him, settling myself in the crook of his arm, running my hands over his chest, feeling his nipples stiffen which always arouses me. I worked my way a little further south, rubbing his belly, stopping just short of going any further south, teasing.

I turned over onto my back, and he knew what I wanted. He slid his arms around me and began to pinch and twist my nipples. I was soon gasping and arching my back, my pussy throbbed so strongly that it actually hurt. My hand found its way to his erect cock, squeezing and jerking. His hand found its way between my legs, his fingers sinking into my gushing cunt.

He rose up, and I thought he would fuck me now. Instead, he straddled my head, pinning me down at the shoulders and shoved his cock into my mouth. I moaned around his cock, so turned on my whole body was tingling.

He slowly fucked my mouth, pushing his cock all the way in then withdrawing as my moans grew in intensity. The tempo eventually picked up until he was ramming his cock in my mouth, my tongue working furiously around his shaft as I struggled to open my mouth wide to accommodate him, gagging and sputtering as he lost himself in fucking my mouth. I felt his hands on my nipples, twisting, still concerned with my pleasure in the midst of his own. He slid a finger between my splayed legs, finding a river of wetness there.

He soon dismounted my face, at which point I begged,

"Fuck me, baby. I want your cock in me."

He quickly obliged, sinking his rock hard cock into my eager cunt. His thrusts were urgent, both of us at a fever pitch. My fingers flew to my clit as he fucked me, already a hair's width from cumming. A couple of strong thrusts, and I was falling over the edge of the precipice moaning and grunting my pleasure.

Jay roughly guided my hand to his balls where I rubbed and caressed as he fucked with all his might. Soon a harsh command which I knew I could not disobey,

"Put your finger in your asshole."

I did as I was told. I thrust my middle finger into my ass as he pounded me with his cock. Soon, I heard familiar soft moans and knew he was cumming even in the dark.

When it was done, we laid there, naked, spooning, limbs intertwined. I think I repeated several times how hot it had been. Sex at it's finest!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Kneeling obediently before my Jay awaiting his next move.

Happy HNT all!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Sex Continues...

Jay and I have been having some pretty fantastic sex these past few weeks. I just haven't had a lot of time to write about it with work, kids and family obligations. We had sex 6 out of 7 days this past week which has not happened since before our daughter was born to the best of my recollection.

We have not repeated our experience of adding a 3rd party into the mix again, but are actively seeking my next playmate so I imagine it will eventually happen again. I'm being pretty picky. I have more no's than yes's or maybe's on intial contact and receipt of a picture. I know what I want in a general sense...tall, broad shoulders, dark hair, educated, professional, beyond that I just want to feel some sort of immediate attraction upon seeing a picture the first time. There have been very few I have cared to pursue any further than that. There is one that caught my attention recently, so we shall see what happens.

On to the great sex Jay and I had earlier this evening. We were required to hole up in our bedroom closet again to muffle the sounds of spanking, but it was still hot. After returning from a trip to Sonic for some ice cream for dessert, I announced that I would like to go upstairs before we consumed our ice cream treats. I made sure that Jay knew I needed to be spanked in addition to being fucked.

He went into the closet with some pieces of rope, making preparations as I slipped into one of his favorite sheer nighties and a thong. When he had finished, he called me to the closet, closed the door and ordered me to kneel on the floor. He had the rope strung over the door on some sort of pulley device with a pair of handcuffs tied to the end. He had me slip my wrists into the cuffs and hoisted my arms above my head.

"Turn around," he commanded.

I twisted around, my back resting against the door, my hard nipples poking against the sheer fabric of my nightie.

He began to slap my breasts with the crop. Slowly at first, nearly caressing them with it, then harder and faster in a staccato rhythm. I moaned with the pleasure and pain of it.

"Is your cock hard, Daddy?" I mewed.

"Yes it is," he responded.

"I bet you'd like to see it, wouldn't you," he offered

I nodded my head as he pulled his shorts to the side to show me his stiff cock.

"Oh," I breathed, loving the sight of him, glad it made my Daddy so hard to punish me like this.

"Turn around," he ordered again.

I turned around,my arms still held above my head, the cuffs beginning to bite into my wrists, my face pressed against the door now, eagerly anticipating his next move.

"THWACK," went the crop against my ass.

"SLAP, CRACK," the closet was filled with the sounds of the crop meeting my flesh.

"Yes, Daddy. I need to be punished. I've been a naughty girl," I admited.

"I know you have," he agreed.

"I've been thinking about other cocks,Daddy," I confessed.

Silence...he moves to the paddle now.

"CRACK," as it meets my naked bottom.

"I want another cock in my mouth, Daddy," I blurted out.

Jay gathered my hair up in his hand, and twisted it into his fist.

"What are you doing, Daddy," I asked anxiously,unsure where he was going with this.

"Shut up," was his only response as he pulled my head back with the handful of hair and continued his discipline on my vulnerable bottom.

"Help me be a good girl, Daddy. I can't stop these dirty thoughts in my head," I plead.

"Turn around," he tells me again.

His pants are off, his cock is bobbing in my face.

"Suck it," he directs.

I lean forward and bend to his cock, hands still restrained above my head, and take him in my mouth. His head is sticky and salty with precum. He places his hand on the back of my head and shoves me further down his shaft, then proceeds to fuck my face. My nostrils are filled with his musky smell, my pussy is pulsing, I open my mouth and offer my tongue for a dick slapping.

When he has had enough, he unties the rope from the door, and tugs me, still cuffed, into the bedroom.

I get into the doggie postion on the bed, hoping for more spanking as I had not had my fill of it ( Jay seems to be traumatized by the ugly black and blue marks I had on my ass for nearly 2 weeks after the last really intense session of spanking we had a couple of months ago. He now spanks me with much less abandon keenly aware of not marking me too badly. I hope he gets over it soon b/c I am craving a good, hard spanking again).

"Are you going to spank me again, Daddy?" I prod.

I get one or two smacks on the ass before he moves my panties to the side to probe my pussy hole. Before I know it, his finger has moved to my asshole. He rubs it, probes a bit before moving to the nightstand for some lube.

"No, Daddy, no," I murmur.

"Yes," he growls as he lubes me up and slides part of a finger in. Another finger slides in my pussy. It feels so good, I find myself rocking my hips back and forth, fucking his fingers with my pussy and my ass.

"You like that, dont you little slut?" he says.

"Yes, Sir," I admit.

"Turn over on your back," he tells me.

I turn over, slide my hips towards the edge of the bed, and he enters me.

It feels so damn good, his cock fills me up in all the right places. My hands are still bound by the cuffs which turns me on even more.

He thrusts in and out with a nice steady rhythm. I bring my cuffed hands down to rub my hard little clit, and my hips thrust in time with him. I spit on my fingers, and rub furiously at my clit as he picks up his pace. I brace my legs against his chest, helpless to control the moans that escape my lips as I circle closer and closer to the prize.

He thrusts a little hard, a little deeper, and I am gone, falling over the precipice into orgasm. My head snaps back as I feel myself clenching around him moaning my pleasure rather loudly before I manage to shove a pillow over my face.

He thrusts in and out, going for his own orgasm now. He grips my thighs, his thumbs sinking into the soft flesh of my inner thighs, my legs splayed wide open for him now as my body bounces up and down against the bed.

"Harder," I plead through clenched teeth.

"Fuck, you feel so good. God, I love to get fucked," I tell him.

" You want to get gangbanged?" he spits out between thrusts.

"Yes, I want you to watch me get fucked," I tell him as my feet bounce against his shoulders.

That's all it takes for him. His face gets that familiar, slack look I have seen so many times before, his shoulders drop and relax as I feel his sticky warmth already beginning to run down the inside of my thigh.

We lie there, cuddling close for a few moments. I move for the key to the handcuffs to free myself, but he jerks me back by the rope still attached to them, telling him he will unlock them when he is ready which pleases me.

Eventually, he frees me, we dress and go downstairs to enjoy our all but forgotten Sonic Blast treats.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Going Down

We stand waiting for the elevator to come down for us. I fidget nervously, knowing that you know ALL about my elevator fantasies, wondering if you have the guts to live them out with me. The car finally arrives, doors open, and we enter… alone. No sooner have the doors swished shut, then you turn to me, cover my mouth with your own without saying a word, the weight of your body pining mine against the wall. We kiss passionately, your hands running through my hair, down to my breasts, stopping to tweak my nipples through the thin material of my dress, before they travel down to find their way underneath my dress, cupping my ass as I press my hips forward to make contact with the bulge in your pants.

My mind works completely on autopilot as I let the desire to live out this fantasy with you consume me. I slide down until my face is even with your crotch, unbuckle your belt, unfasten your pants, pull your cock out and greedily swallow it. The elevator car continues to go up without being required to stop for any additional passengers. I keep my eye on the row of floor lights. Our room is located on floor 53, and we are currently passing 16. I wonder to myself if I have enough time to bring you to orgasm in my mouth. I glance up at you as I suck to see that your eyes are closed, your head thrown back, your breath is coming fast and heavy, and I can taste your precum flowing down the back of my throat. I suck the head of your cock on each upstroke, my tongue finding that deliciously sensitive spot on the back of the head, my one hand stroking and twisting your shaft as I cup your balls still trapped in your pants with the other, and gently squeeze.

I slowly shove your entire length to the back of my throat; you brace your hands against the wall in front of you, and begin to thrust your hips at me, fucking my mouth as I gag and struggle to keep pace with you. I feel my own juices running out onto my inner thighs, as your cock continues to pump in my throat. I lean back against the wall behind me, bracing myself as I place my hands on your ass, shoving you in even deeper. You begin to moan, I know you are almost there; we hear the "ding" of the elevator reaching our floor.

You grip my hair in your hands, shoving my face into your crotch as you gasp, "Dont stop. Dont you fucking stop now!"

I open my throat even wider, pumping fast and furious now as my tongue roams all over your twitching shaft. The doors to the elevator open, neither of us reacts as I continue to suck you. I faintly hear voices approaching in the distance, but I am too turned on to care.

From above me, I hear you moaning, "Now, now. It's cumming now...."

Just as the approaching voices grow more distinct, the elevator doors close as you lean into me, flooding my mouth with cum. My head continues to bob until I have pumped you dry, swallowing every last, satisfying drop.No sooner have I finished swallowing, then you pull me up, shove me against the opposite wall, lift my dress over my hips, pull my panties down around my ankles, lower your pants and enter my wet swollen pussy as the elevator car makes its descent back down.

As you lean over to pull my breasts out of my dress, you whisper in my ear, “You’re going to cum before we reach the bottom floor, and you're going to be quiet about it. Do you understand?"

I nod my head in assent, moaning softly as you roll my nipples between your fingers. Your cock slips easily in and out of my dripping, swollen pussy. I feel your balls slapping against my clit, as you ram the full length of your cock deep inside me causing that intoxicating mixture of pleasure and pain. I slip my hand down between my legs to touch my hard clit as you grasp my hips and ride me hard. I feel my tits slapping together as we fuck, my juices continue to run down my legs, my pussy making a wet, sucking noise as you thrust in and out.

I look up at the row of floor lights to see we are already at the 20th floor. I thrust my hips back to meet you, struggling to keep my balance in my narrow black heels and panty constricted ankles. I look at the row of lights again....15, 14, 13, 12. My hand moves faster and faster against my clit, my head is banging against the wall as we fuck, I feel the warmth rising up from my stomach, my pussy twitches, my legs nearly give way, your hand claps over my mouth as I cum and cum and cum on your cock.

By floor 4, my dress is pulled down and my panties are back around my hips, conveniently catching your deposit of cum as it drips out of me. By floor 3, your pants are pulled back up and neatly zipped. By floor 2, your erection is gone; which is all a very good thing because at the ground floor, we pick up a car full of unsuspecting passengers. We move back to the rear of the car to make room for them. I catch your eye just for a moment, and exchange a conspiratorial grin with you before the car begins its long ascent back up.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cuffed and Ready

It's that time of the week again...Happy HNT everyone!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Surreal Afternoon

Jay and I had a very exciting, somewhat unexpected, never done before sexual experience this past Saturday. We are both eager to share our own versions of the experience…Jay’s post from his viewpoint will follow shortly.

I need to give you a little background first to explain where my head was at the time. As my very few regular visitors may have noticed, I have not made a post for nearly 2 weeks. I have not made a post mostly because I have been in a bit of a funk. It’s nothing new for me in particular. I have dealt with depression in varying degrees since I was a teenager. It had been much improved until the last couple of years or so when Jay and I had several high stress, high anxiety life situations thrown at us that I will be the first to admit, I did not deal well with. Last year was particularly bad, so much so that I went on medication for a while (which actually only made me more depressed), gained 10 lbs and lost my sex drive. Things have been steadily improving since then, but the sex drive continues to wax and wane.

The weekend before last, Jay and I had made arrangements to go out to celebrate our anniversary (8 years if anyone is interested). We had arranged for a babysitter to come over while we went to the art museum and our favorite restaurant with the full intention of working some sexual escapades in while we were out as well. The week had not gone so well. I had been in a funk most of the week, rebuffing Jay’s sexual advances. Saturday morning saw me getting out of bed to tend to our 4 year old without bothering to return after I had her settled with cartoons to engage in any Saturday morning sex as is often our habit. This of course, starts Jay’s day off poorly.

Shortly thereafter, the babysitter’s Mom calls to cancel for her as she has a stomach bug. I try frantically to find another sitter, but am not very successful. Jay and I finally decide to blow off the art museum and allow our 14 year old son to babysit the 4 year old while we go out for a late dinner.

This leaves us with the entire day to fill with the children whom I had been looking forward to a little break from. Let me just say I was in a foul mood all day as was Jay even though he tried much harder to make the best of it than I did.

After returning from an outing with the children, I settled the 4 year old down with some TV, and decided to seek Jay out in our bedroom for sex. I didn’t really want sex, but I thought it would make him happy, get rid of my guilt and perhaps salvage our evening….WRONG!

I went into the bedroom, locked the door and proceeded to get naked and engage him in sex. I rebuffed Jay’s expressed desire to go down on me and asked instead for a couple of my toys knowing that I needed to help myself get in the mood. I looked over to see Jay was staring off into space, not even watching me. When I asked what was wrong he replied that he wasn’t really getting to participate. In my state of mind, that was pretty much all it took to send me over the edge.

I jumped off the bed, mad as hell, putting my clothes back on. Jay and I proceeded to have an hour plus discussion/argument about our sex life. I expressed how much it makes me feel like crap that I don’t want sex. How it makes it even worse when I know he is resentful of that fact. How I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. That I came up to have sex with him to please him and make our evening go well, and I couldn’t even do that right. How I felt much the same way he would if he couldn’t get it up anymore b/c sex was such a huge part of my life, something I felt I was good at, and now it was often just absent.

I wanted to just leave the room several times and stew in my anger, but he forced me to stay and talk. We got out a lot of feelings and thoughts we had been holding onto, but the evening was ultimately shot. I was too angry, and upset to face going out, so we ended up just canceling the dinner reservation and staying in.

One of the big issues I expressed during that discussion and in the days after was the fact that I was so bored with our lives in general and our sex life in particular. I asked Jay to put a little more effort into wooing me, surprising me, exciting me. I expressed the fact that I felt the fact that I did not want sex was seen as my problem alone to fix, and that I really needed his help as well to wake my sex drive back up.

That boy took those words and ran with them, let me tell you!

I arranged for the children to spend the night with my parents this past Saturday night, and told Jay I wanted him to plan something fun and exciting for us. I told him I was open to just about anything with the exception of visiting the porn theater again.

We have been tossing around the idea of a 3rd party in the bedroom for some years now. Each time I would shy away from it. This time however, I was feeling a bit more open to it. We looked around on line, and I exchanged e-mails with 2 men I thought might be interesting. The first turned out to be totally not what I was looking for, and the second was not available on Saturday.

The more Jay and I thought about it and discussed it, the more we came to the conclusion that just wasn’t for us anyway. We agreed that perhaps that should just remain in the fantasy only category.

We proceeded however with a plan to stage and film a forced sex kind of scenario in an unused or abandoned building somewhere. Jay put a lot of time and effort into scouting out several viable locations. We were each counting down the days last week to the weekend with Jay constantly reminding me that I had agreed to submit myself to his will and do whatever he commanded.

When the time finally came that we were rid of the children and back home on Saturday, Jay only required that I dress myself making sure I was wearing panties and wait for him to finish his preparations. When they were complete, we went out to the car where I found a pair of handcuffs and a typewritten piece of paper explaining the background scenario of my abduction from a park while taking a walk before meeting friends for dinner.

Jay then placed the handcuffs around my wrists, placed my slave collar around my neck, and blindfolded me. I was a little disappointed that we were not going to play out the whole abduction scene, but I was willing to wait and see where this was going.

We exchanged some banter as he drove, trying to get into our “roles.”

“Please let me go,” I begged.

“You can let me out right here and no one has to know,” I prompted.

“Oh no one will know,” he replied

“My friends will be looking for me if I don’t show up for dinner,” I warned.

“They’ll never find you, sweetheart,” he snarled.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I gasped.

“Just be a good girl and you might make it out of this,” he teased.

We drove only a short distance until he stopped the car.

“Where are we? “ I asked, alarmed

“Just shut up and stay in the car,” he ordered.

I heard him open the back of the car and begin removing the supplies he had brought. He was gone for some time during which I was impatiently waiting for the game to continue.

When he returned he opened the door and pulled me out of the car. He yanked my short little skirt off me as well as my top so that I stood there clad only in my panties.

“Come on,” he growled and he grabbed my handcuffs and began to lead me through tall grass.

At this point I did become somewhat alarmed as I hate walking through grassy, wooded areas due to a little snake phobia I have. I realized that I could peek out just below my blindfold enough to kind of see where I was going which eased my fear a bit.

We eventually reached the building where he led me inside to a waiting chair. I continued to murmur and plead that he not hurt me as I felt him tying rope to the handcuffs. The next thing I knew I was being jerked upwards, my hands bound and tied over my head.

As I stood there, body quivering with anticipation, I tried to sneak a peek out the bottom of my blindfold seeking Jay’s position. That was when I saw him….

I knew my Jay was there b/c he continued to threaten me, but someone else was there too! A man stood in front of me to my left several feet away. He wore khaki shorts, an orange striped shirt and Docksiders; this was all I could see of him through my blindfold. I was stunned for a moment, then incredibly excited.

Jay ordered me to turn around such that I could no longer see the stranger at all. He then smacked me with the crop over and over again. I tried to take it quietly like a good little girl, but several moans and gasps escaped me. Jay then turned me around, presenting my front to this man as he abused my breasts with the same crop…SMACK, THWACK against the tender flesh of my breasts. I flinched, pulled away, helpless to protect myself at all with my hands bound and raised over my head.

When he’d had his fill, Jay untied my hands, removed the cuffs and led me by my leash over to a board covered with a blanket propped against a windowsill I had glanced earlier when we first entered the place.

He yanked at my panties, had a hard time controlling me while removing them, and finally barked at me to take them off myself. Next he ordered me to lie face down on the board. At this point I had no idea where the stranger was, or if he was even still there at all. I later learned he had been standing beside me, watching as the next series of events unfolded.

Jay began to bind my ankles with ropes to something I eventually determined was a spreader. When I was properly secured, the spanking resumed. He first used his hand, filling the room with loud SMACK’s as I moaned my pleasure. Later came the crop again. I was waiting for, hoping for the paddle, but it never came.

What followed were Jay’s fingers inside me, telling me what a wet little slut I was. Just as I was beginning to enjoy this sensation, he ordered me to get up.

I could barely stand as the rope and spreader bit into my ankles.

“Oww,” I mewed.

“It hurts, Daddy. Please help me.”

“What hurts?” he queried

“My ankles, Sir”

He reached down and kindly loosed the binding of my ankles a bit. However, I was still unable to straddle the board again to lie on my back as he was demanding.

Jay finally grabbed me, picked me up and shoved me down onto the board on my back. I laid there, hands above me, ankles still bound, blindfolded, waiting for his next move.
I shortly felt the delicious sensation of the mini whip against my breasts. Over and over he brought it down to meet the flesh of my breasts as I writhed and moaned my pleasure. When he was sure I was good and wet, I felt a dong inserted in me.

“You like that, don’t you, slut?” he barked

“Yes” I whispered quietly

The dong penetrated me deeper and deeper as Jay inserted a finger in my ass. I swiveled my hips a bit to drive dong and fingers a little deeper inside.

As soon as I was clearly enjoying this, Jay ordered me to get up again. I stood obediently as he removed the bindings from my ankles and led me by the leash to another area of the building.

“Get on your knees” he commanded.

“You want a cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I managed to reply.

“Open your mouth, slut,” was his only reply.

I opened my mouth and waited not sure if I was to receive my husband’s cock or this stranger’s.

I felt the heat of his body in front of me first, followed by the scent of his cologne which was not my husband’s scent filling my nostrils. This scent would come back to me at random times for several days following this encounter.

I pulled away at first, feigning surprise and shock.

“Daddy, who is this?” I mewed

“Shut up and suck that cock, slut” he barked.

That was all I needed to hear. I quickly swallowed this stranger’s cock. He placed his hands on my head and slowly guided his entire length in as I sucked. He was long, I gagged, and I loved it. I continued to suck up and down as Jay lashed my ass with the whip whispering what a slut I was.

I turned my attention to the stranger’s shaved balls for a time, licking and sucking them as he stroked his shaft. He seemed not to prefer me to stroke the shaft myself. Each time I would come up for air and attempt to stroke him, he would take his cock in his hand and slap my face with it. I would open my mouth and offer my warm, wet tongue to slap. Each time eagerly taking him in my mouth again, once or twice reaching down to finger my pussy as he pinched a nipple between his fingers.

After some time of this, I heard Jay say in the background, “You’ve got to make him cum.”

At this the stranger quickened his pace in my mouth, his long cock gagging me as it hit the back of my throat. I had one hand around his balls, squeezing and kneading while the other rested on is thigh. He reached down and clasped the hand I had on his thigh to prevent me from stroking him. Soon his hot cum was filling my mouth as I heard him moan above me.

When it was done, Jay had me on my back, still blindfolded and tossed a dildo at me.

“Fuck yourself. We want to watch you cum,” he said.

I lubed the dildo up and slid it right in. While one hand stroked my clit in ever quickening circles, the other thrust the dildo in and out of my hungry cunt. I came in what seemed like no time, panting and grunting.

Jay then had me on my knees again, sucking his hard cock, preparing him to fuck me. When he was close, I was directed to all fours. He slid his rock hard cock in me and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. His hands gripped my hips as he thrust deeper and harder before emptying his load inside me.

When it was done, Jay told me to remove my blindfold. I looked timidly around, unsure if the stranger was still there.

“He’s gone,” Jay informed me.

Apparently Jay’s plan had been to eventually allow me to remove the blindfold and do whatever I wished with the guy, however as usual we had arrived behind schedule and the poor guy had to leave in the middle of the festivities for some sort of prior engagement.

Jay and I looked at each other and giggled like teenagers. We still haven’t stopped talking about the experience even 3 days later. Neither of us can believe we actually went through with this fantasy we have been tossing back and forth between each other for years. I had sucked a complete stranger's cock, and never even saw his face.

It feels as if we have crossed some sort of major threshold. I expressed to Jay later that Saturday evening that this should be a once in a blue moon sort of thing, both because it is risky and because I don’t want to spoil the thrill of it. However, I already find myself wanting to find another man and do something like this again. Next time I think perhaps I'd like be allowed to pick him out and chat with him just a bit. I'd like a nice comfortable hotel room. I'd like to see his face (although the whole blindfold and never seeing the man's face was incredibly HOT). Maybe I'd like to actually fuck him.

Later that weekend I kneeled over Jay in bed sucking his cock thinking how much I’d love to feel a cock in my pussy as I sucked him.

I wonder if we have opened a Pandora’s Box here.

As weird as it may sound this whole experience has made me feel closer to Jay. I feel loved that he put so much time and effort into this trying to please me. I feel like we now have this dirty, little secret between us binding us closer to each other. I feel as if a whole new sexual world has opened up to us, and am excited about where it might lead us.

Stay tuned for Jay’s version of events…

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She's Been a Naughty School Girl

I so love the games Jay and I play. Another Happy HNT everyone!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deliciously Inappropriate Attraction

I've got a crush...on my husband's doctor. As some of you may know, my dear hubby had surgery on his shoulder a couple weeks ago. Prior to this surgery, I met his orthopedic physician exactly once. Before we went in for the appointment, Jay told me that I would like Dr M. "He's just your type, baby" he informed me.

He wasn't wrong. Dr. M is in his mid to late 30's, tall, broad shouldered, atheletic, dark haired, and well dressed. Throw in that he's a really nice guy, and I was smitten. I agreed with Jay after the appointment in May that he was right, and I did find Dr. M very attractive. I really didn't think too terribly much about it after that other than to make the occasional joke with Jay.

During Jay's surgery I have had more contact with Dr. M...he came in briefly to see us before the surgery, I met with him immediately afterwards to be informed how the procedure went, and I drove Jay to his follow up apointment last Thursday.

I am now helpless to get Dr. M out of my mind. The day of the follow up appointment last week, I purposely chose a short, flouncy dress that accentuates my figure well. I was cursing myself that my most sexy "work" dress was at the cleaners. As he was speaking with Jay regarding his wrecked shoulder, and what he did to repair it, I was watching him, pressing my legs together thinking how hot he is. Of course, I am far too shy to actually make an attempt to let him know just what I think of him.

Instead, I entertain myself with dirty fantasies... thoughts of scheduling an appointment with him to take a look at my "trick" knee. Dr. M and I alone together in his exam room as he examines my knee. My legs spread just wide enough to allow him a peek up my dress.

"Does this hurt?" he queries as he squeezes the knee.

"Yes," I answer breathlessly.

"How about this?" he probes as his hand slides just under my dress, pressing against the soft flesh of my inner thigh.

"Yes," I reply.

"How does this feel?" as he slips a finger just inside my cunt.

"Mmmmm," is the only reply I can manage.

"Let's have a look at your chest," he asserts as he pulls my dress down around my waist, and removes my bra. He rolls my nipples around between his fingers causing me to close my eyes and moan.

As I sit there on his exam table, my legs spread, he lowers his head to my chest and sucks a nipple into his mouth. I take his head in my hands and pull him to my face. He kisses me, his tongue filling my mouth, his lips so full and soft. I wrap my legs around him and feel his hard cock against my thigh.

"I want you so much," I breath into his mouth.

I'm on my knees now, Dr. M towering above me as I unzip his pants and take his cock in my hand. I look up to see him watching me, as I slowly swallow his entire length. I gently squeeze his balls with one hand, as I suck and twist his his cock with the other.

"Fuck , fuck," I hear him murmur as he revels in what a good little cock sucker I am.

His sweet precum begins to roll down the back of my throat. My legs are spread as I kneel before him, fingering my wet clit, as he wraps his fingers in my hair and thrusts his hips at me.

Suddenly, he pulls me up by the hair, bends me over the exam table, shoves my dress up around my hips and buries his fat cock inside me. He grabs me at the hips and thrusts in and out of me, my body bouncing off the exam table with the force of his blows.

Suddenly, a knock at the door.

" Dr. M. Your next apointment is here," calls the nurse.

"I'll be with you shortly," he grits out between clinched teeth before returning to the matter of pounding me for all he's worth.

I reach down to finger my clit as he thrusts.

He grabs me by the hair, pulls me violently backward, whispering, "You're such a hot, little fuck."

"Yes, finger that hard little clit for me. Cum all over my cock, baby."

He continues to thrust, my hair in his hands, my upper body bouncing back and forth against the table, my breasts jiggling up and down.

The room is filled with our muted moans.

He hits just the right spot inside my cunt and I lose it.

I feel the wetness pouring down my thigh, all over his cock, as I cum.

"Oh God," he grunts out before emptying his load inside me.

He pulls out with a wet, pop. I squat down briefly to take him in my mouth and lick him clean, before tucking him back into his neat, professional clothing.

"I'll need to see you next week to take a look at that knee again, Mrs. B.," he orders me with a backwards glance and a wink as he leaves the room.

Oh if only Dr. M knew the things I want to do to him. Perhaps Jay and I could get a reduction on our bill if I let him know what I was ready and willing to do for him..ha, ha!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Watching Him

We fall together onto the bed, mouths and arms still entwined. Your kisses are long, slow and gentle as your mouth travels from mine to my neck and shoulder, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine as you lightly bite and nip. I can feel the stiffness of your cock pressing against my thigh as you slide your hand under my skirt and whisper to me in astonishment, "My God hon, I've barely touched you and you're already drippping wet."

You pull my top down to expose my breasts and look up at me as your tongue slowly circles the outer portion of my nipple while you pinch and twist the other in your fingers. I gasp and arch my back letting you know just how good you make me feel. Your mouth is soft and wet and warm as you suck my nipple into it, deliberately grazing it with your teeth. I run my fingers through your hair and watch you for a few moments. You dip your fingers back into my pussy and bring them up to my mouth moaning as you watch me lick my own juices from them. At this moment, I want nothing more than to let you bring me to orgasm with my nipple in your mouth and your fingers in my pussy, but I want something else even more.

I beckon you back up to my mouth and whisper my request, " Baby, would you stand up and let me watch you undress. Would you take your cock in your hand and let me watch?"

As always, my wish is your command.You stand in front of me your eyes locked on mine and slowly unbutton your shirt. I sit up to lift your undershirt up and lick your stomach, and you roughly push me back down on the bed. I watch as you unbuckle your belt, unfasten your pants and pull them off. You stand before me in your boxers as my eyes travel to the growing tent at your crotch. You pull your cock just slightly out of the boxers and begin to rub it as I unconsciously lick my lips and watch, overcome with lust.

After what seems like a lifetime, the boxers come off and your beautiful cock is completely revealed to me. My hand goes between my legs, rubbing the wetness there as I watch you take your rock hard erection in your hands and pump. The room is silent save for our combined moans and the slap of your hand pumping your cock faster and faster.

Just as my desire to touch you becomes unbearable, you approach me, helping me remove my skirt and top so that I too am naked with you. As I lie back on the bed, you straddle my chest and allow my tongue one quick flick at the glistening precum on the head of your cock before you begin to stroke again. I lie beneath you watching you stroke over my tits, enjoying the look of concentration mixed with desire on your face. I place my hands on your ass and lightly run my nails over it as your stroking picks up speed. Your face is knotted with need and desire now. I know you are close.

"That's it baby. Cum for me. I want to watch you cum," I moan softly.

You groan as the cum comes spilling out of your hands, shooting all over my tits and face, white hot and delicious. I wait a moment for you to focus your eyes on me again, then I trail my fingers through the sticky cum on my chest and bring them up to my mouth, noisily sucking them clean as you watch.

Your cock is still rock hard and throbbing. I have not yet been allowed to have my own orgasm. Before I know what is happening, you have thrown my legs up on your shoulders and plunged deeply into me. Your cock fits so perfectly into my tight, swollen little cunt as you thrust in and out. You reach out and lube your thumb with the cum still pooling on my chest, and place it against my clit. As you thrust harder and faster, your thumb works my clit.

"Don’t you cum until I tell you you can. Do you understand me?" you growl.

I nod my assent already on the threshold of orgasm. I grip the sheets in my hands trying desperately not to feel the pleasure you are giving to me, trying desperately not to disappoint you. You pump steadily inside me for several minutes, playing with me to see how long I can take it.

Finally I hear you say, "Tell me what you want baby. Just ask and I'll give it to you."

"I need to cum," is all I can get out as your thumb increases pressure on my clit and I feel the familiar warmth in my groin.

Orgasm washes over me, I am dimly aware of calling your name as I feel my pussy spasm tightly around your cock. Just as my orgasm begins to cease, you groan as you cum again emptying so completely inside me that I can feel it oozing down my thighs before you even pull out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wish I Had Kissed A Girl

The hubby turned me on to this song a few weeks ago, and it has been stuck in my head ever since. The musical style is far too much pop for my tastes which run more towards Guns N Roses, Black Crowes, Nickelback...but the content is just so naughty!!

I've never kissed a girl, but I think I would most definately like it! I'm still searching for that "perfect" girl to kiss. My problem is there is really no one in my life I think I'd like to kiss (ok well there are a couple of girls at work, but they are not even 21), and even if there were I would have no idea how to feel a girl out to determine if she might be interested in kissing me. Hubby and I have searched for a girlfriend for me off and on through the years on line, but have never really come up with anyone really interesting.

So.....any females out there in the greater Atlanta interested in kissing a MILF?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Mushy HNT

This is one of my favorite kind of says it all about how love, sex and marriage all compliment each other.

Another happy HNT to all!

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