Sunday, August 17, 2008

Going Down

We stand waiting for the elevator to come down for us. I fidget nervously, knowing that you know ALL about my elevator fantasies, wondering if you have the guts to live them out with me. The car finally arrives, doors open, and we enter… alone. No sooner have the doors swished shut, then you turn to me, cover my mouth with your own without saying a word, the weight of your body pining mine against the wall. We kiss passionately, your hands running through my hair, down to my breasts, stopping to tweak my nipples through the thin material of my dress, before they travel down to find their way underneath my dress, cupping my ass as I press my hips forward to make contact with the bulge in your pants.

My mind works completely on autopilot as I let the desire to live out this fantasy with you consume me. I slide down until my face is even with your crotch, unbuckle your belt, unfasten your pants, pull your cock out and greedily swallow it. The elevator car continues to go up without being required to stop for any additional passengers. I keep my eye on the row of floor lights. Our room is located on floor 53, and we are currently passing 16. I wonder to myself if I have enough time to bring you to orgasm in my mouth. I glance up at you as I suck to see that your eyes are closed, your head thrown back, your breath is coming fast and heavy, and I can taste your precum flowing down the back of my throat. I suck the head of your cock on each upstroke, my tongue finding that deliciously sensitive spot on the back of the head, my one hand stroking and twisting your shaft as I cup your balls still trapped in your pants with the other, and gently squeeze.

I slowly shove your entire length to the back of my throat; you brace your hands against the wall in front of you, and begin to thrust your hips at me, fucking my mouth as I gag and struggle to keep pace with you. I feel my own juices running out onto my inner thighs, as your cock continues to pump in my throat. I lean back against the wall behind me, bracing myself as I place my hands on your ass, shoving you in even deeper. You begin to moan, I know you are almost there; we hear the "ding" of the elevator reaching our floor.

You grip my hair in your hands, shoving my face into your crotch as you gasp, "Dont stop. Dont you fucking stop now!"

I open my throat even wider, pumping fast and furious now as my tongue roams all over your twitching shaft. The doors to the elevator open, neither of us reacts as I continue to suck you. I faintly hear voices approaching in the distance, but I am too turned on to care.

From above me, I hear you moaning, "Now, now. It's cumming now...."

Just as the approaching voices grow more distinct, the elevator doors close as you lean into me, flooding my mouth with cum. My head continues to bob until I have pumped you dry, swallowing every last, satisfying drop.No sooner have I finished swallowing, then you pull me up, shove me against the opposite wall, lift my dress over my hips, pull my panties down around my ankles, lower your pants and enter my wet swollen pussy as the elevator car makes its descent back down.

As you lean over to pull my breasts out of my dress, you whisper in my ear, “You’re going to cum before we reach the bottom floor, and you're going to be quiet about it. Do you understand?"

I nod my head in assent, moaning softly as you roll my nipples between your fingers. Your cock slips easily in and out of my dripping, swollen pussy. I feel your balls slapping against my clit, as you ram the full length of your cock deep inside me causing that intoxicating mixture of pleasure and pain. I slip my hand down between my legs to touch my hard clit as you grasp my hips and ride me hard. I feel my tits slapping together as we fuck, my juices continue to run down my legs, my pussy making a wet, sucking noise as you thrust in and out.

I look up at the row of floor lights to see we are already at the 20th floor. I thrust my hips back to meet you, struggling to keep my balance in my narrow black heels and panty constricted ankles. I look at the row of lights again....15, 14, 13, 12. My hand moves faster and faster against my clit, my head is banging against the wall as we fuck, I feel the warmth rising up from my stomach, my pussy twitches, my legs nearly give way, your hand claps over my mouth as I cum and cum and cum on your cock.

By floor 4, my dress is pulled down and my panties are back around my hips, conveniently catching your deposit of cum as it drips out of me. By floor 3, your pants are pulled back up and neatly zipped. By floor 2, your erection is gone; which is all a very good thing because at the ground floor, we pick up a car full of unsuspecting passengers. We move back to the rear of the car to make room for them. I catch your eye just for a moment, and exchange a conspiratorial grin with you before the car begins its long ascent back up.


swingerwife said...

Oh...dear God! Now that was one hell of a way to start my day; all hot and bothered! Awesome!

So...did it really happen? Do tell!

Lollie said...

Geez all mighty God, that was hot..I love stopping by and getting turned on. I like to read all my blogs thru the day and then when DH comes home I have something to put up on my blog, LOL..that was a great and hot story, do stop by my blog and let me know what you think, cheers!--Lollie

Mimi said...

Swingerwife...sadly this story s fiction only. Elevaor sex has long been a fantasy of mine, but I've never had the nerve to do more than some hot kissing and a little groping under the dress.

Lollie...Glad I can help you and the hubby out.

longingsend said...

*fans self* that is HOT!

xoxoxo mina

Southern Sage said...


~Jobthingy~ said...

hot damn :)

Pronto said...

that was hot, hot, hot.

well done..