Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taking a Ride with Master and Sir

The three of them sat at a table together in the midst of the bustling nightlife of the restaurant doing an admirable job of making small talk despite the presence of overwhelming sexual tension. She watched his mouth move as he spoke to her husband and wondered what he tasted like. Her eyes roamed down to his hands and imagined them tangled in her hair as he whispered filth in her ear. She pressed her legs together, feeling the wetness growing between them as she began to undress him with her eyes.

Her reverie was abruptly cut short by the sound of her husband’s voice calling her name. She had apparently been required to add something to the conversation, and was embarrassed to find her new friend looking at her with a knowing smirk on his face.

They made haste to finish their meal and move on to “dessert.” They walked together to her husband’s car which would take them to a discreet hotel where they intended to engage in delicious depravity. As her husband slid into the driver’s seat he nodded his permission to her, and she pushed the front seat forward, climbed into the back seat and looked up at her friend invitingly. He wasted no time climbing in beside her as the car rumbled to a start.

His mouth was soft and wet against her throat, his thumb warm as he rubbed it across her lips. She slipped his thumb into her mouth as he kissed his way up to her ear, his hardening cock pressing insistently against her thigh.

“I’m going to unzip my pants now, and you’re going to suck me like you’ve been dying to do all night,” he breathed into her ear.

As he unzipped, she leaned forward and whispered into her husband’s ear, “I’m about to suck his cock, baby.” She left him with several kisses up and down his cheek before she was roughly pulled to the backseat again.

She knelt in the seat, her dress riding up over her hips, exposing her stockings, garters, and naked ass. She circled the head of his cock with her tongue, tasting the salty wetness of the precum there. He slapped her ass firmly commanding, “Suck slut.”

She knew her husband was witness to this in the front of the car and the thought drove her wild. She swallowed her friend’s cock to the balls. Her head bobbed sensuously up and down as she gently cupped his balls, her tongue circling his head on each upstroke.

“Your wife is a good little cock sucker,” he complimented her husband.

He rubbed her ass reverently as her lips and tongue worked steadily on his swollen cock.

POP went his hand across her ass. “Suck harder, bitch,” he snarled as he gripped a handful of her hair and shoved his cock to the back of her throat.

She obediently worked her mouth harder and faster up and down his shaft as he began to groan above her.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good girl. That’s so fucking good,” he crooned.

She felt his balls tighten in her hands, sucked harder still with loud, wet slurping sounds as his middle finger entered her sopping wet hole.

“Is this making you wet, slut? Is my hard cock in your mouth making you wet?”

She nodded her head vigorously as she sucked, feeling his cock twitch in her mouth.

“Your wife is enjoying my cock in her tight little mouth,” he informed her husband.

His fingers probed her wetness as his hips thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was gagging and struggling to keep pace with him.

“Oh fuck, yes,” she heard him moan as her mouth was flooded with his hot, delicious load. She sucked and swallowed until he was spent.

“Such a dirty girl,” he declared stroking her hair as she licked his cock and balls clean.

She leaned forward again, and purred into her husband’s ear, “His cum tasted so good, baby. Are you hard now?”

“Yes,” he whispered hoarsely as she kissed his head, rubbing her hands along his chest before once again being pulled into the backseat.

Her friend bent his head to her outstretched thighs, licking up the inside of one, and down the other, pausing only briefly to inhale the scent of her aroused cunt. He planted small, soft kisses all around her mound until she was squirming about desperate for his tongue to meet her clit.

“Ask for it and I might give you what you want,” he said.

“Suck my clit. Oh God, I need you to do that for me now,” she begged.

“Has she earned it?” he asked her husband.

“Not hardly,” he replied.

“Your husband says you don’t deserve to have your pussy licked,” her friend informed her.

“Baby, please,” she began, and then remembered her manners. “Please, Master, may I have my pussy sucked?”

“Do you want to please Master?” he probed.

“Yes, you know I do,” she replied.

“Then tell me why you want your pussy sucked.”

Silence echoed in the car as she could not bring herself to say the words.

“Tell me dear, or I’ll pull over right now and call your new friend a cab,” he threatened.

“Because I am a dirty slut,” she whispered feeling her pussy begin to gush just inches from her friend’s face.

“Give her what she wants,” he acquiesced.

She gasped as her friend’s tongue met her swollen, wet clit. She fought the urge to ride his face as his tongue circled eloquently. He inserted his tongue in her hole as she watched, running her hands through his hair. She imagined the sight they would present to any passing cars…her husband driving with a raging hard on, her knee high boots braced against the windows, her friend’s head bobbing between her wide open legs, and felt herself grow wetter still.

She looked down to meet his eyes as he tongue fucked her, running her hands along his smooth cheeks as his tongue roamed back up to her clit. He sucked her clit tenderly into his mouth, as her hips began to buck against him of their own accord.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Please don’t stop” she begged.

He gripped her hips, held her against him as he licked and sucked until the growing warmth in her groin exploded all over his face.

Her orgasm washed over her so strongly, her thighs clamped down around his ears, trapping him between her legs as her moans filled the cabin of the car.

When she came to her senses, she released her headlock and let her friend up for air.

“Your wife tastes marvelous,” he informed her husband. “I can’t wait to fuck her.”

“I’ve been a bad, bad girl,” she giggled into her husband’s ear as she wrapped her arms around him from the backseat.

“You have, and you’ll pay for it, my pet, trust me,” he warned.

They soon arrived at her friend’s hotel, the night’s fun just getting started…


bigd44 said...

Wow!! Mimi thst was fucking hot. I can't to read what comes next. I hope you are lucky enough for this to come true someday.

maxintensity said...

Wow!!! That's amazing writing.... I also hope that you're lucky enough to make this fantasy a reality. And that you'll tell us all about it. ;-)


bigd44 said...

Mimi, I can't believe that nobody has commented on this story. I had to go back and read it again it was so hot. I love when a women calls her pussy a cunt. That is just so sexy to hear that word come from a hot sluts mouth! Can't wait for more.

Rogue said...

You naughty grrl you.

My expressions LIVE said...

This is very naughty and nice.....very well written....I am reading it for my third time now!...xoxoxox

Morgan said...

AUGH That was hot. Wow, wow WOW that was a hot story. I want more. That's the first tim writing has turned me on this much in a long time.