Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Parking Garage

The phone rings at my desk as I am deep in thought with a work related problem. The voice on the other end commands, "Meet me in the parking garage in 15 minutes." I know instantly to whom the voice belongs. I also know I will always do as he commands. I have no other choice.

I quickly scurry away from my desk, and take the elevator to the upper parking garage. I wonder around briefly in the dimness of the covered garage, my heart begginning to pick up its pace, my pussy developing a "heartbeat" of its own, until he steps out just slightly from the shadows and shoves me against the wall. His hands are in my hair, his mouth soft and wet on mine.

"Mmmmm, I've been thinking about you all morning," he murmurs into my hair as he lifts up my shirt and bra to pinch my nipples in the way he knows will make me ready for him quickly.

He guides my hand down to the bulge in his pants where I deftly unzip him and take his straining cock in my hand. His head is already freely oozing his excitment which causes my already drenched pussy to throb almost painfully. I use his juices to lube his pulsing shaft as I squeeze and slowly pump my hand up and down. His hand is under my skirt now, two fingers inside me as his thumb circles my clit. We stand there in the shadows mutually masturbating each other, his breath in my hair, my face buried in his chest, circling closer and closer to the prize until he drops to his knees in front of me, shoves my skirt up around my hips, and thrusts one of my legs over his shoulder.

I feel his tongue travel over my stocking, up the inside of my thigh, lingering on the few inches of space where the stocking ends and bare skin begins. I feel his warm breath on my pussy, his face just inches from me as he takes in the sight and smell of my desire for him before burying his face between my legs with a small groan. His tongue slides deeply inside me as his thumb works my slippery clit. I run my fingers through his hair, moaning my pleasure as my hips begin to rock back and forth against his sweet tongue.

I glance down to see that he is stroking his cock as he pleasures me. This nearly sends me over the edge;he senses I am about to cum which is apparently not what he wants as he stands up, turns me around to face the wall and bends me at the waist. I stand there waiting for his next move, aching for him to touch me again. I look around to see him standing there, pumping his cock, eyes locked on my glistening cunt. I whimper softly to remind him of my need, my desire for him. He leans towards me. I feel relief knowing he will soon enter me. Instead he begins to rub his swollen cock against my juicy pussy lips. I lean back, rock my hips, shove my ass out, none of which manages to force his cock inside me.

"Please," I murmur.

"Please what?" he asks.

"You want me inside you, dont you?" he probes.

"Yes," I breathe.

"Say it. I want to hear you say it," he whispers.

"I need your cock in me. I need you to fuck me NOW. I need you to make me cum, baby," I beg.

Suddenly I feel his own need, how much it took for him to hold back just to get those words out of me as he roughly grabs my hips and swiftly buries himself to the balls inside me. I brace my hands against the wall and thrust back to meet him as his balls slap against my clit. His cock fills up every inch of my tight little hole as he slams into me over and over. He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls as our fucking becomes more and more frenzied.

I hear his moans growing louder behind me, his balls growing tighter as they slap against me. I know he is there, he is waiting for me. I slip a hand down between my legs, stroke my pebble hard little clit, once, twice, three times until I am cumming all over his cock, screaming his name, begging him to cum inside me even as I feel the rush of his hot liquid between my legs.

He slips slowly out of me, dribbling a little cum on the back of my stockinged thigh. We kiss passionately, his hand massaging my breast before we tuck all of our body parts back into our clothing and go our separate ways to return to our workday.

I spend the rest of the day with his scent all around me; his cum dripping down my thighs and an aching need for him that cannot be satisfied.


Anonymous said...

my jeans are tighte than they were before.
very hot

Mimi said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, Sage. There are quite a number more of those floating around in my dirty little mind, hehe!

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic way to interrupt the work day!

xoxoxo mina

Anonymous said...

let em out! Let them allllllllllll out!
do not hold back on my account!!

trumpeter said...

Very nice. I'm glad I don't drive to work, i'd find the parking garage very distracting for the next week or so.

Mimi said...

Glad you enjoyed my dirty little fantasy, Mina.

I'm working on letting more naugtiness out as we speak, Sage.

I'm also glad you don't drive to work, Trumpter. I'd hate to be the cause of any accidents!

Rose said...

I LOVED this post!

Kinda makes me wanna go downtown for a bit ;)