Sunday, July 27, 2008

Watching Him

We fall together onto the bed, mouths and arms still entwined. Your kisses are long, slow and gentle as your mouth travels from mine to my neck and shoulder, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine as you lightly bite and nip. I can feel the stiffness of your cock pressing against my thigh as you slide your hand under my skirt and whisper to me in astonishment, "My God hon, I've barely touched you and you're already drippping wet."

You pull my top down to expose my breasts and look up at me as your tongue slowly circles the outer portion of my nipple while you pinch and twist the other in your fingers. I gasp and arch my back letting you know just how good you make me feel. Your mouth is soft and wet and warm as you suck my nipple into it, deliberately grazing it with your teeth. I run my fingers through your hair and watch you for a few moments. You dip your fingers back into my pussy and bring them up to my mouth moaning as you watch me lick my own juices from them. At this moment, I want nothing more than to let you bring me to orgasm with my nipple in your mouth and your fingers in my pussy, but I want something else even more.

I beckon you back up to my mouth and whisper my request, " Baby, would you stand up and let me watch you undress. Would you take your cock in your hand and let me watch?"

As always, my wish is your command.You stand in front of me your eyes locked on mine and slowly unbutton your shirt. I sit up to lift your undershirt up and lick your stomach, and you roughly push me back down on the bed. I watch as you unbuckle your belt, unfasten your pants and pull them off. You stand before me in your boxers as my eyes travel to the growing tent at your crotch. You pull your cock just slightly out of the boxers and begin to rub it as I unconsciously lick my lips and watch, overcome with lust.

After what seems like a lifetime, the boxers come off and your beautiful cock is completely revealed to me. My hand goes between my legs, rubbing the wetness there as I watch you take your rock hard erection in your hands and pump. The room is silent save for our combined moans and the slap of your hand pumping your cock faster and faster.

Just as my desire to touch you becomes unbearable, you approach me, helping me remove my skirt and top so that I too am naked with you. As I lie back on the bed, you straddle my chest and allow my tongue one quick flick at the glistening precum on the head of your cock before you begin to stroke again. I lie beneath you watching you stroke over my tits, enjoying the look of concentration mixed with desire on your face. I place my hands on your ass and lightly run my nails over it as your stroking picks up speed. Your face is knotted with need and desire now. I know you are close.

"That's it baby. Cum for me. I want to watch you cum," I moan softly.

You groan as the cum comes spilling out of your hands, shooting all over my tits and face, white hot and delicious. I wait a moment for you to focus your eyes on me again, then I trail my fingers through the sticky cum on my chest and bring them up to my mouth, noisily sucking them clean as you watch.

Your cock is still rock hard and throbbing. I have not yet been allowed to have my own orgasm. Before I know what is happening, you have thrown my legs up on your shoulders and plunged deeply into me. Your cock fits so perfectly into my tight, swollen little cunt as you thrust in and out. You reach out and lube your thumb with the cum still pooling on my chest, and place it against my clit. As you thrust harder and faster, your thumb works my clit.

"Don’t you cum until I tell you you can. Do you understand me?" you growl.

I nod my assent already on the threshold of orgasm. I grip the sheets in my hands trying desperately not to feel the pleasure you are giving to me, trying desperately not to disappoint you. You pump steadily inside me for several minutes, playing with me to see how long I can take it.

Finally I hear you say, "Tell me what you want baby. Just ask and I'll give it to you."

"I need to cum," is all I can get out as your thumb increases pressure on my clit and I feel the familiar warmth in my groin.

Orgasm washes over me, I am dimly aware of calling your name as I feel my pussy spasm tightly around your cock. Just as my orgasm begins to cease, you groan as you cum again emptying so completely inside me that I can feel it oozing down my thighs before you even pull out.

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