Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Most Embarrassing Moment

I must share a short little story with you this evening of how one of mine and Jay's greatest fears came true yesterday.

I made a trip to the ER yesterday. After having a UTI earlier this week, I began to have some sharp pains in my lower back leading me to feel I might have a kidney infection which I have had in the past. So off to the hospital Jay and I went.

After a very long wait, I was finally seen by a doctor who quickly diagnosed, not a kidney problem at all, but a muscle spasm/strain. It hurt like hell!! The doc informed me she would have the nurse come in with some pain relief for me to which I readily agreed. As we waited, Jay and I both speculated whether or not any of this pain relief would come in the form of a shot in my ass, and what we would do if that was the case. If you recall, my ass looked like this just 6 short days ago. The bruises were still very visible.

Sure enough, the nurse comes in a few moments later with one pill in hand, and TWO syringes!!! Jay and I cut our eyes at each other, both about to die!! There really was nothing we could do at this point. I let the nurse go about the business of preparing the injections, turned over and let her pull my hospital gown aside, and waited for her reaction as I looked at Jay.

It didn't take long for her to ask what I had done to get the bruises. Jay and I couldn't help but break out into embarrassed laughter. He finally managed to get out, "Well, we play rough."

At this point, the nurse too broke out into embarrassed laughter. She moved to my other hip, revealing yet more bruising as we all continued to giggle. I told her at least she would have an interesting story to tell tonight!

Need I tell you how incredibly embarrasing that all was? At least, I suppose we got a nurse around our own age who could laugh about it with us instead of an old fuddy duddy who either would not have understood what we were trying to explain, or would have met us with tight lipped judgement.

Note to self...try not to have any medical conditions requiring a shot to the ass immediately after an intense session of having the shit beat out of me...LOL!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Deviant Desires

I am a bit more rested and coherent today, and ready to write more about our fun last weekend.

Jay has been giddy as a schoolboy, telling me over and over how hot the experience of watching me flogged was for him. I finally asked him to tell me exactly what was so hot about it for him.

Here lies the perfect illustration of the difference in our kinks. He was highly aroused by the public display of it skirt lifted above my pantiless ass as others watched me being disciplined. Apparently, there was quite a crowd watching which I was totally oblivious to with my eyes closed,focusing on the moment. While my feeling about the whole thing went something along the lines of...I'd really, really rather not expose myself in such a public manner, but I want this so badly I don't really care.

The gentleman administering my flogging was not really my type physically, other than being fairly tall, but he knew how to expertly use a flogger, and that was all I really cared about that evening. I didn't want him to fuck me, I wanted him to hurt me.

We began with a few warm up strokes to my upper back before lifing my skirt and moving further south to my ass. He moved up against me to check how I was doing and I moaned, "Harder," to which he replied, "I'm just getting started, honey."

The blows slowly increased in intensity before he came up behind me again, rubbing and massaging my back, and said to me,

"Tell me harder."

"Harder," I responded.

So I got it even harder across my back and ass until my back was red and I could feel the heat rising in my ass. He approached me from behind again and asked,

"You want more, honey?"

All I could do was nod my head.

"You're a greedy little thing, aren't you?" he chuckled.

"On your back or your ass?" he he asked.

I was so zooming in sub space, I couldn't even make the decision.

"I, I don't know," I whined.

So he took it upon himself to give it to me in both places.

After this I was removed from the flogging post to rest, drink some water, and pee while our new friend retrieved the dreaded dragon's tongue.

I had no idea what I was in store for with this instrument of pain. He let me see and touch it first. The best I can recall from the state I was in, it was rather thick, red leather which tapered to fine points at the ends. I'm sure Jay could offer a much better description of both the implement and what actually transpired that evening. Without a doubt, it was the dragon's tongue that did most of the damage to my ass you see in the pictures.

He started out slow, but even that stung. As he gradually built up, I felt myself begin to squirm. I breathed deeply and resolved to take my punishment like a good girl. I soon found myself slipping into that head space where my awareness shrinks down to the primal awareness of the sting in my ass, coupled with a rush of endorphins,and the need to please with the manner in which I accept my punishment.

He came up behind me again, stroking my hair, squeezing my back.

"Ooooh, it stings," I whimpered.

"I know, I'm sorry," he replied before moving away to begin a fresh rain of blows. My ass was on fire as the dragon's tongue connected with my flesh. This was to be the last round as I was completely spent by this point.

He and Jay released me from the flogging post. I hugged and thanked my new friend for such a fabulous time. Jay shook his hand and we headed home as it was near 3 am at this point.

I want so much more of this. I want it in a private setting where the experience can last even longer and be more intimate and intense. I can't begin to describe the high I experience during and after such a session;the pleasure I take in the marks left on my ass long afterwards...wearing them secretly under my clothing with a knowing satisfaction.

I want to surrender to this feeling. I want to be Daddy's naughty little girl.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alice/Mimi in Wonderland

Jay and I had a most scintillating evening last night. We attended a party put on by the same folks that did the Halloween party we attended last fall. This party had an Alice in Wonderland theme and was an even better time than the last. I am going to tell my story in pictures for you today. I will write more later this week, but today the best I can manage are pictures. Jay and I did not return home until 3:30 in the morning, and I am exhausted. Luckily the children spent the night with their grandparents allowing us the luxury to sleep in until 11 before going to retrieve them, but it still wasn't nearly enough rest.

I begin my story with a quite tame picture of my outfit for the evening. Then we move on to pictures of sweet Alice preparing to serve as a human buffet. Then we move on to the most exciting portion of the evening. I was flogged for the first time by someone other than my dear Jay. We met someone who very politely asked if Jay might loan me out. I trembled with fear and delight as he flogged me expertly and moved on to an implement known as a "dragon's tongue" which packed a wicked sting. The final pictures depict my smarting bottom for you as it appeared this morning.

All in all it was was of our best nights out. It has further convinced us to pursue our desire to meet someone who can both fulfill my need for intense correction, and Jay's desire to better learn the techniques of the flogger.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I want to want.
I want to dream of him, ache for him, cry out for him.
I want to tremble with lust as he penetrates my mind.
I want him to press me against the wall, cupping my face in his hands as we kiss.
I want him to crush me with desire.
I want to gasp as his words enter me as hot and hard as his cock.
I want to feel his strength as he pins my arms to the bed, his cock slowly sliding inside me.
I want to struggle helplessly against him as he takes what he knows is always his.
I want to know, does he remember what used to be?
I want to be his dirty little secret again.
I want to be his fuck toy.
I want him to fuck my mind.
I want, oh how I want.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wanted: One Good Playmate

Yesterday morning, the only male co-worker in my office that I find attractive came in to show me pictures of his trip to Vegas. He is tall, oh so tall, about 6'3" or so I am guessing, broad shouldered, and just so damn good looking. As he stood there towering over me, I had two, that I had on a top which revealed a little cleavage and that I wondered and hoped he was staring at my breasts as he flipped through his pictures for me, and two, how incredibly deep his voice is. It was so deep that I could literally feel it vibrating through my body. I wanted to shove him up against the wall and fuck him silly,but I didn't. I do have some modicum of restraint and common decency.

This got me thinking though about how I wish I could find just the right partner to invite into mine and Jay's bedroom. My hot Englishman is rarely ever in town these days. I have another friend with whom I enjoy hot, illicit conversations which will probably never be more than that due to his life circumstaces and geographical location. I procrastinate on doing any work to find myself this desired playmate due to how arduous and difficult a task it seems. I want more than just a discussion of body parts, preferred sexual positions and surface conversation. I want a playmate who I also like as a person. I want a playmate who recognizes me as more than just the sum of my parts. I want someone who can fuck my mind as well or better than my body. I also want someone who won't become too emotionally attached, and will respect my boundaries. I want a lot,I know. He exists, I know, I just have to spend the time and energy required to find him.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sound of Bliss

Last night found me very horny after a week of no interest in sex at all, and attacking Jay as soon as we had the little one in bed. The head of his cock felt so big and so right as it split my lips upon entry. I wanted so badly for him to pound me fast and hard, but I slowed my rhythm to match his. He gradually increased his pace, until he was slamming into my cervix with every thrust. I closed my eyes and listened to him, waiting for the sound of his orgasm. Jay and I know each other's bodies very well after nearly 10 years of marriage. I can't generally feel it when he comes inside me ( I have often wondered if other women can, because I have never been able to actually feel a man cum inside me), but know exactly when he comes because of the sound he makes. Last night I closed my eyes and just listened to him, and it was so incredibly HOT. I focused on him and only him as his breath came more rapidly until he blew it out with one long release as he came. I was so unspeakably aroused by the sound of my husband's orgasm, and filled with love for him.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Say It Ain't So, Ben

As some of you dear readers may be aware, Ben Roethlisberger is a member of my Top 10 List. Actually, in retrospect I would probably move him closer to my Top 5 List. If you want to know what I really like in a man you need look no further than Big Ben...tall, broad shouldered, dark, wavy hair...yummy.

You can imagine my shock and dismay in learning of the recent sexual assault allegations against Ben here in my own state. I want to believe the allegations are false, that he is just a famous, dumb jock letting his dick lead him to unwise situations with gold digging bimbos. However, I also know this is not the first time he has had an allegation of this type aimed at him. I have to wonder if the old addage of, "where there's smoke, there's fire," is true here. In which case, sadly I would have to remove Ben from my list altogether. However, if the former is true, and this girl is just a gold digging little bitch, I sure would like a few moments in a room alone with her to give her a piece of my mind!

A word of advice to my man Ben... if you like rough sex, honey, there are plenty of women out here who enjoy it too and don't kiss and tell.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My First Toy Review: The Njoy Pure Plug

I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that I am embarking on a toy testing partnership with Shelly over at Shelly’s Toy Box!! I’ve seen others review toys on their blogs and always wondered how they hooked themselves up with such a fun opportunity. Shelly contacted me via another site Jay and I visit quite frequently, and here I am with my very first toy review!! I’ll endeavor each time to give you a rating of 1-10 Big O’s.

I had the pleasure to use and review the Njoy Pure Plug. It comes packaged very eloquently in a black box with pink satin lining. If you are one who enjoys giving your sweetie naughty gifts for birthdays or anniversaries or Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the Pure Plug packaging would make a great presentation for you. The plug itself is just so pretty…shiny and gleaming snuggled into its little pink compartment.

The Pure Plug comes in 3 different sizes…small(1”),medium(1-1/4”)and large(1-1/2”). I received the medium plug. At first sight I was a bit apprehensive about its size and even more apprehensive when I held it and discovered how heavy it was since I am more of an anal “beginner,” however as you will read below, it was just the right size. The Pure Plug is made of hypoallergenic, medical grade stainless steel which will never corrode. It is easily cleaned with soap and water finished off by drying and polishing with a soft cloth. It can also be sterilized in boiling water or by submersing in a 10% bleach solution and rinsing well afterwards. The Pure Plug is compatible with all sensual lubricants which is a necessity for any anal toy!

What you really want to know is what did I do with it and how did it feel?! As I mentioned above, I did feel a little bit intimidated when I first saw it as I am a bit of an anal novice, but I am pleased to tell you it slid in quite easily as Jay pressed it to my asshole while I gently pushed back. I would recommend warming it first in some warm water as stainless steel is much colder than body temperature, although I am sure there are those who would enjoy the sensation of cold steel entering their ass, I am not one of them.

What great fun Jay and I have had with this toy this week. It felt just right inside my ass providing a nice sensation of fullness as Jay slid between my legs to treat me to some oral pleasure. One of the best features of the Pure Plug outside of its presentation is its clever little handle. Jay reached down to gently wiggle the plug inside me as he pleasured my clit with his tongue. The sensation was incredible.

He eventually slid inside my vagina while the plug filled my ass. The sensation was unique and heavenly for both of us. For me there was the much desired sensation of having both my holes stuffed full. The plug’s unique curve provided Jay with new sensations along the underside of his cock that caused him to uncharacteristically cry out as he came especially hard.

A few nights later we decided to experiment with the doggy position while the plug was nestled inside my ass. The result was explosive for me. This has always been one of my favorite sexual positions, and the addition of the plug only served to intensify it. Again that wonderful curve it has hit the right spot for Jay as I was pleasured by the sensation of the plug being driven ever higher inside me with Jay’s every thrust. He was also able to reach down and grip the handle peaking out from between my cheeks to further pleasure me with the plug.

Overall, this was a toy that did not disappoint. It’s most outstanding features for me were its beautiful packaging, its pleasurable curve, and its nifty little handle. I give it 8 Big O’s simply because anal is still not my first choice in sexual activity. Although as anal plugs go the Njoy Pure Plug certainly is the Cadillac of anal plugs.