Sunday, December 28, 2008


Jay and I have been ever so busy with family/holiday obligations this week. Much more busy than either of us cared to be. Yesterday we were obligated to go on a day trip to visit yet more relatives. 2 hours in the car up with the 2 kids in the back, a day of visiting with the old folks, bad food, and bored children, capped off with the 2 hours ride back with the mercifully sleeping 2 kids in the back.

Needless to say, Jay and I were in need of some stress relief when we finally got the youngest one bathed and in bed while our 14 year old entertained himself with his new computer courtesy of his doting Grandma.

We lay on our bed, dazed and shell shocked. Jay casually mentioned he was newly smooth "down there," perfect for licking.

"What are you going to do to me if I don't want to suck you?"

"Try me," he responded.

"I'm not going to suck your cock tonight. I don't want to," I announced petulantly.

Jay got up from the bed to lock the door, directing me to take my clothes off as he did so.

I lay there still playing the willful child, still refusing to follow his lead.

He brought out the bamboo cane and whacked me on the hip with it.

"I said get undressed," he ordered again.

This time, I complied.

When I was completely naked and shivering a bit in the chill, he went to the task of cuffing my wrists and ankles with our new leather cuffs.

With the cuffs properly fastened to each limb, he went to work with a long black rope. The end result found me with my legs in the air, bound together, hands bound to legs, ass vulnerable and exposed to Jay's deviant desires.

The bamboo cane met my upraised ass over and over again with delicious, small stinging blows.

"I'm such a bad girl," I cooed.

Silence, as he continued to work my ass with the cane.

And then...

"Such a fucking slut," Jay spat out as he blows came faster, my ass beginning to burn in earnest.

He walked to the edge of the bed, and jerked me up until my head hung over the side. He then began to adjust the rope again until each breast was tightly bound.

At this point, I began to gush. I imagined the picture I would present to anyone on the outside looking in on our little scene...ankles cuffed and bound to each other, wrists cuffed and bound resting on my mound, midsection crisscrossed with rope, breasts tightly bound, nipples pink and very erect, ass crisscrossed red from my caning, head hanging off the edge of the bed, mouth open and awaiting insertion of Master's cock.

I didn't have to wait long. Jay shoved his pulsing cock deeply into my mouth, thrusting in and out as my tongue traveled hungrily around his shaft. I worked my head up and down as best I could seeking to please my Master with my mouth.

The longer the face fucking went on, the more uncomfortable I became. My jaw became tired, my neck began to ache with the uncomfortable angle. I turned my head to the side, gasping for air, asking Master for a break.

"I'm not done using you, slut. We'll be done when I cum," he growled at me before shoving his cock back down my throat forcing my aching jaws wide open.

Master fucked my face several minutes more until he was ready to let me rest. He gently helped me back onto the bed as which point he began to stroke his pulsing cock over my tits.

"Mmmmm, yes, baby, stroke your cock for me. Cum on my tits, Sir," I begged.

I waited and watched him stroke eagerly anticipating ropes of hot cum spurting onto me at any moment.

Instead, he pushed me over onto my stomach, spread my ass cheeks and began to stroke over my ass. My pussy began to throb, growing wetter and wetter as Master worked his cock over on top of my ass. I moaned and wiggled around impatiently waiting to feel his hot release rain down over my ass at any moment.

He left the bed for a moment, and walked over to rumage around in the nightstand drawer. I assumed he was coming back to spank me again with a different implement. Instead, he pushed my bound legs as far apart as they would go and crawled in between them, my raised feet resting against his back.

I felt lube being poured onto my already soaked cunt, then worked further down into my ass.

"I want your ass tonight, slut," was all he said to me before thrusting his cock between the folds of my ass cheeks and working his way into my asshole.

I couldn't imagine that he would ever succeed and took a secret pleasure in that knowledge. My legs seemed bound too impossibly close together to afford him entrance into my tight little bud.

I groaned as he pushed harder and harder until he was unbelievably inside my ass. I let out a small scream as he pushed in deeper before beginning to thrust.

He leaned over me, his hands bracing his weight on either side of my head, his cock working in and out of my little asshole.

Dear God, I was so wet. I knew it must surely be dripping down into my ass helping to lubricate as he fucked. I snaked a finger down to my clit to rub it as he fucked me.

"Your ass feels so good and tight. I love fucking it baby," he breathed as he raised up, gripped my hips and continued to thrust into me.

"That's it, baby. Cum in my ass. I want your cum dripping out my ass."

With that, he fell back down over me, muscled arms holding his weight above me as he buried his cock in me. I looked up to watch his face in the dresser mirror as he lost himself in the pleasure of my ass.

I laid there on my stomach, bound, his body looming over me, his cock buried deeply in my ass, and realized I had never been more helpless in my life. The realization turned me on more than I can possibly express in words. I was unequivocably at the mercy of my Master, and my cunt responded by growing even wetter still.

I looked up to watch my Master's face twisted with pleasure.

"Uhhhhh, I'm...going your ass now!" he grunted out just before shooting his load in me.

He collapsed on me for a moment panting and sweating before pulling out and rolling over.

He left me there on the bed, bound, prostrate on my stomach, cum leaking out my ass while he showered and cleaned up. His intent was to help me remember my place as HIS slut no doubt.

I really must run upstairs to the bedroom now as recalling this tale for you has my pussy wet and calling out for attention once again.


Anonymous said...

ahhh....good to be back in GA :)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that your Master is not shy about asserting himself. I admire his thoroughness...


bigd44 said...

Another hot sexy story. Sure would love to see that hot red ass after a good spanking! Maybe master can leave you tied up for Sir to come in and use your ass next! love your blog keep them coming. Great set of pics the other night on rcbb, would love to see more of you on there.