Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hotel Room Fun

We went on an out of town family trip this past weekend to visit Jay's family. The usual lodging arrangements are that our son stays with his aunt in her little 2 bedroom home while Jay, our daughter and I stay in a hotel. This generally means there is absolutely no sex to be had during these weekends. Not so, on this trip!

As we were all departing one location to head to Jay's sister's house, she volunteered to just take both kids with her while Jay and I went to get checked into the hotel. She didn't have to tell us twice...we practically sprinted to our car to comply with her arrangements!

After getting checked in and up to our room, Jay told me that be expected me to be naked by the time he got back from returning the luggage cart. Not wanting to disappoint...I did just that, and lay spread out naked on the bed upon his return. Jay got equally naked, and we simply laid there in the cool hotel room for a bit, recovering from the day's journey which included a one hour gauntlet of allowing our 16 year old son to polish his driving skills. I needed a stiff drink after that, although he did just fine.

Eventually Jay reached over to begin stroking my body, pinching my nipples a bit, slapping my ass playfully. I commented that it was a shame we did not have any spanking implements with us. Jay simply rose from the bed, walked over to where his shorts where folded over a chair, and began to remove his belt.

"Ah, but that's where you are wrong," he said.

"Argh, not the belt," I groaned both dreading and excited about what I knew was about to happen.

He soon had me on all fours, my ass willingly displayed for him. He mercifully started out slow. Slapping lightly with the belt, mixing in a hard SLAP ever so often until I was begging for more.

The belt SMACKED down on my ass as I moand, swaying my hips.

"Yes, Daddy. Oh yes, please more, Daddy."

The SMACKS began to come harder and faster. I could feel the heat rising in my ass, the delicious stinging each time the belt found it's mark.

"Oh, it hurts Daddy. Mmmmm, it hurts," I moaned as I tried to raise up only to be shoved back down and told to "be a good girl for Daddy."

He reached around to pinch my nipples, his stiff cock rubbing against my heated ass. I thought he would turn me over and fuck me, but he wasn't quite yet finished with my discipline.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK...the sound of belt meeting flesh filled the hotel room as my breath came faster and harder in and out through my nostrils.

"Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, Da...ddy," became my mantra repeated over and over again.

When he finally felt his job was completed, he flipped me over, pushed me towards the top of the bed and entered me.

My ass was on fire against the cool sheets as his cock slid easily in and out of my wet hole. I watched as my tits bounced up and down with the force of his thrusts. My finger found it's way down to my hard little clit as he continued to drive into me.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," I moaned through clenched teeth as I clenched his cock in ectasy.

He soon followed me with his own pleasure, grunting and moaning as he emptied into me.

Shortly after this little episode, we showered, dressed and went over to his sister's house as if nothing had ever happened. I, however, had a constant reminder in my burning ass all night long. I was further reminded of our time together during the 3 hour ride home the next day sitting on my poor, little bruised bottom.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Bottom

Better late than never...drumroll 40th birthday spanked bottom. If you look closely, you can just make out a little heart shaped welt on the right hand side, hehehe!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Very Special Birthday

Today is my... gasp, dare I say it...40th BIRTHDAY! I will admit to being more than a little bothered by it. 30 was great for me. Jay and I were planning our wedding which was to take place in July, and I was perfectly fine with leaving my 20's behind. 40, however has been another story. I feel, well, old...grey hairs are cropping up all over my head, I'm pretty sure my eyes are starting to go as I find myself squinting at my work lately, and I'm starting to feel aches and pains I never felt before.

However, I have decided to just go with it. I mean really, it's just a number, and my body will age whether I like it or not, so I might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. I still have so many cool things ahead of me, and I'm not dead yet, ha,ha!

It has been really a wonderful birthday!! I'll go ahead with the part you are most interested in first...the sex!! The children spent the night with their grandparents last night. Jay and I had hoped to visit the aforementioned BDSM club as they were having some sort of demonstration and free play night, however Mother Nature came calling, and we decided it was best tabled for another time.

This did not, however, prevent us from watching a little porn together until I was good and worked up and ready to suck Jay's cock. We had the freedom to do this in the den in broad daylight even! I got naked for him, save for my sexy new black, patent leather heels, bent over him with one knee on the sofa so my breasts were in full view, and swaying for him while I sucked and licked up and down his shaft. I sucked and slurped for a while, then let him pump his cock for me as I licked and sucked his balls, until he began to make his "noise" which meant I had better get his cock in my mouth before he blew. He came hard and hot and yummy in my mouth as he pumped his hips at me, and shoved my head further down his shaft.

After this, we went upstairs so he could present my "naughty" birthday present which he had obained from our dear Shelly at Shelly's Toybox. It was a beautiful little black paddle with a heart shape cut out. I have been wanting one for ever so long. I'll provide you pics and a little mini review with my next toy review.

I had no idea, however, what a stinging whallop this little thing packed! Jay had me bend over the bed naked to take my birthday spanking. I was to count out each of my 40 licks by calling out, "1, Daddy...2, Daddy." I was delighted by this little game at first. However, the licks soon came harder and harder, and I realized that damn paddle wasn't as sweeet as it looked. As we came to 15 or so, I began to squirm away from him, dreading the next blow.

As we got to the mid 20's, Jay began to fuck with me. He would ask me, "How many was that, 20?" and I would call out, "NO! 25, Daddy!" He did this to me several times, and seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.

When we got to 29 I called out, "29, Daddy. God, I wish I was 30!" I am pretty sure I heard him chuckle behind me.

By this time, the paddling was so intense, I could feel the heat rising from my bottom, and my body was actually covered in a light sheen of sweat as I struggled to endure the next 10 blows.

When we got to 39, I was so relieved. He smacked me good, and I called out, "40, that's 40 Daddy," rising up overjoyed only to be shoved back down and told, "You need one to grow on little girl." I groaned as I submitted my bottom for one more to grow on.

Jay then took the opportunity to play with the flogger in our child free home. That actually felt much more erotic and a little less painful than the paddle. I was writhing around on the bed, moaning for more as he flogged my bottom and back.

I do have some pictures of my nice, rosy bottom to share with you, however, I am just too damn lazy to download them from the camera right now. I think perhaps I will actually do an HNT this week and shared them with you.

I also got some really great presents for my birthday and Mother's Day. I got flowers sent to me at work on Friday from Jay and the kids. Today I received homemade gifts from both daughter made a #1 Mom magnet with her picture in the middle, and my 16 year old son wrote about me in German which he read and translated for me. I also got a cool book about what was going on in the world the year I was born...1970. I also got a Wii Fit which I had told Jay I would like for my birthday.

However, by far my best present, was a twist of the right place at the wrong time sort of thing. We took one of our dogs to be groomed last Sunday. The pet adoption people were there as they are every weekend. Normally we will look and every now and then see a really cute dog, however, I am always in agreement with Jay that we already have 3 dogs and that is enough. This particular day, I find Jay holding the cutest damn chihuahua I have ever seen. I have always wanted a chihuahua, and have been bugging Jay about one for years. My daughter and I immediately fell in love with her. Long story short, it took my daughter and I about 24 hours to wear him down, but wear him down, we finally did!! I now have the cutest, sweetest, most lovable little girl chihuahua as my 40th birthday present!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Pictures With Big Ears

Several nights ago Jay and I were sneaking in some "alone" time after having put the youngest to bed while the oldest was occupied in his room playing video games with his headset on.

We were watching some girl on girl porn as I tried out a new toy I shall be reviewing for you soon. Let me just say the toy does wondorous things. Between that and the porn, I had an intense orgasm with deep, sobbing moans. Not 30 seconds after I was finished, we heard a knock on our door.

"Mommy?" comes a little voice

"Yes, insert daughter's name here,"I replied.

"What's wrong?" comes her timid query.

"Nothing, baby," I replied.

"Well why were you making that noise?" she asks.

Jay and I stiffle embarrassed giggles as I fumble around for a response.

"I stubbed my toe in the bathroom, honey, and it hurt, that's all," came my lame response.

"Why are you out of bed anyway?" I called through the door.

'Well, I had to go potty, then I heard you making that noise, and I came to see if you were ok," my innocent little girl replied.

"Yes,honey, Mommy is fine. Go back to bed now."

"Ok, Mommy."

What can you say about that?! Amusing, sweet, endearing, embarrassing, and annoying all rolled into one. But then again, doesn't that pretty much sum up parenthood altogether?