Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deliciously Inappropriate Attraction

I've got a crush...on my husband's doctor. As some of you may know, my dear hubby had surgery on his shoulder a couple weeks ago. Prior to this surgery, I met his orthopedic physician exactly once. Before we went in for the appointment, Jay told me that I would like Dr M. "He's just your type, baby" he informed me.

He wasn't wrong. Dr. M is in his mid to late 30's, tall, broad shouldered, atheletic, dark haired, and well dressed. Throw in that he's a really nice guy, and I was smitten. I agreed with Jay after the appointment in May that he was right, and I did find Dr. M very attractive. I really didn't think too terribly much about it after that other than to make the occasional joke with Jay.

During Jay's surgery I have had more contact with Dr. M...he came in briefly to see us before the surgery, I met with him immediately afterwards to be informed how the procedure went, and I drove Jay to his follow up apointment last Thursday.

I am now helpless to get Dr. M out of my mind. The day of the follow up appointment last week, I purposely chose a short, flouncy dress that accentuates my figure well. I was cursing myself that my most sexy "work" dress was at the cleaners. As he was speaking with Jay regarding his wrecked shoulder, and what he did to repair it, I was watching him, pressing my legs together thinking how hot he is. Of course, I am far too shy to actually make an attempt to let him know just what I think of him.

Instead, I entertain myself with dirty fantasies... thoughts of scheduling an appointment with him to take a look at my "trick" knee. Dr. M and I alone together in his exam room as he examines my knee. My legs spread just wide enough to allow him a peek up my dress.

"Does this hurt?" he queries as he squeezes the knee.

"Yes," I answer breathlessly.

"How about this?" he probes as his hand slides just under my dress, pressing against the soft flesh of my inner thigh.

"Yes," I reply.

"How does this feel?" as he slips a finger just inside my cunt.

"Mmmmm," is the only reply I can manage.

"Let's have a look at your chest," he asserts as he pulls my dress down around my waist, and removes my bra. He rolls my nipples around between his fingers causing me to close my eyes and moan.

As I sit there on his exam table, my legs spread, he lowers his head to my chest and sucks a nipple into his mouth. I take his head in my hands and pull him to my face. He kisses me, his tongue filling my mouth, his lips so full and soft. I wrap my legs around him and feel his hard cock against my thigh.

"I want you so much," I breath into his mouth.

I'm on my knees now, Dr. M towering above me as I unzip his pants and take his cock in my hand. I look up to see him watching me, as I slowly swallow his entire length. I gently squeeze his balls with one hand, as I suck and twist his his cock with the other.

"Fuck , fuck," I hear him murmur as he revels in what a good little cock sucker I am.

His sweet precum begins to roll down the back of my throat. My legs are spread as I kneel before him, fingering my wet clit, as he wraps his fingers in my hair and thrusts his hips at me.

Suddenly, he pulls me up by the hair, bends me over the exam table, shoves my dress up around my hips and buries his fat cock inside me. He grabs me at the hips and thrusts in and out of me, my body bouncing off the exam table with the force of his blows.

Suddenly, a knock at the door.

" Dr. M. Your next apointment is here," calls the nurse.

"I'll be with you shortly," he grits out between clinched teeth before returning to the matter of pounding me for all he's worth.

I reach down to finger my clit as he thrusts.

He grabs me by the hair, pulls me violently backward, whispering, "You're such a hot, little fuck."

"Yes, finger that hard little clit for me. Cum all over my cock, baby."

He continues to thrust, my hair in his hands, my upper body bouncing back and forth against the table, my breasts jiggling up and down.

The room is filled with our muted moans.

He hits just the right spot inside my cunt and I lose it.

I feel the wetness pouring down my thigh, all over his cock, as I cum.

"Oh God," he grunts out before emptying his load inside me.

He pulls out with a wet, pop. I squat down briefly to take him in my mouth and lick him clean, before tucking him back into his neat, professional clothing.

"I'll need to see you next week to take a look at that knee again, Mrs. B.," he orders me with a backwards glance and a wink as he leaves the room.

Oh if only Dr. M knew the things I want to do to him. Perhaps Jay and I could get a reduction on our bill if I let him know what I was ready and willing to do for him..ha, ha!


trumpeter said...

Mmmm.... the doctor is IN!

In my limited experience there are few things better than a bit of doctor/patient play with a married woman :)

Open wide!

Anonymous said...

lol @ reduced bill!!

excellent fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Ok this was fucking hot! I can only imagine how intense it was for you to write considering your fantasy was based on a flesh and blood person! *fans self*

xoxoxo mina

Anonymous said...

That was H-O-T!! I totally love fantasizing about men that I cannot have. Even better is when I actually get to see them in person; if they only knew how many ways I had fucked them senseless in my mind!

Mimi said...

Never been into the whole doctor/patient thing, Trumpeter, but perhaps I am a little more interested now..LOL.

I'd do all sorts of things to him to reduce our bill, Sage!!

I was indeed hot to imagine and write, Mina.

Yeah, Swingerwife, I think I may actually blush the next time I see Dr M. knowing all the dirty fantasies I've had about him! I cant help but be curious if he would be flattered though if he knew what went on in my mind.

Amorous Rocker said...

That was hot. =)