Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Attempt At Artsy

Since I can't seem to keep up with reguarly posting an HNT offering on Thursdays, I've decided I'll just randomly post a picture I am especially fond of when the mood strikes me.

Jay and I have been discovering the nuances that can be captured quite well in black and white lately. Hopefully you will enjoy what we managed to capture with this picture.

I have quite a hot story rolling around in my head involving my new girl crush, Katy Perry, helped along by some steamy emailing with a friend. I hope to find the time to get it down on paper for you this week.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My New Girl Crush

Did anyone see Katy Perry on American Idol last night? She's been on my radar ever since "I Kissed a Girl", but holy boobies, Batman...she's smokin' HOT!

I watched her last night with her ample cleavage, and I just wanted to lick her all over. I'd like to start by kissing her full,red lips. I'd watch her close her eyes, part her lips and sigh softly for me as she awaited my kiss. Our lips would meet just a moment before my tongue slid gently into her mouth. She would place her hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer and whisper,"Yes, more," as my hand found its way to the soft orbs of her breasts.

I would cup her beautiful breasts in my hands, rolling her nipples this way and that as they grew hard and erect beneath my fingers. My tongue would travel from her lips down her neck to those pink, erect nipples. It would flick over the delicate skin there just before sucking her flesh into my mouth. She would let out a little moan of delight as I began to suckle her. I would bury my face between her breasts, squeezing them to each side of my face as I licked her sternum.

My hand would travel down between her legs to find she was moist as she parted her legs wide for me, inviting me to play there. My tongue would wander further south to her navel. I don't know if she has a pierced navel, but in this fantasy she would. I would lick circles around her cute little belly button while furtively sliding a finger inside her slippery hole.

She would gasp and arch her back as my tongue found her clit while my finger remained inside her. I've never tasted a woman before I imagine she would taste like ambrosia. My tongue would leap from my mouth ever more ugently circling her clit as her hips began to gyrate above me.

Her hands would entangle in my hair as my hands sought out her breasts, kneading and pinching the nipples to increase her pleasure. Soon her sweet little voice would cry out, "Oh, oh, oh," and her warm juices would flood my mouth as she came.

Ah yes, I've had some very dirty thoughts about voluptuous little Ms. Katy Perry today!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shattering the Illusion of Personal Safety

Today's post is decidely NOT sex related...consider yourself forewarned!

As some of my dear readers may know, I was bitten by the running bug a few years ago, and continue to derive great pleasure from it. My usual habit has been to run in the mornings before work, thereby freeing up the afternoon/evening for all the usual duties and chores that inevitably get packed in. A change in my work schedule this Fall required that I go out running around 5am in order to get my running in and make it in to work on time.

This schedule worked out perfectly well until about late October. One morning I went out for my usual run and was nearly done when a car approaching me in the dark stopped in the middle of the road shortly before I reached it. I was terrified and uncertain what to do. In the end, I'm sure I did the wrong thing...I continued on past it on the sidewalk as far away as I could get from the vehicle.

Although Jay tried to reassurre me he did not feel it was cause for alarm and it was likely perfectly innocent, I was so bothered by the incident and the thoughts of what could have happened that I had trouble sleeping for a few days, and decided to find a way to make my runs work in the afternoons.

That's just what I did. I began to make do with running up and down and up and down our street while my daughter and her friends played outside. It really wasn't so bad with my MP3 player, and it was highly preferable to the dreaded treadmill.

This was all perfectly fine until the weather began to turn too cold even in Hotlanta for the children to play outside plus I was getting a little tired of running the same street back and forth for 4-6 miles! So, after being a total slug for 3 weeks over Christmas vacation, and doing no running at all (a choice I am paying dearly for now in lost fitness!) I decided with the New Year that it was mostly likely perfectly safe to go out running in the mornings again. I convinced myself that I was just being overly cautious and could safely go back to my morning runs.

Everything was perfectly fine...until this morning. This morning I had nearly completed my first circuit around my neighborhood and noticed a car coming into the neighborhood. Remember, it's about 5:20 am. I encounter very few cars in our quiet neighborhood at that time other than the paper delivery which I have grown accustomed to, even knowing the days I can expect to see the paper delivery, and Monday's are not one of those days.

This car went the opposite way I was travelling. I took note of it, but continued along my route. After a few minutes this same car passed me, meaning it had gone to the opposite side of my neighborhood, made the circuit of one of the cul de sacs and come back. It passed me, went to the end of another cul de sac and passed me once again.

By this time my hackles were starting to raise, and I was growing more and more alert. I glanced back at the car a few times and noticed that it seemed to slow almost to a stop as it rounded a curve that would take it out of sight.

Now, at this point, I was near my own home. I should have simply returned home, however my run was going so well after several weeks of struggling to get back into that groove again that I really wanted to continue on. So I continued, but with hyper awareness.

As macbre as it sounds I reasoned that if someone were planning to grab someone from a neighborhood in the early morning hours they would likely plan to do it near the front of the neighborhood so as to make a fast get away. It probably took me about 5minutes or so to continue my run from the point I last encountered the car until I was approaching the front of my neighborhood again.

Being on hyper alert, I spotted taillights about 500 or so feet ahead of me as the car idled on the left hand side of the road. I stopped dead in my tracks and assessed the situation for a moment. As I stood there, this car began to back up and I spied that it was the same car before I turned and ran faster than I ever have back to my home which was very close by, all the while terrified I would feel headlights approaching me from behind!!

I was in such a state that I woke Jay to tell him what had just occured. My Jay being Jay, got up, got dressed, got a bat from our garage and headed out to his car to try to spot the vehicle. I pleaded with him not to go, but he assured me he just wanted to try to get a license tag.

The car was gone by the time he went out, but we did call the police and report it. I was assured a patrol car would be in our neighborhood for the next few days/weeks. Jay did a little more research on line and learned there have been a number of attacks on joggers in our scary I could pee my pants!! He actually found the name and number of the detective investigating the case, and gave him a call today. I am apparently to expect a call from the detective who wants any information I can provide him, which is sadly, not a whole lot.

I have been on edge and physically shaking off and on all day. I had a routine doctor's appointment today and my normally completely healthy blood pressure was actually a little high. My gut tells me this person had bad intentions. I can't even begin to ponder what could have happened to me and my family today.

I've never in my life been in a situation in which I felt I was in real physical danger until today. It's an awful, awful feeling. My whole mindset has changed today. I know it will pass, but I feel fearful and suspicious of everyone. I even had the thought that I need to walk my 16 year old son to the busstop since his bus comes around at 6:30am when it is still dark. This is irrational as my son is nearly 6 feet tall weighing in at well over 200 lbs, and would more likely be the one protecting me from an attacker than the other way around. However, fear makes you irrational and the mother's instinct is always to protect her child.

I want this fear to pass quickly and to return to my ability to trust others, but I fear it may have been foever altered just a bit today. As much as it pisses me off to alter my life for fear of some creep cruising my neighborhood up to no good, I'll be running again only in the daylight hours!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Somnolent Smut

I enjoyed quite the dirty dream while luxuriating in sleeping late this morning. I awoke aroused and wet,but unfortunately was awoken by our 6 year old bounding into bed with us announcing, "Mommy, Daddy, it's time to get up!" As it was nearly 10:30 in the morning, we had to acquiese to her demands and forgo any morning marital relations. The day is young, however, and I'm still aroused.

My dream was not something I would normally fantasize about, but did leave me extremely ecited as erotic dreams do seem to be incredibly powerful as the subconcious leads me into territory I would never dare dream to tread in my waking life.

Jay and I were in bed with another couple, all of us sleeping after a night of debauchery together. Jay and I awoke and began to have sex as the other couple slept next to us. When we finished our lovemaking I turned to the other man in bed with us, Jay's cum still leaking from me and began to have sex with him. I was very turned on by the fact that his cock was entering me as Jay's cum still dripped out, and that his wife slept next to us completely unaware of our fucking.

I'm not entirely sure what that dream says about me. I have been considering yet again the idea of inviting another man into our bedroom. I have been extremly aroused by the idea. I suppose the idea has been so much on my mind lately as to express itself in my subconcious. Anyone want to play amateur psyciatrist and take a shot at interpreting it further for me?!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Afernoon Delight, Evening Pleasure

Yesterday I was feeling achingly aroused all day long. I was keenly aware of my clitoris as it brushed against my clothing each time I shifted in my chair at work. My nipples felt erect and sensitive inside my new push up bra. In short, I had sex on the brain!

As soon as my daughter completed her school work and went down the street to play with friends, I dashed upstairs for a little "me" time with my toys. I came so hard that I pushed one of my toys out of my pussy as it contracted over and over again.

After soothing my ache to a tolerable level with my trusty vibrating egg and rotating rabbit, I found myself engaged in a scintillating chat session with a new friend while preparing dinner. We discussed firm bodied, nubile, young secretaries pleasing their older, more experienced bosses as well as neighbors engaging in dirty fantasies and sloppy oral delights. I was swollen and slippery wet by the end of the conversation. I still await his account today of how he took matters into his own hands at the end of our conversation. I cant wait for the no doubt lustful details.

As should be adundantly obvious,I was ready to attack Jay as soon as the evening's chores were done. I attempted to jump him as soon as we had the little one in bed and the bedroom door firmly closed and locked. However, my poor Jay had had a hard day and understandably needed some down time first. I patiently waited until he had finished watching "Two and a Half Men" then suddenly felt the need to remove my top and "cool off" in our stuffy bedroom. I knew he would be unlikely to summon the will to resist my naked breasts displayed before him begging to be touched. My devious plan worked, and we were soon naked and entangled in each other's arms.

I shoved his head down towards my sorely pulsing sex, and soon moaned and groaned as his tongue worked my clit while one finger sank inside my pussy and another went up my ass. I was so aroused that it took no more than a few minutes before I was writhing on the bed, his head squeezed between my legs, crying out in orgasm.

No sooner had I caught my breath and begun to come to my senses than he lifted my legs over his shoulders and plunged his cock inside me. We groaned together with the pleasure as he plunged in and out between my legs. When he was reaching the edge, he slowed his thrusts, hovering above me, balanced on his well muscled arms as I licked and kissed his chest while he rocked inside me.

As my moans grew more urgent, he lifted my legs over his shoulders again and began to fuck me fast and hard. I managed to roll over on my side , one leg underneath him, the other thrown over his shoulder and whisper, "put a finger in my ass." At that request, he began to fumble in the bedside drawer as I squirmed and mewed, eager to have him inside me again. He came back with my double sided glass dildo, lubed up and ready for insertion into my ass.

I shoved the smooth, slick glass inside my ass as he entered my pussy again. He began to thrust harder and faster as I moaned, "I want both my holes filled, baby. I want a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass." That sent him over the edge. He groaned softly as he emptied himself inside me.

We lay together afterwards, panting and breathless, giggling at the filth that had just taken place in our bed. Ah, but there's nothing better than that relaxed feeling of being freshly fucked!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Christmas Bling

I have been remiss in sharing my most sexy Christmas present with you. My dear Jay got me my own little anal rosebud. When he first mentioned it to me months and months ago, I told him that was the silliest thing I had ever heard of, however the idea began to gradually become more and more appealing to me.

My new adornment feels incredible when worn during sex. I am looking forward to the opportuniy in the near future to wear it in public for him!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Return of Self Pleasure

It's been a long time since we last met,dear reader. That's mostly because life has been alternately dull, and terribly busy with the holidays with little sexy moments of note. I am happy to say I had one such sexy moment this afternoon with a little self pleasure.

My sex drive was kick started yesterday with a couple of naughty conversations with a couple of willing partners. Only the presence of a housefull of children prevented me from engaging in much desired cam sex with one of them...does anyone remember my hot Englishman??(scroll down to nearly the end of the post to find said refernce) That will simply have to be anticipated for another day. Jay greatly benefited from my dirty conversations last evening as I begged for a face fucking and sucked him in balls deep before eventually spreading my legs wide for a nice hard fuck.

This afternoon found me with a little time to lock myself away in my bedroom and tend to my carnal desires. After several frustrating sessions of having trouble reaching a satisfactory orgasm, I finally deduced that my dual vibrating eggs needed new batteries...DUH! So I slid 4 fresh batteries in my little friend and she hummed happily away on my clit as I slid my rotating little rabbit inside my slippery hole.

My mind soon wandered off to a scene involving me spread eagle on a hotel bed, my English friend deep inside my pussy as Jay's cock slid in and out of my mouth. They both held me down at the shoulders, the Englishman pounding me harder and faster as my mouth sucked Jay eagerly. My hot Englishman let out a moan as he spurted his load inside of me, seconds before Jay began to shoot his hot cum in my mouth, then pulled out to unleash it all over my face and tits as they both informed me what a dirty little slut I was.

Need I tell you that I came, and I came HARD as this scene played out in my mind. I was literally gasping for air by the time it was over, my pussy sore from the intense spasms of orgasm. I write this now with a still tingly pussy.

Ah, how I've missed this feeling!!

I hope everyone has a most joyous and sexually fruitful New Year!