Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Heart Healthy Valentine's Day

I’m still here for those of you who still stop by to check for signs of life. I’ve just not had much of interest to write about lately. The sex drive has once again taken a dive leaving me without any hot stories to relate…real or fantasy. To that end Jay and I have an appointment this week for a consult regarding a vasectomy for him. Our hope is to schedule it as soon as possible after the consult.

This past Valentine’s weekend was a very nice one on several fronts. It began with me running my first 5K of which I am very proud. I’ve never been terribly big on exercise. I’ve always found it tedious and boring only doing it sporadically usually only when I was dieting. I’m very much a girly girl and never did any sports as a child or teenager. I took up running about a year and a half ago just to see what it would be like. I had several friends at work who were constantly talking about how great it was, I passed my neighbor jogging by each morning as I was bored to tears on my guilt induced, “this is good for me" walks, until one day I decided to start jogging and see what happened. The first time I tried it I doubt I even made it half a mile before I had to stop gasping for air like an asthmatic, bent over, and sweating buckets. It put into perspective just how out of shape I was. I walked the remainder of my neighborhood that day.

But there was something about it that drew me to it. I kept getting up each morning, and I kept going out to run. It was so much more interesting and exhilarating than walking. I was very self conscious for the first few months, glad it was dark early in the mornings so no one could really see me that well when they passed by. Over time, as my distance and stamina increased, I grew more and more confident until I was actually going out to run on Saturday mornings in the light of day when people could see me as they passed by because it just felt so good, and I had to do it.

I kept it up as the months passed, but felt like I needed more of a purpose to my running. I had begun to go out there and just go through the motions. I stopped pushing myself to increase my mileage. I reached the point where I could do 2.5 miles with relative ease and stopped trying to push myself any further which had been the thing that motivated me to get out there the most in the first place. It was a game I played with myself…how much further can I go today, each extra half mile or mile feeling like such a victory.

I had had the itch to participate in a real race for a while, but didn’t have the guts to do it all alone until I found a friend at work who also wanted to enter a real race, and also didn’t want to do it alone. So a pact was born. We promised each other we would enter our first race together which happened to be this Valentine’s Day.

We made our commitment to each other in November, and I immediately felt a renewed sense of purpose. I began to push myself to go further and faster. I began to actually record and track my running statistics. By the time we reached the race this weekend I had increased my mileage to 3.5 miles and had improved my time from about a 9.3 minute mile to about an 8.6 minute mile.

There was just one catch which I discovered when my friend and I ran together for the first time a week before the race. She was significantly slower than me! I had feared she would be much faster as she is probably a good 30 lbs thinner than me. However, I found myself having to go at what felt like a snail’s pace to me to stay with her as her heart monitor beeped incessantly at her. My monitor beeps at me too, but I mostly just ignore it, glancing down every now and then to make sure I am not at heart attack level…LOL!! She, however, lives by her monitor never allowing herself to go outside her prescribed zone, thus she is not so speedy.

So a decision had to be made…try my best at my first race and see what kind of time I could bring in, or forgo the competition aspect and stay with my friend. I chose the later as it was the very first time either of us had done this, and I probably would not have had the courage to do it alone. We came in at a respectable 34:05.

I have however, caught the fever. I had an awesome time. I felt so proud of myself…athlete is a word I would NEVER use to describe myself, but there I was with several hundred other athletes in varying degrees of fitness actually running a race. I want to do it again!! My next goal is a 10 K which I never imagined I’d be capable of when I first started this venture. However, I am pleased to report I did 4 miles yesterday morning, and feel quite certain I could struggle through a 10 K right now. However me, being me, I don’t dare sign up for one until I know for certain I can run 6 miles without keeling over and making a fool of myself!! So, I’ve a couple more 5 K’s in the works until I can muster the courage to meet the next milestone. Rest assured I’ll be singing my own praises again when I do it!

Oh, and for those of you waiting for sex to crop up in this post, I say, be patient. Jay and I had a very hot and kinky Valentine evening which I will be narrating for you in the next post.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mimi's Top 10 Hottest of All Time

So I was lying in bed the other night drooling over Jon Bon Jovi, and I began to think of all the famous men I have drooled over in my life. I thought it might be fun to put together my Top 10 List of Hottest Men. Maybe it's one of those things that is only fun for me, but it's my blog and I'll do a Top 10 if I want to...nah, nah, nah. If you're really good maybe I'll do a Top 10 List of Hottest Women too, although I admit that will be harder as I dont swoon over women in the same way I do men, but there are definately women out there who command my attention.

So anyway, here we go...

10. Ben Roethlisberger---For women out there reading this blog who may not know who he is, Ben is the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wonder which team I'll be rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday?! I don't normally go for the jock type, leaning more towards rock stars and bad boy types, but my oh my, Ben is such a BIG boy. I remember the first time I saw him, he had a helmet on and I couldn't even see his face, but I distinctly recall asking my husband, "Who is he?!" because he was so tall and broad shouldered. I looked him up on line and was smitten with the handsome face and dark hair.

9. Chris Isaak---Chris makes the list on the strength of the the song "Wicked Game" alone. Without a doubt the sexiest song ever written. His wavy dark hair, sophisticated good looks, and goofy humor complete the package. He used to have a show on Showtime that hubby and I enjoyed watching. I dont know what ever happened to it, but I do miss it. I recall my then 10 year old son's groans on the way to football practice as Chris' Heart Shaped World was in constant rotation in my CD player!!

8. A Man in Uniform---Specifically, I am attracted to a man in a military uniform. I'm an unabashed liberal and proud of it! Yet, I'm not ashamed to admit that I swoon at the sight of a man in military dress. It can be any type of uniform although admittedly the dress uniforms of the Marines and the Navy qualify as the hottest. There's something about a man in peak physical condition, sworn to risk his life defending mine that makes me want to fuck him!

7. Nicholas Cage--Nick Cage is not your classically handsome sort of man, but something about him makes my panties wet. He's tall, that helps a lot. But more than that, it's his calm, cool, in charge persona that just oozes sex for me.

6. Jim Morrison---Jim reeked of sex from every pore. The way he moved his body, the spark in his eye, the way he curled his upper lip all combined to make me wish I had been alive in the 60's when he was still with us. I can think of no better example of raw, animal sexuality than Jim Morrison. I imagine fucking him would be an incredible spiritual as well as physical experience.

5. Tony Soprano---This one may seem an odd choice to some as James Gandolfini (the actor who portrayed Tony on the HBO series The Sopranos) is not especially physically atractive. However, what Tony possesed that is absolutely intoxicating was power alongside a commanding attitude. I imagine that Tony Soprano would have no problem pining me to a wall, hands wrapped around my neck as he fucked the hell out of me. I imagine he would have no reservations about leaving bruises on my body marking me as his. Tony Soprano is a very dangerous man which leaves me a quivering, wet- pussied mess.

4. Matthew McConaughey---Ah, yes, the wavy hair,the steely blue eyes, the Texas drawl. It really is nearly too much for a girl to bear. I literally gasped the first time I ever saw Matthew in the movie A Time to Kill. The man actually took my breath away. The film was set in the hot steamy Lousiana summer rendering Matthew hot and sweat soaked for most of the movie. I longed to reach out and lick the sweat from his shiny brow. If you dont believe me ladies, have a look at him for yourselves, and tell me he doesn't leave you breathless.

3. Richard Gere---I have been in love with Richard Gere since the tender age of 10 when I snuck around under cover of night to watch American Gigolo while my parents slept. I slept for many years under Richard's watchful eyes with his poster lovingly gracing my wall. The man just keeps getting better with age. He has matured from a cocky, young punk with an aura of danger to a relaxed, spiritually centered, unfailingly gorgeous man.

2. Vince Vaughn---What can be said about Vince...sexy, dark , wavy hair, deep manly voice, a quirky sense of humor, oh and did I mention TALL?! Damn, but I love height in a man more than any other feature, and my man Vince delivers in that department at 6'5"! He just seems to me like the guy next door. I have the sense that if he weren't a famous actor, I'd actually have a chance with him. While I adored Wedding Crashers and my all time favorite, Swingers, I would like to see him in more dramatic roles. I really fell in love with him when I saw the movie A Cool, Dry Place. There's nothing hotter than a single Dad, trust me, I married one!

1. Jon Bon Jovi---Yes, ladies and gentleman, my all time hottest man is none other than Mr. Jon Bon Jovi. My knees go weak at the very mention of his name. It was love at first sight. I still remember exactly where I was the first time I ever heard the song Runaway...sitting at my kitchen table doing homework when the video came on MTV. He is without question... HOT, with that gorgeous smile of his, hard body, tattooed biceps, perfectly shaped butt. Even more than that, however, he seems like such a genuinely nice guy. He's been married to his high school sweetheart for nearly 20 years, never gone to rehab, never been arrested. While I do love the bad boy rock star image, there is also something to be said for the rocker who is a legitimately good guy. One of the best Valentine's Day presents I ever received from Jay was a pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi. They were in town the day before Valentine's Day. I stumbled sleepily downstairs after he had already left for work to find several Valentine's cards left on the kitchen table for me. I chuckled thinking my poor husband had gotten his dates mixed up. I am sure my screams could be heard for miles around when I opened my card to reveal the tickets!! It was a night to remember. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time so I like to tell her she has already been to her first rock concert. I am ashamed to admit that one of my little girl's first phrases at the tender age of 18 months was "Bon Jovi Hot," as she had heard that phrase emanate from her mother's mouth so many times...LOL

So there you have it, my all time Top 10 Hottest Men. Stay tuned for the all time Top 10 Hottest Women if and when I muster the energy to write it.