Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve...

Jay and I are looking forward to a spooktacular evening! I couldn't resist sharing this extremely spooky looking picture he took last night in our bathroom with our daughter's Halloween glow stick..LOL. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

HNT: French Maid

So Jay and I are excited about Halloween night. After taking our daughter trick or treating, she is going to her grandparents, her brother is going to a friend's house and Jay and I are heading off to a Halloween "event." This is not just any event. It is billed as "Erotic Evil," with the overriding theme being BDSM oriented.

Below is the costume I have purchased for the evening's debauchery. Jay will be a "refined gentleman" attired in suit, bow tie and monocle. He plans to affix my collar around my neck and lead his little french maid around by a leash. He also tells me he will be carrying his paddle with him so that he may swat my wayward little ass periodically throughout the evening.

Oohh, I'm so excited just thinking about it. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Present

Daddy presented me with the most wonderful present Saturday night. As you can see in the picture below, it is a tack bra made just for me. For those of you who may not be able to decipher the picture very well, it is a bra with many tacks distributed evenly throughout the cups. I had actually read about such a thing recently and was very turned on by the idea, but didn't have the nerve to actually ask him for such a bizarre thing. He had apparently also had the same idea planted in his head by another source and had been kicking around the idea of making one for me for some time. He admitted that he didn't actually think I would be willing to wear it. He was most decidely mistaken!

He made a trip out Saturday afternoon indicating he needed to procure something for this evening, then spent an inordinate amount of time in his office "preparing" the items he had purchased. I assumed it was something for me and something sexual in nature as our son had plans to spend the night at a friend's which generally means we are free to engage in all manner of spanking and debauchery once our daughter is asleep.

Once I had the little one down, I went to our bedroom where he had an outfit laid out for me...bra, panties and silk robe. For some strange reason, I had a sense/hope that he was making just such an item for me even though we had never had any discussions about our mutual desire for me to wear a tack bra for him. When I saw a brand new bra laid out on the bed, my hopes grew. I literally squealed with delight when I picked it up and confirmed my suspicions.

I carefully strapped it on, and well, it was uncomfortable, but in a very erotic sort of way. The tacks pricked my breasts deliciously. I felt them bite into me as I gingerly moved about.

"You know I'm going to make you wear that all day one of these days." Daddy announced with an evil little smirk on his face.

"Ok," I agreed hesitantly.

The evening continued in a most erotic fashion. Jay was free to spank me as he saw fit... he chose his hand and a paddle this particular evening. He pressed me down into the bed with one hand as he paddled me with the other. I moaned in sheer ectasy as the tacks bit into the delicate flesh of my breasts as he set my ass on fire.

Somewhere in the midst of the session, Daddy paused to snap the picture of my red ass that you see below. The bruise is actually left over from our play session in the closet earlier in the week.

I was such a happy little girl afterwards!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

In the Closet

Last Tuesday Jay messaged me saying simply that I ws to pick out some panties to wear under my PJ's after my shower that evening. I replied back in agreement, and did just as I had been instructed.

After getting the 6 year old in bed, and observing that our son was engaged in video games in his room after completing his homework, I returned to our bedroom and locked the door as I had been directed to do. I found Jay busily arranging rope on the closet door, and knew I was in for a deviant evening.

When his preparations were complete in the closet, he came to me in the bedroom waiting for him in nothing but my black panties. He carefully fastened my ankle and wrist cuffs before leading me into the closet. There, he buckled my collar tightly around my neck before lashing me face first to the door by both collar and wrist cuffs, suspending my arms overhead.

He began with a few slaps to my ass with his bare hand. He soon moved to a more effective tool...the crop. He began with short, soft little slaps giving me time to sink down into that "place." The blows built in intensity, the sharp "crack" of the crop meeting the flesh of my ass growing louder and louder in the tiny closet. I felt myself sinking down into my "happy place" where I would gladly do anything for him if only he would continue to beat me black and blue.

He lowered his pants behind me and began to rub his hard cock against my panties. I pushed back into him with my growing need to be filled.

"You like that? You want that inside you?"

"Yes, Sir," I mewed.

He slapped my ass a few more times before slipping my panties off as he bent down to attach a spreader bar to my ankle cuffs. as he did this he spoke to me,

"Do you know what stuffing is, little girl?"

"No, Sir," I answered apprehensively.

"Well you are going to learn. Daddy's going to teach you," he replied.

I began to grow a bit nervous. I knew he must mean to stuff my pussy with something; it was the not knowing with what that had me worried.

When he had my legs properly restrained and parted, he took my panties in his hand and proceeded to stuff them inside my cunt until they hung there between my spread legs. He then went back to his work on my ass...spanking ever louder and harder.

When the panties eventually fell out of me, he took them and stuffed them into my mouth. The crop continued it's assault on my ass. I moaned with each delicious, stinging blow. My arms grew more and more uncomfortable suspended over my head. I began to squirm about, seeking relief. I complained around the gag of panties in my mouth, hoping he would release me.

"Did you just ask me to let you go?" he bellowed.

I nodded my head silently and mumbled, "Yes, Sir," around the gag.

"I can't fucking believe you just did that," he hissed.

He reached into his bad and I heard a distinctive "click" behind me that I knew almost immediately was a knife being opened. I had expressed my desire for knife play to him several times long ago, but had accepted that it was something he was just too uncomfortable with. I shivered with a mixture of genuine fear and arousal at the thought of a knife in his hands behind me.

He drug the edge of the knife across my burning ass, tracing it over my vulnerable skin. I believed he might have cut me, but was uncertain if it was simply the stinging of my welts I felt.

My breathing grew more labored as my arousal increased. I felt my pussy going slippery with my excitement. He lifted my breast and began to run the blade underneath it. I tried to remain very still to avoid being cut, yet my whole body shook as I snorted air in and out of my nostrils like a spooked horse.

The knife moved to my upper back as he tapped the point of the blade against me. When he had had enough, he jerked my head back by my hair, laid the smooth, cold side of the knifeblade against my throat and whispered against my ear,

"Are you ever going to ask me to let you go again?"

"No, Sir," came my obedient reply.

With that he took mercy on me, removing all my restraints. He had me step back into my panties, wet in places from my mouth.

"I'm going to fuck you in these panties and you're going to eat my cum from them," he asserted.

"Get on your knees," he ordered.

When I had complied, he told me,

"When I open this door, you are to crawl on your hands and knees to the bed. Do you understand?"

I nodded that I did.

He opened the door and I crawled as instructed with him behind me swatting my bottom with the crop as if urging a stupid animal in the right direction.

He directed me up onto the bed (he had been thoughtful enough to light a scented candle giving the bedroom a sexy aura) where he immediately pulled me to him, shoved my panties to the side and began to fuck me.

We fucked furiously, both of us sexually charged with the scene that had just played out in the closet. When he came, it was hot and sticky and messy.

We lay next to each other only for moments before he instructed me to take off the panties. I hesitantly removed my underwear knowing what was coming.

He propped himself up on an elbow and said with an evil gleam in his eye,

"Do it, baby. Eat my cum."

Now I have no problem swallowing cum as it explodes into my mouth. I have no problem holding it in my mouth for a few moments before swallowing, but somehow once it has left the body and landed on another suface to grow cold with dying sperm, it becomes less than desirable to me. Jay knows this since we've had conversations about it in the past. Which is exactly why he asked me to the lick his cum from my panties.

Ever longing to play the game with him, I did as I was told. I brought my underwear to my mouth, stuck out my tongue as he watched and slurped his cum into my mouth. I quickly swallowed lest I gag on the already cooling fluid as my pussy stirred again with the humiliation of the act.

"Good girl," he cooed as he kissed my cheek.

And that's the story of what happened in our closet on Tuesday night!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HNT:Daddy's Treat

I've been looking at this pumpkin on my kitchen table all week, and it struck me this evening that I had to make use of it for a Halloween HNT, and voila...the image before you is what sprang into my smutty, submissive little mind.

Happy HNT trick or treating ...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daddy's Pet

Because I strive to be a good girl, I took the following pictures for Daddy while I was home last Wednesday.

Because I often don't succeed in my quest to be a good girl, I needed to be reminded of my place...leashed to the closet door, naked, on all fours in the bathroom, lapping milk from a bowl like the helpless little pet that I am.

My heart's desire is to have pleased you, Daddy. My secret places grew ever so wet at the reminder of what it means to be your pet.

Love, Your Girl...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fuck My Mouth

I took a much needed mental health day last Wedneday, and it was everything I thought it could be!! I slept in, I drank coffee and read blogs in a leisurely manner, I watched a movie*, I took a nap, oh and I took some photos for Jay that I am excited to share with you soon.

Let's just say I was good and warmed up for Jay by the time the evening rolled around. After proudly presenting my pictures and video to him, I locked the bedroom door. We began to kiss, our tongues delicately dancing in each other's mouth's. His hand went under my shirt to twist my nipples. The shirt and pants soon came off. My nipple went into his mouth, between his teeth.

"Pull it out," he murmured.

I did as I was told and audibly gasped with the sharp sensation of his teeth releasing my nipple.

I laid on my back, suggesting that he might want to fuck my mouth. I was hungry for it. I squirmed around as he mounted me;opened my mouth wide as his cock slid down my throat. He pushed all the way to the back of my throat as my tongue circled the base of his shaft, his pubic hairs tickling my face, his wonderful scent filling my nostrils. He pulled out, and shoved his balls in my face. I licked and sucked them, as he guided my hand down to my ass, shoving my finger in my asshole as he wanted.

And then that wonderful man gripped my hair in his hands, raised my head up by the handful of hair and began to fuck my mouth as I shoved my finger deep into my ass. I sucked and licked trying very hard to please. He rubbed his cock all over my mouth and face as I kissed his inner thighs.

He then lubed his cock up, moved down between my legs, spread them wide with one leg thrown over his shoulder, and stroked himself as he watched me finger my ass while rubbing my clit.

I began to fear I was not going to get a faceful of cum which was my heart's desire this particular evening. So I squirmed down until my face was beneath his cock again, my finger still buried in my ass, my clit growing harder and coated in my own juices. I rubbed it faster and faster, the sound of his cock slipping in and out of his hand right next to my ear sending me into a frenzy of ectasy.

"You're gonna make me cum," I grunted out between clenched teeth just before I began to pulse in orgasm.

He responded by shooting all over my face and hair, hot, sticky and wet. I stuck out my tongue to lick up what I could reach, before turning my head to gently lick his still throbbing cock.

He collapsed beside me on the bed. I reached out to gently take his softening cock in my hand, just holding it, my face still dripping with his cum as we came back down from the high.

Somehow or other cum managed to drip into my eye before I went to clean myself up. Are you aware that cum in the eye stings? Are you further aware that cum in the eye makes one's eye bloodshot for hours? I would recommend avoiding cum in the eye if at all possible...hehehe!

* For anyone who may be interested, the movie I watched was Seven Pounds with Will Smith. I had never heard of this movie until I came across it surfing channels. It is one of those rare gems I always feel so pleased with myself for finding. If you are looking for funny Will Smith or action hero Will Smith, this is not your movie. He gave however, one of the most authentic, moving performances I have ever witnessed. I dont want to reveal too much of the plot as the movie unfolds piece by piece, never revealing the full story until the last 15 minutes or so of the film. I will say it tells the story of a man in despair searching for redemption. I marveled at how he managed to carry such a genuine look of despair on his face for the entire film. It reminded me that acting truely can be an art evoking the full range of human emotions. For anyone who has seen the film, I would love to know what you thought of it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HNT: Wearing Panties

So a few weeks ago Jay ordered me to wear panties to work. I don't normally wear panties at all so this was quite a change for me. As I leaned over the bed to kiss him good bye that morning, I whispered that I had done as he asked, and was wearing panties.

Later that morning I was given my instructions. I was to touch myself through my panties each time I was on the phone. I am on the phone a lot during the least 50% of the time. I spent much of the morning looking furtively around before sliding my hand under my dress and finger my clit through the fabric of my panties. After nearly an entire morning of this, I eventually had to excuse myself to the restroom to satisfy my burning need to cum.

While there I was also instructed to take some photos for Jay. I ended up with this one which I found to be exceptionally hot.

Happy HNT to all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lurkers Unite!

Today is a very special day I am told. Today is the day all those who have been silent so long finally get a voice. I know you're there. You are the one who pops by every few days to scan the latest smut I have offered up, or perhaps you are the one who eagerly awaits each new posting, greedily gulping down every last filthy drop, or maybe, just maybe, you are the one who sits in judgement of the experiences and desires I relate, secretly wishing you had the nerve to be so deviant in your own life. Sadly, very few of you ever tell me what you are thinking and feeling about the words I put on paper, or in this case, computer screen.

Whoever you are, I'd like to hear from you today on this very special, "Love Our Lurkers Day 2009." Tell me why you continue to read, tell me why you choose not to comment, tell me which postings have been your favorites, give me suggestions and ideas for new stories or new real life sexual adventures, say what you've always wanted to say but never took the time to write.

Come on, make a girl feel good, post a comment today

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This week has been a pretty bad one. It was the week before my period was due to arrive. As I have described in previous posts, since going off the pill in the spring, I seem to have some sort of turbo PMS each month, sinking down into some pretty intense depression and anxiety that subsides as soon as my menses arrives each month. This month was no exception. I was pleased with myself that I even managed to drag myself out of bed each day and go to work when my only desire in life was to pull the covers over my head and not see another living soul.

Poor Jay wants to help, wants to solve the problem for me and feels helpless that he cannot. He also feels deeply frustrated that he gets even less sex during this time than normal. We had a pretty intense conversation about it this weekend in which we each tried to express our perceptions, feelings and frustrations. I intend to take some steps to help myself, and help our marriage in the process.

This morning I woke up feeling much different (a trip to the bathroom would later reveal that my friend, Aunt Flo, had officially arrived). I no longer felt the overwhelming urge to bury my head under the covers and cry. I felt much more clear headed, much less burdened, much more human, and deeply aroused by the scent of my husband still sleeping next to me.

I quietly read my book (The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory which is a delicious read so far, if anyone is interested) and let him continue to snooze for a while. When I could stand it no longer, I snuggled up against his back, spooning him, our legs entwined, my fingers interlaced with his. The feeling was pure bliss. I could have stayed in that position all day if not for my burning need for more.

I began to slowly caress his chest, kissing the back of his neck, breathing in his unique scent that has always both comforted and aroused me. He rolled over and I reached down between his legs and began to stroke his hard cock, pressing it against my thigh as I rubbed. His hand found it's way to my erect nipple and began to pinch as I moaned my pleasure.

I rolled over on my side, my cunt engorged with blood, whispering that I wanted him to rub his cock against my ass. We have not engaged in this particular position in quite some time, but it is a huge turn on for me. To spread my ass cheeks for him, feel him stroking his cock behind me, hear his breath in my ear, anxiously awaiting his hot release all over my ass. God, it gets me hot just to think about it.

We did this for some time, his cock and my ass slathered in lube. I fully expected him to stroke himself until he came all over me. I was a bit confused when he got onto is knees, me still on my side, ass cheeks still spread. In an instant I realized what he meant to do. His swollen cock found its way to the entrance of my asshole and slowly pushed in.

I groaned as my asshole stretched to accomodate him. He began to slowly push in and out as I began to sink into subspace like only a good ass fucking can do for me. Not even the most vicious of beatings can take me to the same place as his cock in my ass.

I was soon panting, writhing beneath him in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he pushed in harder and harder.

"Fuck my ass, Daddy," I moaned.

"Oh I have to do as you say. I have to let you fuck me in the ass," I whispered getting myself more and more worked up.

I pulled the pillows over my head and felt my world shrink around me as I became aware of nothing but the sensations coursing through my body, and my complete submission to the man above me.

"Rub your clit," Daddy ordered as he continued thrusting into my ass.

I placed my hand obediently between my legs and gasped, "Oh, I'm so wet Daddy."

And I was. My clit was slick with my juices. My finger circled my hard clit as Daddy fucked me on and on. He bucked against me as we both emitted gutteral sounds into the room. I couldn't help but observe how animalistic it all was...his scent turning me on, his cock thrusting violently into me, taking what it wanted/needed, the non-verbal sounds spilling from each of us.

"Yes Daddy, fill me up. Cum in my ass Daddy," I begged.

His thrusts impossibly increased in violence. He gripped my hips and plunged violently into my ass, eventually spilling his release inside me, pulling out to finish cuming all over my ass.

Need I say, the rest of our day together has been most wonderfully pleasant?!

Friday, October 2, 2009


I got up at my usual 5 am this morning, went for a run, came home, made sure our son was up and getting ready for school, laid him some breakfast out on the table, gave him a hug and told him to have a good day, took my coffee to the bathroom, took a shower, got dressed and was ready to leave for work as is my normal morning routine.

I made my way in the darkness of the bedroom to the side of the bed as usual to kiss Jay good bye. As I kissed him, he guided my hand down to his crotch where I discovered that he was hard as a rock!! I whispered to him that I really wished I could crawl back into bed with him to which he replied, "Kiss it."

God help me, I just couldn't resist a cock that hard!! I pushed the covers back, leaned down and kissed his cock. It was so amazingly hard that I soon had my lips wrapped around the head. My mouth sucked him in, traveling the length of his shaft until I had swallowed him completely. My head was soon bobbing up and down as he moved his hips to meet me, fucking my mouth. In no more than 3 or 4 minutes he was flooding my mouth with his delicious cum.

There was no time for any more than this if I wanted any hope of making it to work on time this morning. So I headed off to work with a very wet, achingly swollen pussy, and one very happy husband. What a way to start a Friday!!