Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early Morning Fuck

Jay and I had sex this morning...just the two of us in the early morning darkness, and it was, well, blissful.

I had laid there with him when my alarm went off debating on whether or not to get up, not really wanting sex, but feeling guilty because I knew he did by the way he was lazily rubbing my back, hips and ass. I eventually got up, dressing for my usual morning run, concerned about getting our son some breakfast before the school bus came by, ignoring Jay's sighs from the bed.

I went downstairs, blearily throwing a frozen sausage and egg croissant into the microwave for my son. One of our dogs was pawing urgently to be let out at the back door. I shuffled over to let her out, and realized it was raining heavily. This of course meant I couldn't go out to run this morning. It meant I had time for alternate activities this morning.

As soon as our son was safely out the door for the bus, I headed back upstairs with about 45 minutes to spare before Jay had to be in the shower and I had to awaken our daughter for the day.

I peeled off my running clothes as I came back into the room, whispering to Jay...

"It's raining outside."

"Hmmm," was the only reply I received.

I slid into bed beside him, settling myself in the crook of his arm, running my hands over his chest, feeling his nipples stiffen which always arouses me. I worked my way a little further south, rubbing his belly, stopping just short of going any further south, teasing.

I turned over onto my back, and he knew what I wanted. He slid his arms around me and began to pinch and twist my nipples. I was soon gasping and arching my back, my pussy throbbed so strongly that it actually hurt. My hand found its way to his erect cock, squeezing and jerking. His hand found its way between my legs, his fingers sinking into my gushing cunt.

He rose up, and I thought he would fuck me now. Instead, he straddled my head, pinning me down at the shoulders and shoved his cock into my mouth. I moaned around his cock, so turned on my whole body was tingling.

He slowly fucked my mouth, pushing his cock all the way in then withdrawing as my moans grew in intensity. The tempo eventually picked up until he was ramming his cock in my mouth, my tongue working furiously around his shaft as I struggled to open my mouth wide to accommodate him, gagging and sputtering as he lost himself in fucking my mouth. I felt his hands on my nipples, twisting, still concerned with my pleasure in the midst of his own. He slid a finger between my splayed legs, finding a river of wetness there.

He soon dismounted my face, at which point I begged,

"Fuck me, baby. I want your cock in me."

He quickly obliged, sinking his rock hard cock into my eager cunt. His thrusts were urgent, both of us at a fever pitch. My fingers flew to my clit as he fucked me, already a hair's width from cumming. A couple of strong thrusts, and I was falling over the edge of the precipice moaning and grunting my pleasure.

Jay roughly guided my hand to his balls where I rubbed and caressed as he fucked with all his might. Soon a harsh command which I knew I could not disobey,

"Put your finger in your asshole."

I did as I was told. I thrust my middle finger into my ass as he pounded me with his cock. Soon, I heard familiar soft moans and knew he was cumming even in the dark.

When it was done, we laid there, naked, spooning, limbs intertwined. I think I repeated several times how hot it had been. Sex at it's finest!


bigd44 said...

Great post, glad to see you will still be slut for your husband! I just read you previus post also, good that you guys found out early that swinging wasn't for you. Keep up the hot posts.

An Artist Exposed said...

Beautifully written.... and a lovely record of a moment.

Anonymous said...

excellent description.
not much beats a wake up fuck.

Anonymous said...

Well now..that certainly got the blood flowing! I loved this, beautifully written!

Anonymous said...

you guys are something else..jay...I hope are not taking mimi's sexual energy for granted.(see my blog and you'll understand)...I would give my left nut to fuck my wife as frequent aa you guys get it on!

Just Call Me Jay said...

I do not want to start a long thread here, but I appreciate your comments Frequently...

I am pretty sure that Mimi would agree when I say I have never taken her for granted... (go check out my blog as I shamelessly promote myself on my wife's blog) On the contrary, I find my wife to be a wonderful beautiful and sexy woman. With that said, I am sure you have read and will at some point read again how I complain about us not having enough sex... Well I could go into that mess, but once again, I am not looking to wrote 10K words on how I get to that issue. The point is, even with the high expectations of my wife, I recognize that I am taken care of very well. And I know from personal experience what it is like going without sex in a marriage is like, as Mimi is my second wife, and my first was as warm as the arctic circle.

So the short of the long here, is no I don't take Mimi for granted; never have and never will... One just never knows what to expect with her.