Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making Daddy Wait-Conclusion

“Did you learn anything while I was gone, pet?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“Just what have you learned, little one?”

“To be a good girl, to obey Daddy no matter what,” she replied dutifully.

"That’s right, sugar,” he crooned as he kissed her cheek, his tongue flicking out to brush across her lips.

“Let’s see if you have indeed learned that lesson,” he mused.

Daddy tenderly removed her restraints, allowed her to sit up, drink some water, stretch her limbs. He had her lie on her tummy, coated her with lavender scented lotion and massaged her sore muscles.

When she was properly relaxed he whispered, “Come with me my pet,” as he led her from the bed to the hotel room’s balcony.

The view was stunning. The bustling city was lit up and humming with life. She could see the hotel pool far below them with a few laughing occupants even at this late hour.

“Show Daddy what you’ve learned now,” he encouraged as he spread her legs and tied each ankle to the balcony railing.

”Bend over, let Daddy see that pretty pussy,” he breathed.

He got down on his knees behind her; she could feel his breath on her as he took in her scent. His tongue ran a wet line from her asshole to her clit as she softly moaned her enjoyment.

“What are you not to do, pet?” he asked.

“Cum, Sir,” she responded.

“That’s right,” he agreed as he stood and stroked his hand lovingly down her back, over the curve of her ass and back up again.

“Daddy will tell you when it’s time to cum,” he informed her.

He wrapped his body around hers from behind, his semi erect cock brushing against her thigh, his hand finding its way to her cunt, his fingers circling her clit.

“Such a sweet, wet little pussy,” he marveled.

“Mmm, Mmmmm,” was all she could get out as he stimulated her needy clit.

He continued to stroke, picking up his tempo as the juices flowed out of her cunt and her breath began to come in ragged gasps. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the railing, determined to obey Daddy’s orders this time, determined not to cum. Just when she began to fear she was losing control when she felt her pussy begin to contract, his hand left her clit.

She felt her ass being spread wide, felt warm lube pouring over it, felt Daddy’s fingers slide into her asshole.

“Does Daddy’s baby like that, hmmmm?”

“Yes, Sir” she grunted out between clinched teeth.

“Maybe you’ll like this even more,” he mused as he slid a toy into her ass, turned it on to vibrate and hum inside her tingling asshole.

Daddy reached around to pinch her nipples, as the toy continued to vibrate inside her.

“Fuck,” she moaned softly.

“Yes, I think she likes that,” Daddy asserted.

She felt his hands on her hips, raising them higher into the air, opening her pussy wide to him. She felt his cock at the entrance of her drenched hole, and cried out with anticipation of what was coming.

He slid slowly inside her, their moans mingling in the night air as he entered. Her pussy felt fuller than it ever had before with the anal plug pressing against it inside her ass. She fought back a scream as he began to thrust inside her.

“Oh fuck, such a wet tight little cunt,” Daddy moaned.

“Look down there, slut, they are watching you get fucked,” he told her.

Her gaze turned to the pool, where a group of swimmers appeared to be looking their way, heads upturned, bodies motionless and still.

Daddy pounded into her with all his might, as she fought for control of her own body.

“Touch yourself,” Daddy ordered her.

Her hand quickly flew to her hard clit, circling in just the right spot.

“You want to cum, don’t you cunt?”

“Yes, Sir” she gasped.

He pounded into her harder still.

“Feels so good getting fucked in the cunt and the ass, doesn’t it?” he prompted.

“Yes, Yes, Yes Sir, it does,” she yelled.

Without a word, Daddy came inside her, running sticky and wet over her cunt, her thighs, and her ass.

He pulled out of her, and she looked around at him, fearful she would not be allowed to cum.

“Don’t stop,” Daddy told her.

She continued to rub her clit, now even wetter with Daddy’s cum.

“That’s it, take yourself there slut,” he encouraged.

She felt his hand on the plug, fucking her ass as she rubbed herself.

“Daddy, Daddy,” she moaned.

With one hard thrust he shoved the toy high into her ass and shouted,

“NOW... do it now, cum you fucking little slut.”

Her body went slack, as she finally released in orgasm, her pussy squirting all over her legs as she pulsed. She cried out her pleasure, long and loud, oblivious of any witnesses.

When her orgasm finally subsided, she collapsed against the railing of the balcony, spent and breathless. Daddy wrapped her in his arms from behind, caressing her sweaty head, moving her tangled curls to one side to kiss the back of her neck, running his hand from her neck, across her breasts, over her belly as he murmured to her,

“That’s Daddy’s good little girl. I love you, my sweet angel,” he whispered.

As she nurtered her soul with Daddy's praise, he untied the rope binding her ankles to the balcony, and led her inside. He took her to the shower where he tenderly bathed her from head to toe, wrapped her in a warm terrycloth robe, and settled her on the bed. He ordered room service for his hungry little girl, and watched her eat with gusto. Then Daddy wrapped her in his arms for a long, peaceful sleep content that his girl had learned a valuable lesson she wouldn't soon forget.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Making Daddy Wait-Part 3

When Daddy’s breathing returned to normal after his animal fucking of her, he pulled her up, removed her clothing until she was completely nude and led her to the bed. He bade her lie down for him as he applied the leather cuffs to wrists and ankles, securing each limb to the bed with black nylon rope. Her pussy was already tingling and wet again with anticipation.

He leaned down to whisper against her ear.

“Did you think I didn’t know that you came, you insolent little slut?” he crooned.

“Did you think I couldn’t feel that tight little pussy squeezing me over and over again?” he accused.

“What a pathetic, undisciplined little cunt you are. You can’t even control your own body,” he berated.

She watched as he got off the bed, and put his clothing back on. He wandered into the bathroom where she heard him relieve himself, heard the water running as he washed up.

He returned to her, leaned over the bed, and whispered again against her ear,

“I’m just going to leave you here to think about that while I get some dinner. When I need to cum again, I’ll be back.”

With that, he walked out of the room and left her there, naked and tied to the bed.

She fought back tears. She had failed her Daddy. He was angry with her. Would he ever return? What if he just left her here for the housekeeping crew to find the next morning? Worse, what if he didn’t love her anymore?

Minutes turned to hours as she waited. Her arms and legs ached, her hungry stomach grumbled, her anxiety increased with every passing minute. Finally, after 3 hours of waiting for him, as she began to doze off in spite of herself, Daddy mercifully returned.

Without a word, he undressed, climbed onto the bed, straddled her head and shoved his cock into her mouth.

“I need to cum again, slut,” he told her.

She worked frantically to please him, to absolve herself of her earlier transgression. She lifted her head, bobbing it up and down as her tongue smoothly circled his shaft. He pulled out of her mouth and presented her with his balls. She ran her tongue over them, spit dangling from her mouth before gently sucking each one into her mouth, kneading and probing with her tongue.

“That’s such a good girl,” Daddy encouraged as he slid his now rock hard cock back into her eager wet little mouth.

Her mouth formed an O around him as he slid to the back of her throat. He began to thrust, shoving himself down her throat as she gagged, eyes watering, but happy to be serving Daddy.

He braced himself against the headboard, thrusting into her open mouth harder and faster, his balls slapping her chin, her spit running out the corners of her mouth as she serviced him, the air around them filled with the sounds of her gagging on Daddy’s cock.

He was unstoppable, plunging into her mouth over and over again until she felt she couldn’t breathe, until her jaw ached, until she was desperate to escape. She attempted to turn her head, squirmed underneath him, helpless and bound.

He placed his knees on her shoulders, grabbed a fistful of hair, pinning her down, as she stared at him wide eyed, mouth full of cock.

“Don’t you move slut until I am finished with you,” he sneered as he fucked her face with all his might.

“You’re….not…done…until…Daddy…cums,” he grunted out between thrusts just as his hot, delicious cum filled her waiting mouth.

She watched as Daddy lost himself in cumming in her mouth. His handsome face went soft, his shoulders relaxed, his breath exited his chest in long moans as she worked her tongue around his head, swallowing every last drop of his precious elixir.

When he was finished using her, he lay beside her, his head nestled on her breasts...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Daddy Wait-Part 2

When safely inside, Daddy roughly bent her over the desk chair her dress riding up over her ass, to reveal the garters holding her stockings up.

SLAP went his palm against her ass. THWACK, CRACK, SLAM as he assaulted her ass over and over again ignoring her cries of pain mixed with pleasure.

“What a disobedient slut I have produced,” he spat.

“What time did I tell you to be here, cunt?” he asked.

“3 o’clock,” she replied in a barely audible whisper.

Daddy shoved her to her knees, clenched her face tightly in his hand and bellowed, “YOU WILL ANSWER ME PROPERLY WHEN ADDRESSED, SLUT”

“3 o’clock, Sir,” she replied in a strong voice.

“And what time did you bother to show up my pet?”

“3:40, Sir. I’m very sorry, I tried…”

“SHUT UP. I don’t need your excuses. I need you to follow Daddy’s directions.”

“Stand up,” he directed.

She stood obediently, and was shoved back over the chair again.

She listened bravely, her body quivering with anticipation as Daddy removed his belt from his pants.

SMACK went the belt against her naked flesh. SLAP, CRACK, THWACK Daddy bore down on her helpless ass over and over again as she moaned with pleasure.

“Does my little girl like that?” Daddy asked.

“I know you do,” he answered for her.

“How do I know that little one?” he asked.

“I…I…don’t know Sir” she replied.

“Because your cunt juices are running all over your stockings,” he told her.

“I wonder if you will like this as much,” he queried as he met her ass with a large black paddle.

The room was filled with the sounds of the paddle meeting her ass as she cried out her pain, her lust, her desire to please Daddy.

When she was trembling and sweating, Daddy got on his knees behind her to caress, to kiss, to soothe her cherry red ass.

Without warning, he stood, grabbed a fistful of her hair snapping her head back as he plunged himself balls deep inside her. Her pussy was wet and willing as he slammed into her over and over again. Her body shook with each violent thrust, her head began to ache as his grip on her hair was unrelenting, still she moaned her pleasure for him.

“You made Daddy wait with this hard cock all day,” he grunted out as he pounded her.

His balls slapped loudly against her as his frenzied fucking continued. She wanted badly to touch her swollen little clit as he fucked her.

“May I touch myself, Daddy?”

“You may touch, but no cumming pet,” he responded.

She was afraid this would be part of her punishment. She didn’t think she could hold back so she simply didn’t touch at all.

“I said rub that clit but don’t cum, you stupid bitch,” he spat out.

She obediently moved a hand to her aching clit, rubbing slowly, willing herself not to cum. As if it possessed a will of its own, her finger picked up it’s pace against her drench little clit. Before she could stop herself, she was there, falling over the edge of the abyss, cumming despite Daddy’s directions. She knew enough not to moan, to breath as shallowly as possible, to let the wave wash over her in silence in the hope he wouldn’t know, wouldn’t feel the spasms around his cock.

He fucked her even harder, her tits swinging free, banging painfully against the chair. She winced as both hands gripped her hips now still tender from his spanking.

“Fuck but you have such a tight little pussy,” he moaned just before she felt him empty inside her, hot and sticky, filling her until his cum was running down her legs. He let his body fall over hers in exhaustion, stroking her hair, telling her what a good little girl she was, how good she made Daddy feel.

He was far from done with her however…

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Daddy Wait-Part 1

So I have spent the better part of two weeks working on this little tale for you during my lunch hour (pretty much the only time I have to myself completely uninterrupted). It's origin comes from a favorite little fantasy of mine that I have trotted out over and over again while working my pussy into orgasmic delights. The fantasy is very simple...he pulls me roughly into a hotel room, without a word bends me over a chair, pulls my dress up over my ass, and spanks me for making him wait for me. He rubs his hard cock against my ass, telling me how angry he is that I left him waiting with a hard cock all day. He fucks me, hard and fast and well.

From that basic little fantasy grew the following tale. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is fairly long so I imagine there will be 3 or 4 installments.

She was late; Daddy did not tolerate being made to wait. She licked her lips nervously and squirmed against the hot leather seats of the car as she raced to him, wondering what he would do to her when she got there. Her pussy swelled at the thought as her hands began to shake.

Thirty minutes earlier she had been sitting in a staff meeting at work desperately trying to devise an excuse to leave before the meeting was concluded. Her only thought was Daddy, and her desperate desire not to disappoint him. Because she had not been clever enough to come up with a plan, she was resigned to accept whatever discipline Daddy felt necessary to prevent future disobedience.

She made a quick stop at a gas station to change into the clothing Daddy had directed her to wear for him…black vinyl dress, stocking and garters, black patent leather heels, no panties, no bra. Her nipple clamps were obediently in place for him, rubbing maddeningly against her dress as the chain swayed back and forth between her aching breasts. She quickly rushed back to her car to continue her journey to Daddy.

She pushed the car harder and harder as she raced to Daddy…60, 70, 80 miles per hour. Sweat began to break out on her upper lip as she pulled into the parking lot of the posh hotel. She parked, quickly applied a last coat of lip gloss, arranged her hair one last time for him, swung her legs out of the car, and began the long walk to the hotel entrance.

Just as she approached the door, he pounced on her, partially hidden behind a decorative statue. He grabbed her tightly by the arm and shoved her against the wall.

“You’re late you little slut,” he snarled.

“I’m so sorry Daddy, I tried…”

“Shut up. You’ve kept me waiting for over 30 minutes. What have I told you about making Daddy wait?”

“Never to do it,” she whispered.

“Come with me now, my pet.”

His hand remained painfully locked around her arm as they walked through the elegant hotel lobby to the elevators. When a car arrived for them, he shoved her inside face against the wall of the elevator. He came up behind her, rubbing her ass through the fabric of her dress.

“You know Daddy has to make you pay for this, don’t you, pet?” he whispered into her hair.

“Yes Sir,” she agreed.

“Let’s begin right here,” he announced.

He pulled the straps of her dress down to reveal her breasts, nipple clamps still tightly applied. He wrapped his fingers around the chain swaying between her breasts and yanked until a small scream escaped her lips.

“Does Daddy’s pet like that?” he questioned.

“Yes, Sir. More please,” she replied.

“All in good time little one,” he promised.

“Turn around, lift your hair, let Daddy put your collar on,” he ordered as he held collar and leash in his hands.

She stared at him a moment, blinking. Here? He meant to put the collar and leash on her in the elevator? Color rose to her cheeks as she felt the sting of humiliation grow within her.

“I told you to do something SLUT,” he roared at her as he gave each tit a hard slap.

She quickly complied, turning around to lift her long, wavy hair as Daddy locked her collar around her neck; turning back around as he attached the leash to the O ring on the front.

“Be a good girl now and Daddy will let you cover yourself until we get to my room,” he said as he gently pulled her dress straps up to cover her breasts.

When the elevator doors swished open, Daddy led her out by her leash. Her cheeks flamed with color as she followed him, head lowered in a mixture of shame and obedience while her pussy betrayed her as it began to run down the insides of her thighs.

She heard someone approaching them down the hall, her head snapped up instinctively to catch the curious eyes of a young bell boy.

With a vicious yank on the leash, Daddy snarled, “Put your head down, slut,” as her neck cracked and her head fell forward.

“Do you like what you see?” he inquired of the confused boy who simply stood there uncertainly in the middle of the hall.

“Let me show you a little more, shall I?” Daddy offered as he pulled the top of her dress down to reveal her breasts, nipples hard, chain dangling between them.

“Would you like to touch her?” Daddy asked the boy.

He responded with a furtive glance around him and a slight nod of the head.

“Go ahead, touch her breasts.”

The boy approached her, her head remained lowered as he placed a trembling hand on her breast and gently squeezed.

“Kiss them,” Daddy whispered.

She let out a small moan as the boy lowered his lips to her nipple, flicked his tongue over it, and kissed her breast.

“That will be enough. Thank you for playing along,” Daddy declared as he opened the hotel room door, shoved her inside and closed the door in the bell boy’s blissful face.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

His Scent All Around Me

Jay returned from dropping the little one off at daycare this morning, and fucked me before I went to work.

He had me kneel before him in my panties, and suck his cock. His cock was so wonderfully hard, his balls warm and tight in my hands. I sucked and kissed, kneaded and licked mindful not to mess up my already made up face. Daddy placed his hand on my head, moaning as he shoved me further down his shaft.

Next he positioned his head between my legs, pulled my panties to the side and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue expertly licked my clit as his finger worked in and out my wet hole. After several minutes of building intensity, his tongue found the right "spot" with just the right tempo. I grabbed his head moaning, "Yes, Yes. I want to cum. Make me cum Daddy." I was loud about it too, reveling in the fact that there were no children in house!! Seconds later, I felt myself tumbling over the abyss, my pussy pulsing in orgasm as he continued to gently lick until the spasms subsided.

Daddy was soon on his knees between my legs shoving my panties out of his way as his cock entered me. My back arched, my breath exited my body in a gasp as he pushed his way inside. He felt so damn good as he began to thrust into my cunt. My hips were soon moving in rhythm with him, my hands squeezing his rock hard thighs as I urged, "Harder, yes, fuck me harder, Daddy," at the top of my lungs ( no kids in the house, remember?!). My hands flew out to the side, clutching the sheets as he pounded into me harder and harder, my body bouncing with each thrust. He came just inside my pussy, pulling out towards the end to spill a little onto my tummy.

Afterwards, he neatly pulled my panties back over my pussy and directed me to keep them on. I dressed, enjoying the dampness that was his cum inside my panties, and went on my way to work ( 30 minutes late, I might add, but well worth it!). I spent the remainder of the day turned on with his cum leaking into my panties, his scent all around me. The panties fittingly enough sported a naughty little bunny on them with the phrase, "No one ever suspects me."

On a completely different note...I generally try to keep the material of this blog limited to my sex life. However,I have just completed my Tivo'd viewing of President Obama's Inauguration which moved me to tears. I am inspired with hope for our nation and our world. I am overwhelmingly proud to be an American today. I hope you are too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's NOT All in My Head

As a few of you may be aware, my main motivation for beginning this little blog last year was the desire to help jump start my ailing sex drive. The past several years have seen a sharp decline in my normally voracious sexual appetite causing much pain and confusion for both Jay and myself. Nothing we tried, from this blog to reading books to our "swinging" adventures seemed to make any lasting difference. My drive would seem to increase for a bit, then sickeningly fall off again. On the whole I chalked it up to the stress, anxiety and never ending treadmill of raising two children, dealing with financial difficulties, running a household and working a full time job.

I resolved, however that I would discuss the issue with my OB/Gyn at my next annual exam which just happened to have come around again at the end of the year. She explained that the female sex drive is driven by testosterone just like the male sex drive albeit in much smaller amounts. Birth control pills are known culprits for decreasing testosterone levels for women. Add that to the fact that the levels tend to naturally decrease as a women reaches her 40's (I'm almost there at 38) and there is the possibility my drive could be suffering from lowered testosterone levels. She explained that she could draw some blood to test my testosterone levels, but that it wasn't an exact science...what seems low in some women may actually be normal for them and vice versa. She also went on to suggest the usual remedy of books about how to boost the sex drive as these are often just as effective.

So I let her draw my blood and kind of put the whole thing out of my mind as I figured the levels would come back normal and I would be back to square's all in my head, the pressure's on me to change whatever "wrong" thinking and behaviors I am engaging in if I want my sex drive back.

Well, guess what? My doctor called today with the results of the blood test and it would appear my testoserone levels ARE significantly lowered. I'm not a TOTAL head case. There is a sound medical reason why I may be suffering from a lowered drive.

While this was not technically "good" news,in many ways it was for me. I felt a great sense of relief. Its not all my fault. There is suddenly this new avenue to explore for restoring my formerly endless sex drive.

My options as I undserstand them seem to be: A) Stop taking birth control pills and find a different means of contraception, B) Switch to a different birth control pill until we find one that has less effect on my tetosterone levels, or C) Begin testosterone supplements.

I'm not so keen on switching from birth control pill to birth control pill in search of one that may or may not have the effects I am seeking. I am absolutely NOT interested in testosterone supplements that have the potential risk for "masculine" side effects no matter how small those risks may be.

This leaves going off the pill as the option that seems best for me. Jay readily offered up that he would get "snipped" as soon as I explained my results and my options to him. The poor man is ready and willing to endure a little pain in his scrotum if it means he is going to get laid more often, his wife is actually going to enjoy it and just feel happier in general!! In my defense however, even at my worst we still managed to average sex at least once a there!

I'll keep you posted on what we decide. Sex has been great lately so I am doubting that I need to change anything, however I know from past experience that it tends to go up and down, down being the general norm over the past several years.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Joys of Bottoming

Ever since this little interlude with Jay, coupled with this interlude before it, I have found myself more and more receptive to the joys of anal play. I have never been a particular fan of anal sex, not because I found it to be taboo or dirty or shameful, but more because I simply did not enjoy the physical sensations of the act. I did, however, engage in it with Jay on occasion when I was feeling particularly submissive. The pleasure in the act for me was not physical at all, but rather mental. I loved the feeling of utter helplessness it gave me, as well as the dominance it brought out in Jay. My mind would go into another space altogether when I offered him this rare delight. I felt wholly submitted, inescapably helpless, and thoroughly dominated.

Things have changed slightly since with our last few sessions of anal play…namely in that I have begun to find some physical pleasure in the act as well. It is a moment frozen in time for me…Jay’s insertion of a small vibrator into my ass which actually felt good, followed by the incredible moment when I realized he was going to enter my pussy as the vibrator fucked my ass leading to a moment of bliss I simply cannot convey with words.

Our fun with anal play continues to evolve. Take this past Sunday morning for example. After safely settling the little one downstairs with cartoons and a morning snack, I returned to lounge in bed with Jay just a bit longer before getting up to prepare for church. He began to lazily run his hands over the front of my body as I lay on my back, caressing my breasts, my stomach, the triangle of hair between my legs. I turned over, my back to his front and shoved my ass towards him. Something I have always found highly arousing is to feel Jay stroking his cock against my ass, or even better to open my ass cheeks to accept a hot load of cum between them. This is what I was going for this particular morning.

I enjoyed the sound and feel of him stroking his cock against my ass until I was good and wet. I moved my hands down to my ass, spread my cheeks and whispered, “Come on my ass, baby.” I grew wetter just with the utterance of those words. I found myself inserting a finger high into my ass for him, knowing he could feel what I was doing as our hands were bumping into each other as he continued to stroke. He stopped for a moment, rummaged around in the nightstand drawer and tossed me my rabbit vibrator. He came back to rest behind me, resuming his stroking. I lay on my side against him, one leg bent in front of me, a finger once again inside my asshole, the rabbit shoved up my cunt. It felt so amazing. I began to fuck my ass with my finger my moans coming faster.

The next thing I knew, Jay was on his knees behind me as I remained in position on my side. He lubed his cock up followed by my asshole then began to shove himself inside me. I couldn’t see how he was ever going to make it inside from this position. The angle seemed wrong, my asshole seemed too tightly closed. I soon discovered it was not only possible, but pleasurable. The head of his cock managed to pop its way inside my ass. As soon as it did, I attempted to shove the rabbit back into my pussy only to discover it was simply too tight at that angle, Jay’s cock popped back out of me. I quickly abandoned the rabbit in favor of my fingers as Jay reinserted his cock inside my ass.

He began to move inside me, slowly at first, my fingers keeping rhythm with him inside my cunt. I grew more and more excited, my pussy literally dripping now, my breath coming in ragged gasps, my ass pushing back to meet him. He picked up his pace as the fingers of my other hand found their way to my clit. I stroked as he fucked my ass…hard. The pleasure built and built until we both dissolved in moans as orgasm washed over us. God, I love to feel his cum leaking out of my ass when we are done. Something about it is so hot.

Throughout the rest of the day, Jay would randomly say to me, “I am thinking about this morning, baby and it’s making me hard again.” Jay seems completely mesmerized by my new enjoyment of anal play. He walks around with this idiotic grin on his face as if he’s just won a million dollars! I am so glad to be able to put that look on my husband’s face.

Sex is good for us at the moment, here’s hoping it will remain so and not be inexplicably, heartbreakingly lost to me again, vanishing like a thief in the night

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Best Sex of My Life

Yesterday evening, Jay and I lay, as usual, on our bed, dazed and tired after a long day. We lazily watched TV for a while until I turned to him and began planting small kisses along his face as I pressed my body along his.

He got up to lock the door, announcing, "Since you are in such an obedient mood tonight, let' s see what fun we can have."

He walked over to the nightstand to retrieve the leather cuffs (A Christmas present with which we have had much fun!) as I lay face down on the bed, waiting.

He approached me, telling me to kneel on my knees on the bed. He lifted my shirt over my head, leaving me naked from the waist up. He then moved my hair to the side to attach my collar snugly around my neck, the O ring facing towards the back. He then applied the leather cuffs to each wrist, threaded a rope through them, binding my arms tightly behind my back, then looped the rope through the O ring at my neck. This caused my arms to be raised uncomfortably to the middle of my back, and the collar to press even more tightly against my throat, nearly choking me. It was at this point that my pussy began to gush. I drew in a careful breath, anxiously testing whether or not I could still draw air into my lungs. When I had satisfied myself that I could indeed still breath, I relaxed just a little, until I was shoved down face first onto the bed.

I felt his hands on my bottom, tugging my pants down just below my ass crack. Then, the ever present bamboo cane (another recent addition to our toy box courtesy of Christmas glee) lightly stinging my flesh. The pants were soon pulled off altogether so that a more thorough spanking via cane and hand could be handed out, although sadly not as thoroughly as either of us would have liked due to the presence of the children ( our daughter asleep in her room, and our son downstairs playing video games). I felt his stiff cock between my feet, and began to stroke him. My toes worked up and down his shaft seeking to please him.

When Sir had tired of spanking me, he bade me get back onto my knees. He watched as I struggled to right myself onto my knees without the aid of my arms and hands. When I had finally complied with his wish, I felt his stiff cock against my naked ass. He was stroking himself against me which always drives me nuts.

"You like that, slut?" he whispered into my hair.

"Yes, Sir" I breathed.

"Good girl." he cooed.

He began to undo my bindings at this point, and I was confused. I was not nearly ready for the game to end, nor was Sir I was delighted to discover. He repostioned my bindings such that my hands were now bound in front of me, the rope snaking up between my legs against my wet pussy to be tied again to the O ring at the back of my neck.

"Does that feel good, slut?"

"Yes," I answered as I rubbed my pussy over the rope.

Again I was shoved face first onto the bed. Again the bamboo cane met my ass, the bottoms of my feet, my thighs.

"Yes, that's it. Yes, Sir. Spank me. I'm such a bad girl" I sighed in delight.

"Shut up," Sir commanded.

The blows came faster, sharper as I ground my face into the bed doing my best to take my punishment in silence like a good girl.

He ordered me back up again, this time helping me by tugging on the back of my hair. Again I felt his cock being stroked against my ass. This time I could feel that the head was sticky with his excitement.

I reached down to rub my clit, soaking wet.

"Did I say you could do that, slut?"

"No, Sir."

I received a pop of my ass for my insolence. Again I was shoved down on the bed just before he walked over to rummage in the nightstand drawer again. When he returned I was ordered to get on my knees, in the doggie position.

The rope was moved out of the way between my legs as lube was poured onto my already slick cunt and ass. Fingers were against my asshole, rubbing, massaging, kneading just before a toy was slid inside.

I am normally not one much for anal play however, whatever was in my ass at this moment felt really, really good.

"Push back against me," he whispered.

I did as I was told, and felt the toy slid further in as I moaned my pleasure.

I felt him moving, postioning himself. Oh dear God, could it be, was he about to slide inside my pussy while this toy was in my ass? I felt my cunt swell and pulse as he entered me. This felt like heaven.

He began to thrust, slowly at first building up the pleasure. My hands moved to my clit with a will of their own. I slid my fingers down to my cunt to wet them, feeling Sir's cock pouding in and out before bringing them back up to circle my clit. I pushed back against him as his thrusts grew stronger. The sensations in my cunt and ass unlike any I had ever experienced before. My conciousness narrowed to a pinpoint. I was nothing but a cunt and an ass at this point. I rushed towards orgasm like a freight train, stifling my cries against the mattress as my pussy and ass pulsed and pulsed in orgasm drawing Jay's own orgasm along with me.

And now, you have witnessed the best sex of my life. Last night at the age of 38 I enjoyed the best sex of my entire life right in my own bedroom with my very own husband!!