Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Belated Valentine's Celebration

Jay and I observed Valentine's Day this past weekend rather than on Valentine's weekend for a very good reason. I had planned to run my very fist 10K on Saturday the 13th, however we ended up with about 3 or 4" of snow here in Hotlanta that weekend which pretty much paralyzed the city. I know, I know we're babies if you live up North, but we Southerners just don't deal well with snow, ok ya'll!! They did end up having the race but I kept getting emails pushing back the start time until I finally just decided not to bother trying to get there with the poor road conditions and all. I hope to perhaps complete a 10K this Spring and plan to run the famed Peachtree Road race this July 4th.

Be that as it may, this was the reason Jay and I decided to postpone our Valentine plans until this past weekend. It was worth the wait!!! Below you can see a photo of the gift I presented to Jay. For those having trouble discerning just what it is, let me describe. What you see there is a ball gag made of a candy jawbreaker...yummy. However, as I have been told by EVERY dentist I have ever seen, I have a very small mouth. This jawbreaker is absolutely too big to even come close to fitting into my mouth at the moment. I have been given the task by Jay of sucking and licking it down until it can fit into my tiny little mouth. We can't wait to put it to good use.

My Jay was quivering with excitment all week over his gift for me as you see pictured below. It is a quality, leather flogger which we have wanted to add to our collection for some time. Cost has been our big hurdle as quality products of this nature are quite expensive. Jay did a good deal of research on line and found himself a good, leather flogger at a price we could live with.

I squealed with delight when I first opened it, then stared wide eyed at it in anticipatory dread of how it might feel on my bottom. We had quite a good session trying out our new toy where I was surprised to discover the flogger looked much more menacing than it felt. As this particular flogger has 32 falls, it has a duller, thudding effect as it hits it's mark while a flogger of fewer falls would have a more stinging type of effect. This is quite a hefty tool to wield and Jay found himself getting quite the work out as he worked me over. We both would like to further research the potential for instruction from those more experienced in the BDSM world on learning to handle such a tool well. In any event,I told Jay he should flog me harder next time!

After our play session which ended with some wonderful sex, Jay and I went out for dinner at one of our very favorite restaurants. He instructed me to insert my rosebud which I received for Christmas that you can see below. I left the house with this little jewel firmly inserted into my ass. I was keenly aware of it all evening long. My mind continued to wonder to how full I would feel when we returned home and he fucked me with the rosebud still shoved inside me. That is, of course, exactly what we did later that evening complete with loud moans and groans of ectasy as we were fortunate enough to have a child free home for the evening.

All in all, it was a hot, kinky Valentine's Day 2010 celebration!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interviewing Katy, Conclusion

I'm happy to give you the rest of my Katy Perry fantasy this morning. I hope my readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

With that Katy beckoned the cameraman over to them as both girls stripped down to their panties.

Both girls kneeled in front of him, helping him to unfasten his belt, unbutton his pants and pull them down to his ankles. His cock bobbed free in front of him.

The girls licked their lips as they took it in. Katy reached out to take it in her hand, squeeze it, and watch the precum glisten on the tip. She turned to kiss the reporter as she began to pump the cameraman’s cock in her hand.

The young reporter soon leaned over to suck her cameraman’s cock into her mouth. She sucked the head before running her tongue along the underside of the shaft as he shuddered with pleasure.

Katy reached down to squeeze the girl’s swaying breasts as she worked her mouth up and down the cameraman’s cock. When she tired, the girl came up for air, stroking the cameraman’s cock as Katy’s tongue entered her mouth again.

Katy took over for the reporter, working the cameraman’s cock to the back of her throat and gagging as he pumped in and out. Both the reporter and cameraman derived great pleasure from the sight of Katy’s heavy breasts swaying back and forth as she allowed her mouth to be fucked.

As the cameraman became unbearably excited, Katy allowed him to slip free of her mouth, both girl’s eagerly awaiting his gift. They kneeled before him, tongues dancing together at the tip of his cock as he stroked himself. The first spurts of cum landed on Katy’s beautiful breasts before he aimed the rest of his offering at the girl’s lips and face.

Katy leaned over to lick the sticky cum from the girl’s lips as wetness began to trickle down the inside of the girl’s thighs. The girl soon had Katy bent over the judge’s desk as she bent down to lick her cameraman’s cum from her firm, round tits. The girl’s hand found its way between Katy’s legs to her wet, little cunt. She slid a finger inside as Katy moaned her pleasure.

The reporter kissed and licked her way to Katy’s warm, inviting sex. She breathed in the scent of her arousal before licking her pussy up one side of each pink, wet lip. Katy gasped and shoved the girl’s head into her crotch. Her tongue soon found it‘s way to the hard nub of her clit as she fucked her hole with her finger. Moisture began to drip into Katy’s tight little ass cheeks as her arousal mounted.

The cameraman stroked his rock hard cock as he took in the sights before him…Katy splayed out on the judge’s desk, her legs thrown over the reporter’s shoulders as her head moved expertly between Katy’s legs. Katy squeezed and kneaded her own magnificent breasts as she moaned for more from the girl. It was all the cameraman could do not to blow again right there in his own hand.

Katy’s moans soon increased in intensity as the reporter circled her tongue ever more urgently around her engorged clit. She felt a rush of cum along her fingers, and Katy began to scream as her cunt clamped down in orgasm around the girl’s finger. Katy reached down and crushed the girl’s face to her pussy, as her body tensed and released with orgasmic pleasure.

When Katy’s orgasm had subsided, the reporter turned to her cameraman and kissed him long and slow, pulling back to whisper, “Doesn’t she taste wonderful?”

“Mmmmmm, just like honey,” came his husky reply.

The reporter reached out, took his cock in her hand and led him to Katy lying prostrate on the judge’s table. She guided his cock to her still slippery hole, and watched as he slid inside with a grunt as Katy squealed with pleasure.

The reporter sucked Katy’s breast into her mouth, her finger deftly circling Katy’s clit as the cameraman fucked her tight hole.

“Does that feel good, baby?” the girl moaned into Katy’s mouth.

“God, yes. His cock is so big,” she whispered.

“Fuck her harder,” the reporter directed her cameraman.

He fucked her until the judge’s desk shook with his efforts, Katy’s tiny body bouncing up and down against the desk as she writhed and moaned.

“That’s it honey. Let it go…cum on his cock,” the girl encouraged as Katy’s head lolled back, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

The cameraman soon threw his head back and groaned, “Oh fuck, I can feel her cumming,” as he released himself inside her while she pulsed around his shaft.

When the orgasms subsided, they all collapsed in a sweaty heap on the judge’s table giggling and a little embarrassed about what they had just done and where they had done it.

When they were all properly dressed once again, Katy shook the young reporter’s hand, and thanked her for the most stimulating interview she had ever been a part of.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daddy's Dirty Girl

My cell phone vibrated softly on my desk at work with this message from Jay:

"What I want you to do is go into your new bathroom (I just moved offices at work and I have my own little bathroom now)strip...get on your knees facing the toilet and finger yourself and take some pics with your phone...I want to see your head on the toilet and your finger in your little cunt and ass...and tonight you will post the pic on your blog. Now send me some pics my slutty little girl"

I raced to the bathroom as soon as I could get away to do Daddy's bidding. My pussy pulsed and grew dripping wet as I knelt naked in front of the toilet on the cold tile floor to snap a few pics as I heard business going on as usual outside the bathroom door.

Below is a pic posted just as Daddy directed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interviewing Katy, Part 1

As I promised last week,or maybe it was the week before...hell, I dont know, all my weeks run together lately...I have completed a story starring my dear little Katy Perry. Thank you to that certain someone who got this idea floating about in my head as we traded hot emails. I most certainly hope I am not committing any sort of legal offense by writing a piece of fiction about an actual celebrity. If I am I'm sure I'm soon about to find out!

The young reporter pumped her fist in the air as she wrapped up her first interview with a major celebrity after two years of slogging through debutant balls and charity fundraisers. She was both proud of her work and star struck as she found herself interviewing the American Idol panel of judges as they made a stop in Atlanta. The guest judge had been none other than Ms. Katy Perry who was the last judge remaining in the room with the reporter and her cameraman as the shoot wrapped up.

Katy was a bubbly girl who seemed in no hurry to leave while the young reporter’s cameraman packed up their equipment. Katy chatted her up about how she became interested in journalism, where she went to college, music, and fashion. The girl couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering to Katy’s chest as they chatted both admiring and envious of her ample breasts. Katy met the girl’s gaze with a playful gleam in her eyes.

“Do you like them?” she asked as she cupped her breasts in her hands.

The girl blushed unable to look at Katy as she murmured,

“Yes, they’re very nice.”

“They are, aren’t they? They’ve opened a lot of doors for me. Would you like to see them?” she asked as she pointedly looked the reporter in the eye.

The cameraman ceased his packing up routine to watch the scene playing out before him.

“Well, ummmm, I……I…” the girl stammered.

“How about you, would you like to see my breasts?” she inquired of the cameraman.

“Well, I certainly couldn’t turn down such a generous offer from such a beautiful woman,” he artfully replied.

“You are the charmer, aren’t you?” she giggled as she unbuttoned her blouse, and removed her pink satin bra to reveal the most magnificent set of breasts God has ever bestowed upon a woman.

The reporter couldn’t help but gasp as she took them in. They were round, firm, milky white with erect pink nipples.

Katy sauntered over to her and whispered, “Go ahead, you can touch them. I know you want it.”

The reporter hesitantly stood and lifted her hands to Katy’s breasts. She gently took them in each hand, carefully kneading them between her fingers as Katy murmured her approval.

The cameraman stood quietly in the background, his erection steadily growing in his pants, fearful of making a sound lest the girls remember his presence and kick him out.

Katy placed her hand under the girl’s chin, lifted her head, and brought her lips to within an inch of the girl’s. They hovered there a moment as the cameraman reached down to rub his aching crotch. The girl could feel Katy’s sweet breath entering her mouth moments before their lips met. Her lips were full, soft and warm. Her tongue gently swirled inside the girl’s mouth as the girl began to roll Katy’s nipple between her fingers. Katy moaned her approval as she ran her fingers through the girl’s dark, curly hair.

Katy passionately helped the reporter remove her own top and bra before they embraced again, breasts pressed tightly together as they continued to kiss.

“I think we are neglecting someone,” Katy announced as she glanced over at the cameraman whose erection was nearly splitting his pants.

“Shall we ask him to join us?” Katy asked her new friend.

“Yes, let’s,” came the girl’s reply...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bend Over and Take Your Punishment

I found this picture the other day, and it brought back fond memories of mine and Jay's weekend getaway to the beach last summer. He tried out a fairly new spanking instrument on me...the dreaded cane. Damn, but that thing smarts! Here you'll see my bottom after Jay's loving discipline.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Snippet of Sex

Last night as Jay hovered above me, thrusting in and out of my tingling, post orgasmic pussy, he leaned over, pinned my arms down with his, and as I struggled in vain against his vastly superior strength, he whispered in my ear that he wanted to watch others jack off all over me. "I want to fuck you with cum all over your neck," he growled at me.

Damn, but that was hot! I've been thinking about it all day.