Wednesday, July 30, 2008

She's Been a Naughty School Girl

I so love the games Jay and I play. Another Happy HNT everyone!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deliciously Inappropriate Attraction

I've got a crush...on my husband's doctor. As some of you may know, my dear hubby had surgery on his shoulder a couple weeks ago. Prior to this surgery, I met his orthopedic physician exactly once. Before we went in for the appointment, Jay told me that I would like Dr M. "He's just your type, baby" he informed me.

He wasn't wrong. Dr. M is in his mid to late 30's, tall, broad shouldered, atheletic, dark haired, and well dressed. Throw in that he's a really nice guy, and I was smitten. I agreed with Jay after the appointment in May that he was right, and I did find Dr. M very attractive. I really didn't think too terribly much about it after that other than to make the occasional joke with Jay.

During Jay's surgery I have had more contact with Dr. M...he came in briefly to see us before the surgery, I met with him immediately afterwards to be informed how the procedure went, and I drove Jay to his follow up apointment last Thursday.

I am now helpless to get Dr. M out of my mind. The day of the follow up appointment last week, I purposely chose a short, flouncy dress that accentuates my figure well. I was cursing myself that my most sexy "work" dress was at the cleaners. As he was speaking with Jay regarding his wrecked shoulder, and what he did to repair it, I was watching him, pressing my legs together thinking how hot he is. Of course, I am far too shy to actually make an attempt to let him know just what I think of him.

Instead, I entertain myself with dirty fantasies... thoughts of scheduling an appointment with him to take a look at my "trick" knee. Dr. M and I alone together in his exam room as he examines my knee. My legs spread just wide enough to allow him a peek up my dress.

"Does this hurt?" he queries as he squeezes the knee.

"Yes," I answer breathlessly.

"How about this?" he probes as his hand slides just under my dress, pressing against the soft flesh of my inner thigh.

"Yes," I reply.

"How does this feel?" as he slips a finger just inside my cunt.

"Mmmmm," is the only reply I can manage.

"Let's have a look at your chest," he asserts as he pulls my dress down around my waist, and removes my bra. He rolls my nipples around between his fingers causing me to close my eyes and moan.

As I sit there on his exam table, my legs spread, he lowers his head to my chest and sucks a nipple into his mouth. I take his head in my hands and pull him to my face. He kisses me, his tongue filling my mouth, his lips so full and soft. I wrap my legs around him and feel his hard cock against my thigh.

"I want you so much," I breath into his mouth.

I'm on my knees now, Dr. M towering above me as I unzip his pants and take his cock in my hand. I look up to see him watching me, as I slowly swallow his entire length. I gently squeeze his balls with one hand, as I suck and twist his his cock with the other.

"Fuck , fuck," I hear him murmur as he revels in what a good little cock sucker I am.

His sweet precum begins to roll down the back of my throat. My legs are spread as I kneel before him, fingering my wet clit, as he wraps his fingers in my hair and thrusts his hips at me.

Suddenly, he pulls me up by the hair, bends me over the exam table, shoves my dress up around my hips and buries his fat cock inside me. He grabs me at the hips and thrusts in and out of me, my body bouncing off the exam table with the force of his blows.

Suddenly, a knock at the door.

" Dr. M. Your next apointment is here," calls the nurse.

"I'll be with you shortly," he grits out between clinched teeth before returning to the matter of pounding me for all he's worth.

I reach down to finger my clit as he thrusts.

He grabs me by the hair, pulls me violently backward, whispering, "You're such a hot, little fuck."

"Yes, finger that hard little clit for me. Cum all over my cock, baby."

He continues to thrust, my hair in his hands, my upper body bouncing back and forth against the table, my breasts jiggling up and down.

The room is filled with our muted moans.

He hits just the right spot inside my cunt and I lose it.

I feel the wetness pouring down my thigh, all over his cock, as I cum.

"Oh God," he grunts out before emptying his load inside me.

He pulls out with a wet, pop. I squat down briefly to take him in my mouth and lick him clean, before tucking him back into his neat, professional clothing.

"I'll need to see you next week to take a look at that knee again, Mrs. B.," he orders me with a backwards glance and a wink as he leaves the room.

Oh if only Dr. M knew the things I want to do to him. Perhaps Jay and I could get a reduction on our bill if I let him know what I was ready and willing to do for him..ha, ha!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Watching Him

We fall together onto the bed, mouths and arms still entwined. Your kisses are long, slow and gentle as your mouth travels from mine to my neck and shoulder, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine as you lightly bite and nip. I can feel the stiffness of your cock pressing against my thigh as you slide your hand under my skirt and whisper to me in astonishment, "My God hon, I've barely touched you and you're already drippping wet."

You pull my top down to expose my breasts and look up at me as your tongue slowly circles the outer portion of my nipple while you pinch and twist the other in your fingers. I gasp and arch my back letting you know just how good you make me feel. Your mouth is soft and wet and warm as you suck my nipple into it, deliberately grazing it with your teeth. I run my fingers through your hair and watch you for a few moments. You dip your fingers back into my pussy and bring them up to my mouth moaning as you watch me lick my own juices from them. At this moment, I want nothing more than to let you bring me to orgasm with my nipple in your mouth and your fingers in my pussy, but I want something else even more.

I beckon you back up to my mouth and whisper my request, " Baby, would you stand up and let me watch you undress. Would you take your cock in your hand and let me watch?"

As always, my wish is your command.You stand in front of me your eyes locked on mine and slowly unbutton your shirt. I sit up to lift your undershirt up and lick your stomach, and you roughly push me back down on the bed. I watch as you unbuckle your belt, unfasten your pants and pull them off. You stand before me in your boxers as my eyes travel to the growing tent at your crotch. You pull your cock just slightly out of the boxers and begin to rub it as I unconsciously lick my lips and watch, overcome with lust.

After what seems like a lifetime, the boxers come off and your beautiful cock is completely revealed to me. My hand goes between my legs, rubbing the wetness there as I watch you take your rock hard erection in your hands and pump. The room is silent save for our combined moans and the slap of your hand pumping your cock faster and faster.

Just as my desire to touch you becomes unbearable, you approach me, helping me remove my skirt and top so that I too am naked with you. As I lie back on the bed, you straddle my chest and allow my tongue one quick flick at the glistening precum on the head of your cock before you begin to stroke again. I lie beneath you watching you stroke over my tits, enjoying the look of concentration mixed with desire on your face. I place my hands on your ass and lightly run my nails over it as your stroking picks up speed. Your face is knotted with need and desire now. I know you are close.

"That's it baby. Cum for me. I want to watch you cum," I moan softly.

You groan as the cum comes spilling out of your hands, shooting all over my tits and face, white hot and delicious. I wait a moment for you to focus your eyes on me again, then I trail my fingers through the sticky cum on my chest and bring them up to my mouth, noisily sucking them clean as you watch.

Your cock is still rock hard and throbbing. I have not yet been allowed to have my own orgasm. Before I know what is happening, you have thrown my legs up on your shoulders and plunged deeply into me. Your cock fits so perfectly into my tight, swollen little cunt as you thrust in and out. You reach out and lube your thumb with the cum still pooling on my chest, and place it against my clit. As you thrust harder and faster, your thumb works my clit.

"Don’t you cum until I tell you you can. Do you understand me?" you growl.

I nod my assent already on the threshold of orgasm. I grip the sheets in my hands trying desperately not to feel the pleasure you are giving to me, trying desperately not to disappoint you. You pump steadily inside me for several minutes, playing with me to see how long I can take it.

Finally I hear you say, "Tell me what you want baby. Just ask and I'll give it to you."

"I need to cum," is all I can get out as your thumb increases pressure on my clit and I feel the familiar warmth in my groin.

Orgasm washes over me, I am dimly aware of calling your name as I feel my pussy spasm tightly around your cock. Just as my orgasm begins to cease, you groan as you cum again emptying so completely inside me that I can feel it oozing down my thighs before you even pull out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wish I Had Kissed A Girl

The hubby turned me on to this song a few weeks ago, and it has been stuck in my head ever since. The musical style is far too much pop for my tastes which run more towards Guns N Roses, Black Crowes, Nickelback...but the content is just so naughty!!

I've never kissed a girl, but I think I would most definately like it! I'm still searching for that "perfect" girl to kiss. My problem is there is really no one in my life I think I'd like to kiss (ok well there are a couple of girls at work, but they are not even 21), and even if there were I would have no idea how to feel a girl out to determine if she might be interested in kissing me. Hubby and I have searched for a girlfriend for me off and on through the years on line, but have never really come up with anyone really interesting.

So.....any females out there in the greater Atlanta interested in kissing a MILF?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Mushy HNT

This is one of my favorite kind of says it all about how love, sex and marriage all compliment each other.

Another happy HNT to all!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

I am pleased to report that my sex drive seems to be increasing nicely lately. I cant say for sure what has contributed to the upswing. Most likely a combination of things...running reguarly to blow off the stress, forcing myself to take the time to focus on thoughts of sex, more "spanking" play with Jay, a little on line play, blogging again... all leading to more sex which leads to increased desire for sex. I already fear that it wont last, but for the moment it feels quite good.

All that said, I sit here tonight, longing for a good hard fuck that I'm guaranteed not to receive anytime in the near future. My poor husband underwent some surgery on his shoulder Wednesday and will be down for the count for some time. I will say though that the experience has increased our intimacy in other ways. I have been afforded the oportunity to demonstrate my love for him by being at his beck and call these last few days, and he has humbled himself to receive that love by allowing me to do for him what he cannot do for himself at the moment.

The weekend leading up to his surgery held some intense sexual experiences as we were preparing for the drought we knew was soon to come.

I finally consented to visit the local porn theater again last Sunday which Jay has been prodding me to do literally for several years. I am sorry to say it was just as disturbing and disgusting as the first time we visited. We stumbled down front in the dark to the area marked off for "couples only" as a bleach blonde with breasts best suited as flotation devices was being fucked by some oily bohunk on the screen. As soon as we sat down, at least 4 or 5 men scurried to the seats around us. One sat a few seats down in the row in front of us, and turned around in his seat to stare at us. I sat there a few moments fighting the urge to bolt as I wanted to please Jay. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I turned my head to see 3 other men sitting 2 or 3 seats down from us staring at me, hands in their laps. I jumped up, pissed off and disgusted, and marched out.

I get that Jay's fantasy is to sit in a corner in the theater somewhere and play. I get that my husband has more exhibitionist tendencies than I do, but even Jay had to admit this place was not fit to play out that particular fantasy. It is located in a not so great part of town, with some rather scary clientele. I didnt feel exactly safe there, and I certainly didnt feel the least bit turned on.

Not to allow the afternoon to become a total waste, we did manage to drive around until we found an empty office park with a picnic table set out for it's employee's enjoyment. Jay persuaded me to remove my dress, and lie naked upon the table, legs spread as he squatted and buried his face in my cunt. What I really wanted was to suck him, so after a few moments I told him I wanted to switch places. He gladly obliged me by removing his pants, and lying back on the table. I squatted, still nude, and took him in my mouth, running my tongue up and down and around his shaft. He wrapped his hands in my hair and pumped my head up and down his ever hardening cock. We were suddenly interrupted by the sound of an approaching car. I bolted up, grabbing for my dress even as I feared a car coming around the corner to catch us naked. It turned out to simply be a rather loud car in the next lot over.

When I was satisfied there really was no one approaching to catch us with our pants down, I laid back on the table, spread my legs for him, and took Jay's fat, hard cock. He fucked me hard and fast(so hard that my back would receive bruises from the picnic table that are still tender as I write this). I held onto the sides of the table and thrust my hips at him, moans and "oh's" growing louder and louder, pushing both of us to our orgasms as my voice rang out in the open for anyone nearby to hear. When he came, it was hot and it was quite a lot.

Later that evening, after putting the little one to bed, we enjoyed each other once more. This time starting out with me on top, his fingers twisting and pinching my nipples as I rocked up and down. I wanted to watch myself in the mirror, so I laid back, my head near his feet, my feet near his head, watching our two bodies in the mirror as I thrust back and forth with his cock inside me. I asked for my vibrating egg which Jay glady retrieved for me. Jay pulled out to stroke himself and watch as I massaged my clit with the egg. The room was silent save for our heavy breathing. "Yes, baby, stroke your cock for me," I encouraged as I grew more and more excited watching him while vibrating my hard clit. Eventually, I laid my head back, closed my eyes and came.

As soon as I was done, Jay was on his knees between my legs, shoving himself rougly inside me. My head hung nearly off the end of the bed, as he gripped my tender inner tighs and thrust inside me. "Harder," I urged as he pounded me mercilessly. I love it when he fucks me so hard it hurts. I lost all reason, lost in the pleasure and pain of his cock sinking into my deepest recesses. I cried out over and over again... "Oh, oh, oh," was all I could manage to get out. Poor expression of what I was actually feeling....flooded with pleasure, with emotion, with intimacy. For the second time that day, he poured his cum into me as I lay panting and spent.

It is memory of sex like that that leaves me sitting here tonight, horny as hell eagerly anticipating Jay's speedy recovery.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Parking Garage

The phone rings at my desk as I am deep in thought with a work related problem. The voice on the other end commands, "Meet me in the parking garage in 15 minutes." I know instantly to whom the voice belongs. I also know I will always do as he commands. I have no other choice.

I quickly scurry away from my desk, and take the elevator to the upper parking garage. I wonder around briefly in the dimness of the covered garage, my heart begginning to pick up its pace, my pussy developing a "heartbeat" of its own, until he steps out just slightly from the shadows and shoves me against the wall. His hands are in my hair, his mouth soft and wet on mine.

"Mmmmm, I've been thinking about you all morning," he murmurs into my hair as he lifts up my shirt and bra to pinch my nipples in the way he knows will make me ready for him quickly.

He guides my hand down to the bulge in his pants where I deftly unzip him and take his straining cock in my hand. His head is already freely oozing his excitment which causes my already drenched pussy to throb almost painfully. I use his juices to lube his pulsing shaft as I squeeze and slowly pump my hand up and down. His hand is under my skirt now, two fingers inside me as his thumb circles my clit. We stand there in the shadows mutually masturbating each other, his breath in my hair, my face buried in his chest, circling closer and closer to the prize until he drops to his knees in front of me, shoves my skirt up around my hips, and thrusts one of my legs over his shoulder.

I feel his tongue travel over my stocking, up the inside of my thigh, lingering on the few inches of space where the stocking ends and bare skin begins. I feel his warm breath on my pussy, his face just inches from me as he takes in the sight and smell of my desire for him before burying his face between my legs with a small groan. His tongue slides deeply inside me as his thumb works my slippery clit. I run my fingers through his hair, moaning my pleasure as my hips begin to rock back and forth against his sweet tongue.

I glance down to see that he is stroking his cock as he pleasures me. This nearly sends me over the edge;he senses I am about to cum which is apparently not what he wants as he stands up, turns me around to face the wall and bends me at the waist. I stand there waiting for his next move, aching for him to touch me again. I look around to see him standing there, pumping his cock, eyes locked on my glistening cunt. I whimper softly to remind him of my need, my desire for him. He leans towards me. I feel relief knowing he will soon enter me. Instead he begins to rub his swollen cock against my juicy pussy lips. I lean back, rock my hips, shove my ass out, none of which manages to force his cock inside me.

"Please," I murmur.

"Please what?" he asks.

"You want me inside you, dont you?" he probes.

"Yes," I breathe.

"Say it. I want to hear you say it," he whispers.

"I need your cock in me. I need you to fuck me NOW. I need you to make me cum, baby," I beg.

Suddenly I feel his own need, how much it took for him to hold back just to get those words out of me as he roughly grabs my hips and swiftly buries himself to the balls inside me. I brace my hands against the wall and thrust back to meet him as his balls slap against my clit. His cock fills up every inch of my tight little hole as he slams into me over and over. He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls as our fucking becomes more and more frenzied.

I hear his moans growing louder behind me, his balls growing tighter as they slap against me. I know he is there, he is waiting for me. I slip a hand down between my legs, stroke my pebble hard little clit, once, twice, three times until I am cumming all over his cock, screaming his name, begging him to cum inside me even as I feel the rush of his hot liquid between my legs.

He slips slowly out of me, dribbling a little cum on the back of my stockinged thigh. We kiss passionately, his hand massaging my breast before we tuck all of our body parts back into our clothing and go our separate ways to return to our workday.

I spend the rest of the day with his scent all around me; his cum dripping down my thighs and an aching need for him that cannot be satisfied.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy HNT

I have been away from the blogging world for some time now. Most of my old blogging pals are long gone, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find Osbasso is still up to his old tricks. I'll admit to searching through my archives for today's pic rather than taking the time to come up with an original. I'll try to do better in the future. Hope you enjoy. Happy HNT everyone!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Games Grown Ups Play

Last Wednesday night I was itching for a good spanking all day long. I thought about it as I daydreamed at work, I envisioned it as I drove home that evening, I longed for it throughout dinner.

I successfully got my daughter to bed after bath, story, and an endless amount of hugs and kisses. I checked on my son to learn he was in his room playing video games, oblivious to the rest of the world. I walked back to our bedroom, stood in front of the bed, and suggested to Jay, "You know, if we close and lock our door, leave the TV on, close the bathroom door and go into the closet, I bet no one would be able to hear the sound of spanking."

These are the bizarre tactics our sex life has been reduced to in order to survive the constant presence of two sets of underage ears.

Without another word, I stripped down, walked into the bathroom and continued on to the closet to wait for him. He arrived with crop and paddle in hand. His dress pants were hanging on the closet door, getting in my way so I handed them to him inquiring what I should do with them.

"Hang them up," he replied.

I continued to hold them out to him before he barked, "YOU hang them up, NOW."

The crop met my ass with a loud smack. We both giggled , feeling a bit silly. However, with the second smack of the crop, I rushed to hang up the pants. He continued to swat at me, the blows coming harder and faster until I was frantically rushing to do as he asked and hang up his pants.

When that task was complete he ordered me to put on a pair of heels as they were all right there in the closet beside me. As I scrambled on my hands and knees to find just the right pair, he continued to smack me, ordering,"Hurry up! Get them on NOW."

When I finally had the heels on and stood before him, head cast downwards in deference to his authority, he purred, "Turn around for me, now"

"Good girl," he encouraged.

"Now bend over. Hands on your ankles."

SMACK went the crop against my ass as I let out a soft whimper. More blows followed, growing in intensity until he stopped to rub my stinging ass.

"Mmmm, you like that, dont you?"

"Yes, Daddy," I replied.

"You want more?"

"Yes, Sir," I agreed.

SWAT went the crop again.

Followed by, "Show me your pussy. Spread those lips."

"Mmmm, look at that. So wet. Only a slut gets this wet. Are you a slut, little girl?"

"Yes, Sir, I am."

Glancing back between my spread legs, I see the belt in his hand.

"No, Daddy, no. Not the belt, please. I'll be a girl good."

"Yes, you will because I'm going to teach you how to be a good girl."

THWACK goes the doubled up belt against my ass. Again and again it finds its mark as I grip my ankles and try to be bear my punishment in silence like a good girl.

Finally when I am sweating and panting softly, I feel his hand soothing away the pain. He leads me into the bedroom to reward me for being such an obedient little girl.

Our play continued last night as Jay and I took advantage of our son's absence and our daughter's exhaustion after a full day to continue the games grown ups play.

I slipped into the closet to emerge before him in my little school girl outfit...white blouse, no bra, plaid skirt that barely covered my ass cheeks. He smiles, and leaves for a moment to return with a ruler. I am so excited at the sight of that ruler, I can barely contain myself.

He stands me sideways in front of the mirror, traces the ruler along my bottom.

"This doesn't meet the dress code does it, missy?"

"No, Sir." I answer.

SMACK goes the ruler against my bottom still protected by my skirt.

"I can almost see your bottom. Do you let other boys see your bottom?"

"No Sir."

SLAP, "You're lying to me, young lady," he accuses.

"Do you let other boys see your bottom?"

"Yes, Sir. Do you want to see my bottom?" I offer as I lift my skirt.

THWACK goes the ruler against my bare bottom.

"Do you let them touch your bottom?"

"No Sir."

SMACK. "Tell me the truth, young lady."

"Yes, Sir. They ask and I let them."

"You should know better than that, young lady."

My bottom is assaulted with blow after blow from the ruler.

Mercifully, he pauses to rub my burning bottom, quizzing, "Do you touch these boys?"

"Yes, Sir," I mew.


Silence. SLAP as his hand meets my bottom.

"Answer me," he orders.

"I touch them on the penis, Sir."

"That's a very naughty girl."


"Yes, Sir"

SMACK, THWACK, SLAP as both ruler and hand discipline my swaying bottom.

"But they make me, Sir. They make me touch them."

"You like it!"

"No, Sir. They make me."

SLAP, "Tell the truth."

"Yes, Sir. I like it."

"Get on your knees," he orders.

He is naked on the bed now. "Suck my cock. Show me what you've learned."

I take him in my mouth, pussy gushing, slowly swallow his entire length. My head pumps up and down, tongue swirling. I can taste his precum at the head, and know I am doing a good job.

"Mmmmm, that’s good," he moans.

"Where else have they touched you? Have they touched you here?" he questions as he shoves a finger in my slick pussy hole.

"No, Sir"

The ruler comes back out, he lifts my skirt back up and unleashes a tirade on my lying little ass.

"Ok, Sir. Ok, just one. Just one touched me there. You can be the second, Sir."

"Get on the bed," he bellows.

"On your knees, spread your legs."

He enters me effortlessly, both of us grunting with the pleasure. He pumps several times as I reach between my legs to rub my clit. He pumps harder as my moans cue him in on my impending orgasm. My mind narrows its focus to the small space between my legs as I erupt in orgasm.

I turn over, pull the skirt off my waist, untie the little white blouse so he can watch my breasts bounce as he enters me again. He pumps hard and deep, my tits flapping up and down until he explodes hot and wet inside me.

Mmmmmm, its been a really good week for sex in our house.

This is my ass after our two sessions of play this week:

It actually looks much, much worse today, but I'll spare you those photos. I am reminded of Jay each time I sit down. I can't help but smile with the secret knowledge of what's underneath my clothing that only he and I share.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fathers and Daughters

A cautionary tale for all Daddies and future Daddies...

The scene in my kitchen after dinner last night:

My 4 year old daughter is flitting about our rather smallish kitchen as Jay and I are attempting to clean up. She is intermitantly twirling about, singing and demanding dessert.

Jay orders in a slightly raised voice, "Get out of the kitchen NOW. Go play and I will call you when you may have dessert."

Daughter replies, " Yes, your Highness."

Jay hears sass in that reply and explodes, "Go to your room right now, young lady!"

Daughter regards him with wide, confused eyes, and replies, voice quivering with tears,"But Daddy I said a princess word."

Jay immediately wilts, gets that "my little girl is so precious" look on his face, and says, "Come here, sweetie. Daddy is sorry. Go sit down and I'll get you some dessert right now."

It's in our genes, gentlemen. We are born knowing how to wrap you around our little fingers. Dont' try to fight it. You are doomed to fail.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What I Want

I want him to own me.
I want him to slam me up against the wall and press his body into mine as we kiss.
I want him to shove me face first onto the bed, his arms pining mine down with the weight of his body.
I want him to enter me.
I want him to lower his mouth to my ear and tell me that I belong to him.
I want him to bite my shoulder.
I want him to kiss away the pain.
I want him to slam into me so hard my whole body is jolted with the force.
I want him to pull his cock completely out of me.
I want him to grab a fistful of my hair and jerk my head up off the bed.
I want him to make me beg for what I want.
I want him to refuse to give it to me.
I want him to make me suck his cock to get what I want.
I want him to twist my nipples until I cry out in pain.
I want him to ignore my cries.
I want him to take what he wants.
I want my body to bear the marks of our encounter.
I want to be filled with him.
I want my pussy to ache for days after he has been there.
I want him to take me in his arms and tenderly remind me that he owns me as he strokes my hair and kisses my sweaty head.
I want to fall asleep with his body pressed tightly against mine, arm thrown over my waist, hand resting on my breast gently caressing the angry red marks he left there.
I want to wake the next morning knowing my body is completely under his command.
I want him to want this too.