Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Being Daddy's Slut, Conclusion

After rehydrating ourselves, I found myself with Daddy’s cock in my mouth as Joe watched, stroking his cock. He soon reached over and placed my hand on his cock. I stroked it as it rose to full attention. He turned my hand over and spat into it before placing it back on his bulging cock. I cannot begin to describe how much this turned me on. I moaned around Daddy’s cock as I pumped Joe’s up and down, twisting with my hand.

Before long, Joe had me on my back on the sofa, straddling my face as he fucked my mouth with his cock.

“Do you want a faceful of my cum, slut, because you don’t act like it,” Joe accused.

“Yes, yes Sir. I want it, oh God I want it,” I moaned as I writhed underneath him.
I sucked the head of his cock as he stroked it in my face, panting and pulsing with excitement.

Ropes of hot cum shot out onto my face and breasts as I moaned with ecstasy. He slapped my tits with his still hard cock as I rubbed his cum into my nipples.

Daddy took me then, and fucked me hard as Joe’s cum glistened on my face until my pussy was full with his warm pleasure.

We drank some more water, all discussing how we had to get to bed soon as we all had early mornings. As Daddy retrieved more water from the kitchen, Joe sat beside me stroking his cock to life.

“Daddy his cock looks like it needs more attention. May I give it to him?” I asked with desire in my eyes.

“Yes, go ahead,” was Daddy’s reply.

I got on my knees and began to suck and gag again as Joe slapped my face with his cock and shoved me up and down with a fistful of hair.

He soon had me on my knees on the floor, upper body draped over the sofa as he slid his cock inside me. He fucked me unmercifully, pounding into my body with furious thrusts. My face was shoved into the sofa cushion such that I had one small pocket of air, his hand on the back of my neck kept me impossibly restrained. Muffled moans escaped me as I cried out the pleasure of his cock in me.

“Yes, fuck me harder. Oh God yes, please,” I cried.

“You want more, slut?” he demanded.

“Mmm yes, do it. Oh God yes, cum in me Joe. Do it! Cum inside my pussy.”

That sent him over the edge as he bucked inside me as he came.

Daddy had watched this whole scene from a nearby sofa and was rock hard. He laid me back on the sofa and entered me.

“Mmmm, I’m so wet Daddy,” I mewed as he slid into me.

Daddy wasted no time pounding me hard as well as I moaned and moved underneath him.

“Yes, yes Daddy. Fuck me Daddy,” I cried.

My pussy was soon again filled with Jay’s sweet, warm cum.

It was late by all our standards at this point…about 10:30. We chatted a bit. I requested to see Joe’s dog who had whined and clawed behind a locked door the whole time.

She was a sweet, friendly thing. Joe was very much in control of her as well. She obeyed his every word without question. I noticed with a shiver of pleasure more profound than I can describe that he spoke to her in the same manner and tone as he had spoken to me. I was his human bitch.

Today finds me feeling no regret over last night’s encounter, and filled with desire as I run the scenes through my mind again. I bear the marks of the encounter as you can see from the pictures of my bottom…one taken when we arrived home last night, and one taken today.

Jay felt it necessary to give a small demonstration with the flogger and heart shaped paddle just before we left, allowing Joe to get a few practice whacks in, creating the heart shaped red marks you may notice. The back of my neck is sore, various areas of my head are tender from banging against the sofa, my knees are sore, my breasts are sore from rough squeezing and slapping, and my pussy is sore from vigorous use. All in all, I am a very happy submissive girl.

I am hopeful we have found a second Dom for me. What fun we can all have if it works out as Jay and I hope. Stay tuned for more details as they develop…

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Being Daddy's Slut, Pt. 2

Soon afterwards we found ourselves at Joe’s house. I had asked for some gum earlier in the evening to which he responded that he didn’t have any on him but could provide me with some once we got to his house. I asked again for that gum as we walked into his kitchen. He retrieved it for me, waving it in my face and asking what it would be worth to me.

I was directed to get down on my knees on the kitchen floor. As I remarked that the tile floor was hard, Daddy skillfully fastened my collar around my neck. My face was even with Joe’s crotch as I looked up at him for a moment before reaching to unfasten his pants.

I was still nervous, but also eager for his cock. I fumbled with the button and zipper for a moment, planting a few light kisses on his belly before freeing his gorgeous, hard cock.

The smell of him was intoxicating….masculine, musky, sexual. I can still feel it filling my nostrils today bringing with it a swooning sort of desire. My head was quickly shoved down onto his cock. I struggled to take him all in, gagging, tears running down my face as he gripped a fistful of hair, and slid his cock down my throat. My ass was being slapped from behind by Daddy as I gagged and sputtered on Joe’s cock. At some point the gum was given to me which I chewed for a moment before being given a mouthful of cock again.

Daddy had left my rosebud out on the bathroom counter for me earlier in the evening. I saw it, knew what to do with it, but in my nervousness forgot to insert it into my ass.

“Where is it, slut?” Daddy demanded of me.

“What, what, Sir?” I asked, genuinely perplexed.

“You know what. I left something out for you,” he replied.

It dawned on me like a thunderclap. Oh God, I forgot it, I forgot it!

“I forgot it, Daddy,” I blurted.

“You what?” he bellowed.

“I forgot it because I am a stupid slut, Sir,” I offered.

With that I was shoved on all four’s as they both smacked my ass. Joe pulled my head to and fro by a fistful of hair as he slapped me.

“First you complain about the floor, now you forget what your Daddy tells you to do?” Joe admonished me.

“Stop your fucking crying. No crying slut,” he barked as I gasped for air, not actually crying but taking in big sobbing gulps of air as my adrenaline and arousal increased.

I was soon told to get up and walk to the living room. I stood there, naked, waiting for further instruction.

“Get on your knees,” Daddy ordered.

“This collar needs a leash,” Joe announced as he retrieved his dog’s dirty looking leash.

His cock was soon shoved back in my mouth, gagging me almost to the point of vomiting in one instance to my horror.

“Suck your Daddy’s cock now, slut,” he spat at me as he shoved me towards Jay’s waiting cock.

I began to suck Daddy, bringing his cock to full attention. Joe slapped my ass as I sucked just before thrusting his cock inside me (yes condoms were used for those of you who may be concerned for my welfare). He was so big. I struggled to accommodate him as he rammed himself hard inside me. My body tensed with the pain, muffled moans of pain escaped my mouth as it sucked Daddy’s cock.

Slut that I was, my cunt soon relaxed, soon wanted all he could give me. He thrust violently into me from behind as I sucked Daddy’s cock, my moans of pain giving way to moans of pleasure.

Joe requested Daddy’s permission to take over before grabbing me up by the leash, and shoving me down onto the sofa where I fell with a thud.

“Oh you’re just going to fall down like that. Pathetic…get up and get your ass in the air slut,” Joe barked at me.

I obediently raised my ass and pussy to him before he entered me again. He fucked me from behind for several delicious strokes before flipping me onto my back,gripping my hips and dragging me to him. His cock felt so good as it slid inside me. He braced himself over me and pumped hard into my well stretched pussy. I looked up into his face for a moment, then gazed at his tightly chiseled biceps. I gripped them, ran my fingers over them, growing even wetter with desire.

He flipped me again back onto my knees, ass in the air for him. One arm was restrained behind my back as our bodies became slippery with sweat. He went to grab my other arm, and I lost my balance and fell. He immediately grabbed my leash.

“Oh you don’t want to have sex correctly? Let’s go slut,” he ordered as he led me out the back door.

He led me to a hammock in his backyard, laid me face first over it, and began to fuck me again. Soon afterwards, Daddy was inside me as Joe lay in the hammock in front of me, his cock in my mouth again.

When I could stand the heat no longer, I begged for some water. Being a kind Daddy and Joe, they led me back inside where Joe gave me a cool glass of water...

Monday, June 28, 2010

On Being Daddy's Slut, Pt. 1

Jay and I have entered once again into unchartered waters, but with a good bit more communication, respect, and common sense this time.

Sunday morning found us lying sleepily in bed, my hand on Jay's cock as he told me I was going to be his slut today, and I was going to do as I was told. He was scrolling through his phone as he told me this, and I mewed pitifully "No" as I knew he must be trying to find a suitable playmate for me. My "No" wasn't very heartfelt though as my submissive heart has been longing for another dominant alongside my Daddy for quite some time.

Daddy used certain electronic means to inquire about the availability of a dominant man in our area for his wife. He was kind enough to show me responses and photos and allow me to screen them. I was further allowed to chat with the handful of suitable responders throughout the day to get a feel for their style, intelligence level and desires. I finally settled on just one applicant that I was expected to serve along with Daddy that very evening.

I will christen our new friend "Joe" for reasons I will keep to myself. Like my friend "the hot Englishman" (who has yet to be able to arrange a trip back to Atlanta for a meeting) Joe’s occupation is one I find very sexy. He is not as large in stature ( just slightly below my 6' minimum) with the broad shoulders and wide chest I generally prefer , but he more than made up for that with the commanding way he carried himself.

Daddy had a fairly lengthy phone conversation with him in private during which they discussed certain ground rules as well as how I was to serve them. Daddy and I spoke afterwards both agreeing we felt Joe to be safe, sane, intelligent and respectful. It was agreed that we would meet for a drink after dinner and go from there.

We left our daughter safely asleep in her bed with her brother babysitting to meet our new friend. I was nervous as a cat. My palms were sweaty and my mouth was dry. I worried he would be nothing like his photo, totally unacceptable and I would be disappointed. I worried he would be more attractive than I could stand. I worried I was too fat, too old (he is significantly younger than I), too something...

When we arrived at our destination, I had to force myself not to think, but to act. I followed Jay into the bar and straight to Joe who was waiting at a table for us. Oh God help me, he was HOT!

I felt like a teenager on a first date. I couldn’t look him in the eye; I let Jay make most of the conversation. I felt so shy and awkward.

At some point Daddy said to me, “Tell him what you are wearing under that dress.”

“Nothing,” I shyly replied, barely able to look at either one of them.

“Mmmm, you’re gonna make my cock hard right here in the bar if you keep talking like that,” Joe responded.

Shortly afterwards we decided it was time to go. As Jay went to pay, Joe and I were left alone for a moment.

“So what do you think will happen to you when we get to my place?” he queried.

“Well, I think I might find myself on all four’s crawling on the floor,” I offered.

“Oh, you’re gonna be on the floor,” he promised...

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Good to Have Like-Minded (Dirty) Friends

I had two very hot conversations with friends with a familiar friend I shall christen "Professor Plum" and another with a brand new friend I shall refer to as "Will" because his accent reminds me of Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting." I will provide more details of my interactions with my dominating new friend "Will" in a future post. Neither of these friends did I meet via AFF just in case you are wondering.

I think a few snippets of my conversations with each will explain why I dragged Jay to our bedroom as soon as I got home, locked the door while our daughter watched TV downstairs and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of him.

After a detailed, hot description of how he would kneel between my spread legs at my desk and suck my hard clit until I spilled my juices into his waiting mouth...

Professor Plum: "I would have to fuck you afterwards. Bend you over the desk."

Me: "Pull my skirt up over my waist and rub your hard cock between my slick lips."

Professor Plum: "Mmmmm, slide deep inside you, feeling your wet pussy surround my cock. Slip my long middle finger into your tight ass."

Me: "Grab a fistful of my hair and pull me up off the desk, my tits bouncing against the desk as you pound into me."

Professor Plum: "My hands on your hips now, pumping hard and deep into your needy little pussy."

Me: "I am so wet again. I am squirming in my seat."

Professor Plum: "Cumming in you, finally...grunting, and cumming deep in your body"

Me: "Bent over me whispering in my ear what a dirty whore I am."

Professor Plum: "Forcing you onto me further by pulling back on your shoulders."

Me: "Yes, I want as much of you as I can take in."

Me: "Did you cum, Professor Plum? Is your hand wet and sticky with your release?"

Professor Plum : "I'm close."

Me: "Oh how I wish I could kneel before you and lick every drop. Sucking each finger slowly into my mouth as you watch. Licking your hands clean. Moving down to your balls and cleaning those as well. Breathing in the scent of you. The scent of filth, the scent of arousal, the scent of your need for me. Mmmm,I wish I could do that for you, Professor Plum. I am wet again, imagining you in your chair at your desk stroking your pulsing cock for me. I slipped a finger under my skirt to feel my own wetness. I can smell my pussy on my fingers.

Professor Plum: "I just came for you again, baby."

This was the 3rd time he had come for me today.

I also managed to carry on another short conversation with my new dominatiing friend Will today while sitting in my car enjoying some down time at lunch today.

Will: "I want you to send me a picture with spit on your face, cunt. Spit in your hand and smear it all over your face bitch."

Me: (after sending said picture) "Is that satisfactory, Sir?"

Will: "I want to see it dripping off your face. Do it until I am satisfied, cunt."

Me: (after sending another picture, hoping to please him with spit just visible dripping off my face) "Does that please you, Sir?"

Will: "Yes, very good whore."

Me: "I am so wet, Sir. I am going to leave a wet spot on my seat."

Will: "Good whore. Send me a picture of your cunt."

Me: (again after sending the requested picture) "Sent, Sir"

Will: "Mmmm, that pussy looks good today, whore. I wish I could smell you right now."

On the way home I message back and forth with Jay at red lights. Before leaving work he instructed me to lift my skirt and expose my wet pussy all the way home. I let him know how drenched I was after my day full of virtual sex. He instructed me to gather my cunt juices on my hand and spread them on my neck and face. He said he wanted me to smell like cunt when I got home.

My last mesage to my friend Will for the day just before I arrived home was:

Me: "My Daddy had me smear my cunt juices all over my face and neck as I drove home. I smell like spit and cunt."

After which, I went upstairs,and dragged Jay to our bedroom where we fucked good and long and hard.

Ahhhh, I feel so good this evening...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Familiar Taste of Poison

Is this song about you? Yes, you... If it's about you, you know.

It speaks to me. Calls up a host of images, memories and longings...

It touches a still raw nerve in me.

"I tell myself that you're no good for me,
I wish you well, but desire never leaves.
I could fight this til the end, but maybe I don't wanna win."

No I don't think I do wanna win or I would have done so by now don't you think,hmmm? Are you winning?

On another note, this is an incredible band Jay and I have discovered in the last six months...Halestorm. Their self titled album is the best I have discovered in a while. If you enjoy in your face hard rock with a goth sort of edge delivered by a hot female, this is right up your alley!

I'm So Naive Sometimes...

Last week on a whim while home with a sick child I decided, out of the blue to set up a profile on the infamous Adult Friend Finder, and see what happened. As a side note... Jay is now the one on the fence about inviting another man into our sex life, so we still seem to be undecided on this issue. It's a difficult and thorny one for sure.

I immediately began to get a number of responses which I slogged through sometimes on my own and sometimes with Jay's help. I did eventually find one gentleman I found of interest.

We exchanged a few emails and began to chat via IM yesterday. He met my height requirements at 6'3". Was able to carry on an intelligent and sexy conversation. Seemed to be a middle class professional guy just like us. All seemed to be going well. When I asked about his marital status he said he was married, but that he and his wife ocassionally played and she allowed him to play on his own as well. I accepted this at face value because as I have discovered over the last few years there are indeed marriages like that out there.

We chatted off and on throughout the day turning up the arousal for each of us. It felt good to be wet and squishy at work. I sent him a few pictures to whet his appetite. He promised a viewing for me via webcam that evening.

Jay and I finished our great session of sex as described in the previous post and I logged on to check for my new friend. Sure enough, he was there. We began to chat. He turned on his cam for me as promised and he was indeed an atractive, professional looking guy. We worked our way around to the good stuff with me eventually suggesting I would enjoy watching him stroke himself for me.

He suggested he would like to hear my voice to verify I was who I said I was, and he would be happy to. As mentioned before, Jay was waffling on this idea and was not into a phone call for the evening. I also was unable to turn on my web cam as he had recently re built my computer and needed to install some software before it would work properly.

I gently explained all this to my new friend, while sending him a link to the blog to further bolster my case that I was who I said I was. He was eager to cum. He agreed to turn the cam on and stroke for me. I had Jay's permission as he sat beside me so we continued.

I was on, ladies and gentleman! I gave him such a hot description of crawling over to suck his cock, gagging on get the idea. It was good. He obligingly shot his load for me. I enjoyed it.


Camera went immediately black. "I've gotta go now, hon. The wife (who was sleeping before, mind you) needs me to do something for her"

Are you serious??!! WTF...does this guy REALLY have no experience with "after play?" Does the fact that we met on AFF and were immediately sexual mean I should expect such an interaction? I'm not looking for much, just a little friendly conversation after, leave your camera on for me so I can see the after glow in your face as we talk. Help a girl know she did a good job and you enjoyed it.

Needless to say, I dont see any further interaction happening with this new friend. Such a shame...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Sex is SO Good

Jay and I had the best sex we have had in a while this evening, and it felt so right.

We began by lying in bed kissing in the darkness as he gently tugged at my nipple. My breath soon came faster and faster as my arousal climbed. His fingers found their way down to my tingling clit and slid wetly into my gaping hole. His fingers slid freely in and out as his mouth sucked steadily at my breast. I thrust my hips at him, grinding my clit against his hand as I moaned my pleasure.

I gasped that I wanted my vibrating egg which he refused me as he climbed between my legs. His mouth found its mark on my clit as electricity shot through my body. I pinched and teased one nipple while he reached up to pleasure the other one. His fingers worked my vagina and asshole as he lapped at my clit. I was highly aroused. It didn't take long for me to cum on his hand, panting and moaning.

Little did I know, the best was yet to come. He pulled out the NJoy anal plug and lubed it up before handing it to me. I eagerly slid it into my ass just before he slid inside me.

The feeling was ectasy. We have not played with the anal plug in quite some time and I had allowed myself to forget how erotic it could be. The plug forces my pussy into an even tighter position. Jay's cock rubbed me deliciously with each and every stroke.

My fingers soon found their way down to my again throbbing little clit. I rubbed frantically as my arousal climbed again. My world shrunk down to the pleasure building between my legs, and nothing else. I writhed and moaned as I rubbed and thrust at him, both pussy and ass filled. Again, I came, hard, groaning my pleasure.

Jay flipped me to my side one leg thrown over his shoulder in my still hazy post- orgasmic state and began to pound into me. I braced my hands against the headboard and held on for the ride as he spent himself on me.

Damn but we had great sex tonight!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Vacation Tan

My muse still seems to be MIA. So...enjoy a visual of my vacation tan. Somehow it is much more defined in person than in pictures...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh My...A New Girl Crush!!

I caught this Christina Aguilara video for the first time while we were on vacation last week.

I've always been a bit of a closet Christina Aguilara fan, but this video has me worshipping at her tiny little feet. Who knew she was interested in the same sort of deviant festishes as moi?

I am especially turned on by the jeweled ball gag! I can't get enough of the images portrayed in this video.

I stared at this video open mouthed, my pussy growing moist and tingly. Oh to have little Christina work me over. I imagine her with a strap on dildo, spanking me, declaring me her "bitch" and forcing me to suck her plastic cock, the cloying taste sticking to the roof of my mouth.

Oh the joy if she were to force me on my knees and take me from behind with her fake phallus while pulling my hair, and spanking my ass.

Oh my dear Christina, what a naughty pair we would make!

I'm Still Here

Hello my faithful readers. I have had a number of emails lately inquiring about my whereabouts as I have been woefully absent from the blogging world lately. I'm still here, I assure you.

We were on a family vacation last week, and I've just been a busy, busy girl lately in addition to having lost my muse of late. I have a few ideas in the works.

Be patient. We will return with your reguarly scheuled programming soon...