Friday, December 12, 2008

Desire at the Office

She walks slowly down the hall, busy looking folders and pen in hand; however work is the fartherest thing from her mind at the moment. As she passes his office, she slows down, turns and makes eye contact with him, making sure he follows her with his eyes as she ducks into the bathroom. She waits one minute… then two until she hears the click in the door as he joins her. He locks the door to the single stall bathroom and comes up behind her as she stands at the sink watching him in the mirror.

He runs his fingers down the sides of her soft, suede business suit, stopping to cup her ass as he buries his face in her hair and releases a small moan. He gently moves her hair to one side and lowers his mouth to her neck as his fingers begin to unbutton the front of her suit coat. He removes the coat, letting it fall to the floor as their eyes lock in the mirror. He moves his fingers to her blouse. They both watch in the mirror as he methodically opens each button. She can feel her nipples straining towards his fingers, longing to feel their warmth, aching to be pinched. He removes the blouse, letting it fall to the floor as well as they continue to watch each other in the mirror. She feels his hand on the zipper at the back of her skirt. He smoothly pulls it down, wiggling the skirt down to her ankles. She braces herself against the sink and gracefully steps out of the skirt. She stands there in bra, garter and stockings, shivering just a little, needing the warmth of his skin against her as his eyes travel up and down her body lingering on her hard nipples and closely shaven pussy.

She turns around and slowly begins to unknot his tie, tossing it to the floor as she pull his suspenders from his broad shoulders and carefully opens each button down the front of his shirt. As she pulls it off of him, she can’t resist reaching out to run her hands over his chest, touching her tongue to each pink nipple. He lets out a low, rumbling groan as she lets her hands slide down his stomach to his belt. She unbuckles the belt, unfastens the pants, and kneels in front of him to remove them. This maneuver places her face even with his bulging cock. She reaches around behind him, slipping her fingers under the waistband of his boxers and letting her nails graze his skin as she slowly pulls the boxers off. His cock bobs out, bouncing against her face as she slowly stands up and turns back around to face the mirror.

He teases her nipples through the mesh material of her bra before opening the clasp in the front and letting the bra fall to the pile of clothing at their feet. She feels his erect cock poking against her backside, as she leans back against him, clasping her arms around the back of his neck as he kneads the flesh of her breasts in his hands. She turns her head to kiss him; his tongue slips warm and wet into her mouth at the same instant he begins to roll her nipples between his fingers sending ripples of pleasure through her body. She feels her pussy gushing as he tugs harder and harder at her erect nipples. She slides her hand down between her legs gathering some of the flowing juices there and bringing it up between their lips. They both lick and suck the sweetness from her finger moaning into each other’s mouths, their tongues melting together. She turns her head to watch for just an instant as he tugs viciously at her nipples, his cock spearing her backside until he urgently turns her around, seats her on the faucet, and sinks to his knees before her open legs.

She watches as he runs his tongue up the inside of her thigh, pausing to take in the aroma of her aroused cunt before burying his tongue inside her swollen hole. He presses his nose against her clit and begins to slowly rock it back and forth while his tongue slips in and out of her. She leans her head back against the mirror, spreads her legs even wider to him, closes her eyes and loses herself in the joy this man is bringing to her. He gradually picks up the pace, massaging her clit faster and harder in a smooth, steady rhythm. She opens her eyes to see him lost in the pleasure of the moment. His eyes are closed as he tirelessly works her clit, his face shoved deeply into her pussy, his hands clasping her thighs so tightly she will find tiny bruises there the next day. The sight of this, combined with the view of her rock hard nipples, and stiletto heeled feet digging lightly into his back bring her to a powerful orgasm. She clasps her hands over her mouth to muffle the moans as her hips buck and thrash, her other hand digging into his head, trapping his face against her pussy. He opens his eyes and looks up at her clearly enjoying watching her tremble and struggle to remain quiet as she showers him with her glistening cum.

When she has spent herself on his face, he stands up before her. He leans in to kiss her with the aroma of her pussy all over his face as she reaches down, takes his throbbing cock in her hands and teases it by rubbing it against her slick pussy. What she wants is to stand up, turn around and watch in the mirror as he fucks her from behind. However, she is so overcome with the need for his cock inside her, that she cannot coordinate communication between her brain and her limbs. He is also crazed with the need to be inside her. He thrusts towards her, seeking entry, seeking relief from the burning need for release between his legs. With his next thrust, she guides him inside her. She wraps her legs around him, her heels digging into his ass, her torso leaning back against the mirror, tits bouncing heavily as he plunges deeply inside her, over and over again.

She thrusts her hips at him, whispering, urging, “Harder, baby. Fuck me harder.”

Her head bangs against the mirror as he pounds his body against hers. He reaches out to roughly twist a nipple as she runs her nails down his chest leaving angry, red welts. She places her middle finger in his mouth urging him with her eyes to suck it, wet it for her before moving the finger to her clit, circling it lightly as he continues to move inside her. She can hear him groaning softly, his head thrown back, his face contorted in a grimace. She knows he is close, she knows he is waiting for her. That thought alone does it for her. Her pussy grips his cock in orgasm as he leans into her and covers her mouth with his own to quiet her moans. He swiftly pumps load after hot load of cum into her as he buries his face in her breasts.

The rest of her day is carried out with his scent all around her, his cum dribbling out between her thighs and thoughts of their next encounter running through her mind


Anonymous said...

That was really hot! I loved it. I just can't believe that I posted a office sex erotica story yesterday, what a funny coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Mimi! Very hot!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you around here again. Fantastic story.

xoxox mina

bigd44 said...

Great story Mimi! Or is it a fantasy? Is this about somebody you work with? Either way it's great to see you on here again. Any new adventures with Jay? I have been seeing a couple of pics here and there on rcbb, but I would really like to see a pic of your ass all red from a good spanking! The pics out shopping with no panties were pretty hot.

swingerwife said...

So make me wish I had a work fuck buddy just so I can have some hot office sex!

Nice to see you back writing again, Mimi!

Mimi said...

Modernswinger...That is quite an odd coincidence! Although probably not too terribly odd. I imagine many bloggers share our enjoyment of office sex fantasies. It is one of my favorite fantasies...I really get off on formal office attire, the whole secretary/boss thing.

Longinsend...It's good to be back. The grind of real life just has such a way of getting in the way of blogging! Glad you enjoyed the story.

Bigd44...I assure you this is only a fantasy, but one I enjoy immensenly. Jay and I have not had any further adventures, although there might be something in the works for the future. I'm not going to jinx it by going into into details at the moment.

Swingerwife...Glad you enjoyed the story. Its good to be back!

Anonymous said...

MiMi are you into blackmen?