Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us

Jay and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary today!

10 years of wedded bliss. Yeah, ain't that a load of crap!! Nobody tells you how hard marriage will be before you get married, do they? They don't tell you how your husband will ramble on with long, pointless stories, or that he'll be annoyingly obessed with cars,or that he will snore, or that he'll hate your dogs. They don't tell you that money doesn't grow on trees, and having children is the hardest thing you will ever do together.

They also don't tell you that if you make it to 10 years you will love him even more than the day you got married because of all you have been through together. That he'll be the one cleaning up your puke when you are sick and can't make it to the toilet, that he will hold you when you cry, that he will be a great cook, that he will let all your stupid dogs stay because he loves you, that he will be the first one to lay eyes on your newborn daughter.

My Jay is my best friend, my lover, my partner in life, my soul mate. We may have done a lot of things wrong together, but we have also done a lot of things right. I love him more than I can say.

Oh yeah, and the sex has been really hot lately for 6 days in a row. Lighter on the BDSM and heavier on the intimacy and kissing. Guess who's gonna get some more tonight?!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Garage Dungeon, Conclusion

My mind raced…what if the clothes pins became unbearable, what if I somehow fell off the bench, how long would I be left here like this? To calm myself, I raised my head up to watch the porn still playing on the TV. My mind was soon engaged in the images on the screen…a hot female servicing two men, one in her mouth and the other in her pussy as they reminded her what a slut she was. My own cunt began to react as it grew wetter and wetter. I tried to focus on the pulse growing between my legs, and not the pressure on my pussy lip as I ground my hips against the bench, letting the growing pain of the clothes pin attached there slip away.

Daddy eventually returned after 15 or 20 minutes at which time I began to beg him to remove the clothes pin on my pussy lip. He did so as I sighed with relief only to tell me,

“Now its time for the other side,” as he placed the clothes pin on my other pussy lip.

I nearly broke into tears with frustration, but found a way to submit and drift away from the discomfort.

Daddy placed what I soon figured out were two small tea candles on my ass and lit them. I was terrified they would fall off my bottom and catch the garage on fire.
When I tried to express my fears I was told to shut up and let Daddy work.

His fingers slid between my wet cunt lips and began to massage my clit. My hips undulated with his movements which of course caused the gathering candle wax to spill over onto my ass which was exactly what Daddy was going for. He chuckled as I flinched and cried out with the first dripping of wax onto my ass. He ordered me to wiggle my hips as more wax dripped onto my ass which I did although I was still very frightened the candles would tip off of their precarious perch and set the entire garage on fire.

When Daddy had had his fun with the candles, he blew them out and brought out the flogger. I felt such joy at this as the flogger is one of my favorite toys. He began by gently caressing my back and buttocks with the soft leather of the blades. His strokes started out slow and soft on my upper back, slowly building in momentum until each stroke was thudding loudly within the confines of the garage as it met the flesh of my back and ass.

When my moans became pleas of “Yes Daddy, don’t stop. Mmmm, Daddy that feels so good,” he did stop, and brought out the dreaded heart shaped paddle.

I began to whine and wiggle about on the bench at the sight of it.

“No Daddy. God, no not the paddle, please,” I begged.

My pleas fell on deaf ears as he whacked my bottom with that wicked thing.

I bit down on the bench,concerned neighbors might hear through the thin aluminum garage doors, trying not to cry out as the paddle found its mark . It was no use. I screamed as my flesh exploded in stinging pain. Daddy got one more whack in, branding me with the paddle’s heart shape before I sobbed,

“NO, no more Daddy. I can’t take it.”

Technically he could have and should have continued since I did not use my safe word, but he could hear the genuine distress in my voice, and took pity on me.

He went so far as to remove the bothersome clothes pin from my pussy for which I profusely thanked him. I then felt the cold steel edge of the knife running along my pussy lips as I tried to remain perfectly still. The blade was brought to my lips as he ordered me to lick my cum from it.

Daddy then mercifully unshackled me from the weight bench and ordered me to my knees on the floor.

His cock was inserted into my mouth for sucking as he cooed,

“You like cock don’t you slut? You want one in your mouth and one stuffed up your cunt, don’t you, you little cock whore?”

With that he ordered me to remain kneeling on the floor, head bowed as he went back into the house.

My mind raced again…oh God was someone else here? Had he gotten Joe to come by for a visit after all? Or worse, was there some stranger waiting to be serviced by me? Logically, I knew Jay would not invite a prefect stranger to our home, but I was not in a very logical state of mind at the time.

I watched the door open with genuine fear as he came back into the garage, alone, although I have to admit part of me was hoping Joe would follow him.

He carried out a cup of water and a shot glass as it was blazing hot in the garage.

“Do you want some water?” he cooed at me.

“Yes, Sir,” I respectfully responded.

He brought the shot glass over and held it to my lips for drinking. I only got a sip before he threw it in my face.

He refilled the shot glass and brought it to me again and asked if I wanted water to which I nodded my head in assent. He then spit into the glass, forced my head back by a handful of hair and forced me to drink. I spat the mouthful of water out all over the floor in an uncontrollable reflex of disgust.

I was then hauled back up to the weight bench and strapped down again, this time on my back…arms over my head, legs raised and spread.

Daddy went to work with the clothes pins again, this time arranging them along my breasts and nipples as I watched and writhed with pleasure. I was made to turn my head so he could insert his cock into my mouth for sucking before he mounted me and began to thrust his cock inside my pussy. I wanted his cock so badly by now. I tried to pump my hips towards him, but my freedom of movement was limited by my shackles. We both groaned and grunted our pleasure like the animals we were until Daddy released inside me with a loud guttural cry.

Later on, we cleaned up and went out for a highly satisfying meal for which we had worked up quite an appetite. Oh, the things kinky suburbanites will get up to when left with an empty house for the evening!!

Tomorrow's post will be the evening's festivities in pictures...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garage Dungeon, Pt. 1

Jay and I enjoyed a delightfully erotic evening last Saturday. Both children were out of the house for the evening affording us the run of the entire house to be as loud and full of debauchery as we chose.

Jay busied himself in the garage, obviously making some sort of preparations as I awaited further instruction in the house. Upon his return I was bidden to follow him upstairs where I was directed to strap on my black sandaled high heels, remove all my clothing, and kneel before him to have my collar and leash affixed around my neck as well as my ankle and wrist cuffs locked around each limb.

Daddy then led me downstairs and outside to the garage. What I saw there both exhilarated me and filled me with gratitude for how much my Jay loves me. The weight bench had been moved to the center of the garage, the little TV out there was tuned into porn, and Daddy’s bag of toys was menacingly waiting for him by the bench.

I was ordered to lie face down on the bench, my ass vulnerable to Daddy’s every whim. My wrists were looped under a support bar of the weight bench and joined together by two or three locking clamps traversing the length from one wrist cuff to the other; my legs were bent at the knee, ankles raised, and tethered to either side of the weight bench via these same metal clamps affixed to my ankle cuffs and attached to metal bars running vertically along either side of the weight bench.

I was now utterly restrained and completely helpless as I felt the sharp, cold edge of a knife run over my ass cheeks as I quivered with a mixture of fear and desire.

“You like this don’t you slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” I confessed to Daddy.

“You like this too, you little whore,” Daddy proclaimed as he spit into my spread ass cheeks and inserted the NJoy inside me.

The crop met the flesh of my ass first, delivering several stinging blows, followed by Daddy’s hand bearing down on me. I moaned softly as my arousal mounted.

Daddy then pulled something crinkly from his toy bag, and as I looked back to catch a glimpse of clothes pins being removed from the cellophane bag, my face was slapped from the side.

“Did I tell you to look back here, slut?” Daddy roared

“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir,” I sheepishly replied.

Daddy attached one of the clothes pins to the side of my breast as I held my breath terrified of the pain I was certain was to follow. To my surprise there was no pain, only pleasure and pressure. Daddy did the same to the other breast before walking behind me and laying some of the clothes pins on the bench between my legs.
I felt him kneading and rubbing my inner thigh, and it clicked what was coming next.

“No, no Daddy, please,” I pleaded.

He made no reply as he skillfully attached the first clothes pin to my inner thigh. Again to my shock, it did not produce pain…only pressure and pleasure. Daddy adorned my inner thighs with two clothes pins each as I panted with anxiety turned to pleasure.

Daddy then turned his attentions to my pussy…the fleshy upper portion to be exact. I squirmed and squealed, pleaded and nearly broke down into tears as I realized what he meant to do.

He managed to attach a clothes pin to the fleshy upper portion of my cunt despite my protests. While decidedly uncomfortable, the pressure was bearable.

Then to my horror, Daddy announced he had to do some things in the house, turned off the lights, and left me there bound and helpless with only the glow of the TV for light. I was too stunned to protest as he shut the door behind him...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toy Review: The Elegance Sensual Vibrator by Extase

My dear Shelly at Shelly's Toy Box has given me yet another delicious toy for testing. This time I had the pleasure of testing a wonderful new vibrator… the Elegance by Extase.

This is a dual motor silicone vibrator that provides 5 modes of vibration. The upper and lower buttons found on the control pad scroll through the various vibration modes while the right and left buttons control the intensity of the vibrations. It is very discreet in its quiet vibrations and fashionable all black color. It is splash proof making for fun in the shower as well as the bedroom. It is easily cleaned with simple antibacterial soap and water. Here’s the really cool part about this toy…it is rechargeable! That’s right, no more losing power as your batteries slowly die over time, no more packages of batteries stuffed into your drawer, or if you are like me, desperately searching through your children’s electronic toys for the correct size batteries to borrow…LOL. Even cooler…the Elegance can be charged via a USB port on your computer or laptop, or via a regular power outlet using the wall adaptor. Like every toy Shelley has sent me for review, the Elegance comes very attractively packaged. The toy itself lies on top within its own little compartment with a pull out drawer underneath housing the USB and wall adaptors as well as an alluring little French envelope holding the detailed instruction guide and a plush carrying bag for the toy.

Now for the fun part…what happened when I played with my new toy? Bells and whistles went off inside my head, that’s what happened!! I am a girl who likes a lot of power in her toys and the Elegance absolutely delivers in that department! I had no problem getting the vibrations up to a nice intense level like I enjoy. However, if you enjoy softer sensations, you will have no problem finding those in the Elegance as well. The control pad is very well positioned and easy to operate even in the midst of pleasure. The dual motors allow for some very pleasurable sensations. Some modes concentrate vibrations towards the top insertable portion of the toy while others alternate vibrations between the insertable portion and the base of the toy by making use of the two motors. This results in stimulation within the vagina as well as stimulation in the area of the labia. The two modes I most enjoyed were one which made use of this dual motor capability with a keenly rapid pulsing sort of sensation, and another which concentrated exquisitely powerful vibrations towards the tip of the toy which I was able to angle towards just the right spot inside me for several mind blowing moments of pleasure.

In summary, the Elegance would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s toy box. It delivers what it promises, and then some! It will be in constant rotation in my bedroom for some time to come. I anoint the Elegance with my very first 10 out of 10Big O’s.

Friday, July 16, 2010

There's No More Joe, Don't You Know

I am sorry to report that it looks like there will be no further adventures with Joe for the time being. It really is rather disappointing as he was EXACTLY what we have been searching for...clean cut( I mean military clean cut which is so attractive to me), terribly good looking, agressive and self assured in his dominance of me, respectful, single, lives alone and able to host our play as Jay and I would obviously be rarely able to do so and are in no position to run up hotel bills to get our kicks

He seemed intensely interested in further adventures the week after our incredibly hot encounter. We exchanged several hot emails and texts, and discussed the possiblity of him coming over for dinner and play this weekend as both children would be gone. Then he went out of town the 4th of July weekend, and seemed lukewarm at best once he returned. Then he simply stopped communicating altogether.

I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what the hell had happened, wondering if I had done or said something to put him off...certain that the problem must be on my end somewhere.

In the end, the reason was exactly what Jay had tried to tell me it was. He finally texted Jay this week after two weeks of silence to explain that he had been in the process of getting back together with an ex, and would be unable to play anymore.

In many ways I felt very much relieved to know the problem did not lie with me at all. It also seems to say to me that my assessment of Joe as a basically decent guy was correct. Granted, keeping me on hold until he figured out what was going to develop with the ex, wasn't so nice, but not playing with me while also beginning anew with an ex says something about him as well.

So it seems I must begin my search anew. Who knows what I may have up my sleeve...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toy Review: The Urja by Vida

My dear Shelly at Shelly’s Toybox has entrusted me with yet another intriguing product for review. I was quite fascinated by the design and intended use for this toy which is the Urja by Vida. This toy is a remote controlled vibrating orb that rests nicely inside your most secret part.

Like every toy I have received from Shelly, this one comes elegantly packaged. The remote control and rechargeable vibrating orb come nestled inside a faux leather case along with a handy storage bag for discrete transporting of the toy as well as a power adapter for charging the orb and a product manual.

The waterproof Urja has a unique hour glass design that did fit very comfortably inside me. It is made of anodized gun metal aluminum and midnight absidian silicone. The orb can be retrieved easily via its hygienic silicone cord. I worried a bit about the cord stretching and tearing the first time or two I attempted to retrieve it, but it is indeed secure and made to withstand significant pressure. The battery driven remote control glows with a low pink light at it delivers five speeds of vibration to the orb resting inside you. The Urja comes with a one year warranty which states that if due to any defect in materials or workmanship, the product fails to maintain its integrity or its moving parts become inoperable within one year from the date of purchase, the manufacturer will replace it with a like or reasonably similar product.

So what happened when Jay and I put it to the test? The first time we used the Urja in our play was in our very own bedroom as we watched porn and mutually masturbated together. The orgasm I obtained with the orb vibrating inside me was more intense than I had experienced in quite some time. It left me panting, and dripping with my own arousal.

The second time we spent some time with the Urja was during an impromptu dinner outing. I inserted the toy before leaving for dinner, feeling very naughty about the secret resting inside me. As I indicated, it did fit very comfortably inside my secret area whether I was sitting or walking. I had some concern about the possibility of the orb somehow falling out from between my legs as I walked, presenting an embarrassing predicament in public, but I needn’t have worried as it did remain securely in place.

As Jay and I walked into the restaurant and waited to be seated, I gave a small start as I felt the Urja begin to vibrate within me. We exchanged a mischievous grin before being shown to our table in an out of the way corner of the restaurant. The toy’s operation was very quiet between my folds. I was not the least bit concerned about any noise that might give my secret away. The soft vibrations massaging me from within quickly ramped up my arousal. My legs parted as I ran my hand along Jay’s thigh under the table. Placing my order with the waiter as the Urja vibrated secretly within me gave me quite an erotic thrill. However, we were soon to discover the disappointing little problem with this toy. As Jay attempted to turn off the orb to save the battery charge for further play later in the evening, we found it to be impossible. No matter what angle he discreetly tried to aim the remote, he simply could not get the orb to respond. He finally handed it to me, I placed it under the table, aimed it directly between my legs and clicked numerous times, all to no avail…the toy continued to buzz away inside me. As you can imagine, the longer it buzzes the less sensitive the area becomes. It buzzed so long that I was only able to ascertain whether or not it was still on by placing my hands on my lower abdomen to feel the buzzing of the toy. I was happy to get home that evening and remove the endless vibration from within me. I spoke with Shelly and her husband at Shelly’s Toybox and they we agreed I should send the unit back under the warranty, and they sent me a second unit to try out.

Wanting to give the toy a fair try, we took it out for one more test spin Sunday as we ran a few errands. Jay clicked the remote control held in his pocket as I exited the car at the store setting off a pleasant little buzz within me. We walked about the store conducting our business as the toy happily buzzed away within me creating mildly pleasurable feelings. When I decided it was time to turn it off, we again had a bit of trouble getting it to stop. We finally had to stand face to face discretely in an out of the way aisle as Jay clicked numerous times until I finally indicated to him that the vibrations had stopped.

When we got into the car and continued on our journey I was feeling quite aroused more by the secret nature of what we were doing in public, in broad daylight than by the intensity of the physical sensations themselves. As we drove I lifted my skirt and ran my fingers over my increasingly moistening folds as Jay clicked the toy back on until we finally decided to find a secluded area to pull over and enjoy some “private” time together.

For me, the greatest pleasure derived from the Urja was more psychological than physical. I was highly aroused by the secret I held between my legs of which only Jay and I were aware. I only know the workings and sensations of my own body, but I do know that the inside of a woman’s vagina is significantly less sensitive than the outer areas and of course, the clitoris. I honestly did not derive more than mild pleasure from the Urja as it vibrated inside me although the orgasms I achieved while stimulating my clitoris as the toy vibrated within me were greatly enhanced by the Urja’s vibrations. A major drawback for the Urja was the difficulty in getting the remote to properly control the orb inside me. I honestly doubt that Jay and I will put the toy to much more use in public due to how difficult it is to control discreetly. In summary I would give the Urja a 5 out of 10 Big O’s.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why a 2nd Dominant?

This has been a thought provoking question rolling around in my head lately. First posed by Joe last week as he was trying to determine what Jay and I were looking for in him as a play partner. I had what I felt was only a partial answer for him at the time, until the same sort of question was posed by Jay today in trying to work out where everyone fits into this admittedly unusual threesome.

The answer struck me like a lightening bolt today as I tried to articulate it to Jay. It is three-fold in nature. First, I wish for and am aroused by treatment that is in many ways rougher and more extreme than Jay is comfortable with by virtue of the fact that I am his wife. By the same token, I am not necessarily comfortable with my husband being the one dishing out the handling I envision in my darkest fantasies. We both really enjoy the intense spankings, hair pulling, nipple play, restraints, but there are some acts that may not necessarily be appropriate for husband and wife to get comfortable with enjoying.

Joe was much rougher with me than Jay has ever been, and I loved it. At one point he had his hand around my throat and I wanted to whisper to him to tighten his grip, but I knew Jay had set ground rules with him for only light choking. I believe he allowed that only because he knows how much I get off on it. I wanted Joe to slap me in the face (Jay has done this but only very reluctantly and uncomfortably after I begged), but I knew Jay had set ground rules for Joe forbidding this too. My feeling is that I actually do want my husband to be uncomfortable doing some of these types of things to me, but I still long for someone to do them to me with Jay’s approval and protective participation.

Second, I like a dose of measured fear and perceived danger with my domination which simply does not (and should not) exist with my own husband. I don’t quiver with dread when I have failed to carry out his orders for I know his threats are limited. I know just how far he is willing to go when he disciplines me. I get off on the element of the unknown or at least the element of knowing a 2nd dominant truly can afford to see me as his plaything to enjoy and abuse as he wishes while still within certain agreed upon parameters and with respect for safe words. There was a point during our play with Joe in which he had my face tightly shoved into the sofa cushion, pinning me down by the back of the neck as he fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked in my life. I had a very small pocket of air in which to breath...I felt utterly powerless and a little fightened by how far he might take it which left me dripping wet. I was able to relax and enjoy it because my Jay was there enjoying the whole scene as he carefully monitored it.

Third, a major element of arousal in this type of play is the exchanging of power. I long to surrender my power utterly to another. Again, for me, I cannot seem to do this with my husband. The very nature of our relationship greatly inhibits it. We raise children together, we run a household together, we share in every facet of each others lives, and we are best friends in addition to being lovers. I want to experience the joy of whole heartedly surrendering my power to another without fear of how this might affect other areas of our lives or relationship. A 2nd dominant would have no real relationship with me other than to be my dominant, and hopefully a friend as well.

I am very eager for feedback from others on these thoughts and feelings. I would be most keen to hear what other submissives have to say, however, sadly I suspect I have few female submissive readers. My readership seems to be predominantly male, but I am sure any and all who care to comment would have something of value to say.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!!

Jay and our son will be continuing what has become a neighborhood tradition over the past several years. They will make asses of themselves setting off the aresenal of fireworks you see below while the neighbors sit in our driveway, drink, and have a great time!

Hey ya'll watch this...