Monday, June 29, 2009

Erotic Summer Reading

Just a quick summer reading recommendation for those who share my dark desires. I am currently in the throes of the second book in the Beauty triology penned by A. N. Roquelaure, otherwise known to most of us as Anne Rice.

The narrative elaborates on The Tale of Sleeping Beauty in a most deviant and erotic way. In the first book, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty is rescued by the handsome prince only to be dragged away naked from her homeland to his castle where she lives as his prized slave enduring all manner of punishment and erotic education.

I am in the very beginning pages of the second book right now, Beauty's Punishment. The dear little Beauty has wilfully disobeyed her Prince and been sent to the dreaded village to be auctioned off with the other naughty slaves for a summer's worth of servitude and degradation by the commoners. She has just been claimed as the personal slave of the uncompromsingly dominant Captain of the Guard. Their latest scene had me running to the bathroom after work to care for my quivering, wet little pussy.

My nether regions inevitably pulse and tingle each time I pick up these books. It probes at my deepest, darkest desires that I dare not speak aloud. It delves into my wish to submit, to bend to another's will no matter what the cost. Paradoxically, there seems to be such freedom found in such submission.

For those among you who share my kinks, I think you will find this a wonderfully delicious read.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Happy Ride

As I related in my last post, Jay and I enjoyed a nice weekend getaway last weekend filled with sex. One of our hottest encounters occured during the trip down. We had a 6 hour drive, with nothing but time together.

About 3 hours into the drive, Jay instructed me to reach into the bag in the back seat and take out the blindfold and the glass dildo. I was to lay my seat back, put the blindfold on, lift my dress, and fuck myself with the dildo. Like a good little girl, I did exactly as I was told.

My pussy was wet within seconds of placing the blindfold on. The smooth glass of the dildo slid easily into my warm cunt. Jay reached over to pull the top of my dress down to play with my nipples as I fucked myself harder and faster with the glass toy. I have no doubt numerous truckers along our route got quite the little show!

After quite some time of me moaning and writhing as I fucked myself, Jay instructed me to turn the toy around. Again, like a good little girl, I did as I was told. I rubbed the bulbous end against my asshole until I was able to slip just the tip inside. I continued to finger my clit as I slowly worked the toy into my asshole. My whole body tingled with lust as I fucked my ass with the toy and rubbed my hard, wet clit.

"Find somewhere to pull over," I moaned.

Not needing to be told twice, Jay pulled off at the next exit and drove us around in the middle of nowhere until he found a nice wooded area to hide us at the side of the road.

My dress was pulled over my head leaving me fully naked as I got out of the car, squatted in front of Jay, ass still plugged with the toy, and took his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked as my pussy juices ran down the insides of my thighs.

Before I could finish him, Jay lifted me back up into the car and entered me. My tits bounced up and down as he fucked me fast and hard. Again, before he could finish, he jerked me back out of the car, on my knees in the dirt in front of him and ordered me to suck my cunt juices off him.

I sucked hard, moaning around his swollen cock, as our bodies began to bead with sweat, and mosquitos buzzed about us. I was soon rewarded with a mouthful of his hot, sweet cum. God but I love his taste.

What a perfect beginning to our weekend fuckfest!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Weekend Getaway

Jay and I had a wonderful little getaway to the beach sans children last weekend. Much fun was had by all, save for the $80 parking ticket we received Saturday morning by a bitchy cop who was bothered by our vehicle being parked approximately one inch too far into the road. My current theory is that she is only getting one inch worth of cock causing her to be particuarly cranky!!

The weekend was filled with fucking, followed by relaxation, followed by more fucking. We had a particuarly hot encounter on the drive down which I will endeavor to relate for you in the next few days.

In the meantime, enjoy the fact that Jay discovered a beach for us where I might sunbathe topless...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Ghosts We Live With

Sometimes when I am alone and pleasuring myself I am overcome with sobbing immediately after I orgasm. It is a pretty rare occurance these days, but it once happened fairly reguarly. It is as if the release is so complete that the mental filters that keep my emotions in check are temporarily breached allowing everything to come spilling up and out. It is not so much sadness that I feel in these moments, but a longing for him.

I am almost always thinking of him when it happens, wishing he was with me to witness my pleasure. My sexual appetite is always more intense when shared with him. I long to watch him take his cock in his hand for me, stroking it for my enjoyment, and watch the fountain of his release spurt all over his hands, licking my lips like a vampire on the hunt at the thought of tasting him.

He opened a door to my sexuality I never knew existed. He led me to an opulant, sometimes dark corner of my mind filled with lust, desire, longing, punishment and pain. It's a corner that belongs only to him;I have surrendered ownership of it. Others have attempted to stake claim to it, but it's never completely theirs.

The tears come from this corner of my mind. They come at long last with an acceptance that we can't always get what we want, that letting go is often a matter of self preservation, and that we only greatly mourn that which was great. I enjoy a peaceful acquiesence now to the fact that I am forever joined to him by our shared past, and by the secret places within each other that only we know.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Her Guest-Pt. 2

She stood there obediently, forming a mental picture of how she must appear to the two men standing behind her. Hands locked around her ankles, long hair grazing the floor, black “fuck me” heels her only clothing, ass and pussy exposed and vulnerable. Humiliation coursed through her as she felt her pussy juices begin to run down the inside of her thigh. She hid her blushing face in the crook of her arm as her pussy grew swollen with desire.

She could hear them exchanging words behind her, witnessed the soft, wet sounds of their cocks being stroked for her. Suddenly Daddy stepped toward her, smacking the insides of her thighs with the crop, and ordering,

“Open your legs. Your guest would like to see more of you.”

She spread her legs further apart, still flush with shame as her guest continued to gaze at her while stroking his growing cock.

“Now let’s show him what a good girl you are, pet. Show him how well you take what’s coming to you,” Daddy crooned.

He bent to her ear, his cock grazing the back of her thigh as he whispered in her ear,

“Not a single fucking sound. Daddy does not want to hear even one moan from those pretty little lips.”

He rose and immediately struck her with the crop. She jumped, yet managed to keep her lips sealed. Daddy began his teachings in earnest, striking her over and over on the buttocks, the backs of the thighs, the back.

She squeezed her eyes shut, clamped her lips tight and bore this pain for Daddy. Her body tingled with the mixture of pleasure and pain.

Daddy’s blows came with even greater force in her most vulnerable places, all along the backs of her thighs, nearly grazing her naked, unprotected cunt until finally she cried out.

She realized too late this was what he wanted all along. Without a moment’s hesitation, her guest jerked her head up by the hair, gagged her with his tie, and told her to “shut the fuck up.”

She stood there now, ass burning with heat, mouth tied and gagged, wondering how she might make up for her transgression. How might she please them?

She soon found her answer as Daddy shoved her onto the bed.

She landed on top of their guest, his rigid cock bumping against her mound. She came face to face with him, mouth tightly bound, eyes wide with anticipation.

“Put my cock inside you, love,” he directed.

She placed her hand between her legs, grasped his cock and squeezed gently as she guided him to her entrance. She rubbed him between her lips, lubing him well, before sliding him inside. She moved slowly up and down as he cupped her breasts, twisting her pink nipples until she squealed with pleasure.

Daddy was behind her now, shoving her forward against their guest’s chest, his cock still buried deep inside her cunt. She felt Daddy’s fingers on her asshole, warm and slick with lube. The pieces slowly clicked into place in her mind, and she understood what Daddy meant to do an instant before his cock nudged up against her asshole.

She began to squirm, screaming against her gag as Daddy held her hips firmly as he inched his cock into her ass.

“There, there baby, relax. Enjoy the ride,” Daddy encouraged.

She could hear herself snorting like a little pony as she pushed back into Daddy’s cock. He began to move slowly inside her ass, as their guest thrust into her pussy underneath her. She felt full, stretched to overflowing, her clit rubbing against their guest’s pubic bone as her two holes were fucked faster and harder.

She groaned against her gag as her pleasure increased. Her body bounced to and fro as they each pounded into her from below and behind. Daddy slapped her ass playfully as he fucked her; their guest snuck his hand up to her breasts again as they slapped against his chest, pinching her nipples as she moaned in ecstasy.

She began to pant as they pounded her holes harder and harder. She collapsed on top of their guest as she gave in to the rising tide of pleasure and writhed in orgasm against him. She was dimly aware of his teeth biting the back of her neck, followed by a frenzied fucking of each of her holes before they both filled her with their warm, sweet fluid.

She had been such a good little whore. Daddy was well pleased, their guest was satisfied. She looked forward to her next opportunity to pleasure each of them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Her Guest-Pt. 1

The following is entirely a work of fiction, but you never know what fantasies might be lived out in the near future!

Daddy had her naked with the exception of her black stilettos, on all fours, collared and leashed like the little toy she was. She snuck a furtive glance at their guest, sitting there in the corner, still in his uniform, waiting to be entertained by Daddy’s pet. Daddy bade her crawl to the bed with a quick tug on her leash He led her up onto the bed, her naked ass and pussy swaying gently in front of her audience. She waited silently for her discipline to begin.

Daddy’s hand met her ass with a resounding smack that echoed through the silent hotel room. It was followed by several more such blows as her ass began to smart with heat. Her mind’s eye painted a picture of what the guest in the corner must be witnessing…her ass marked with Daddy’s handprints, her back arched, curls flowing down her back. Her pussy twitched and grew wet with these thoughts.

Daddy slid a finger into her crotch, felt the wetness there, and growled.

“You like playing the little whore, do you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” came her respectful reply.

“Whores must be taught their place, mustn’t they?”

“Yes, Daddy,” came her reply again.

She felt the sharp sting of the paddle as Daddy bore it down on her ass, heard the pop it made as it met her skin. She tried very hard to bear his punishment in silence, but a small scream escaped her lips with the second blow. She gripped the sheets in her hands, buried her face in the pillows as she groaned out her pain while Daddy continued his relentless education with the paddle.

After some time, she felt hands soothing her burning ass. They were not Daddy’s hands. This fact alone caused her cunt to drip, her clit to stand at attention. She felt his lips kissing her abused bottom, a tongue slid between the folds of her cheeks. This same tongue traveled the length of her back, a hand brushing her hair aside, breath in her ear as he whispered,

“Your ass looks so pretty all marked and red, love.”

She heard the jingle of his belt as he removed it from his pants. Waited as he wrapped it once around his fist, then moaned deeply as he dealt his first blow. She felt it travel through her whole body and exit at her toes. Daddy rubbed her back and bent to whisper words of love and comfort to her as their guest continue his assault on her ass.

Sweat broke out along her body as she felt herself nearing her threshold of pain. Daddy now restrained her upper body, as she bucked and swayed her hips, attempting to escape the blows that rained down on her searing ass.

Just as she felt she must beg for mercy, she was released.

“On the floor and turn around,” Daddy ordered.

She found herself on the floor, kneeling in front of this man, his trousers unzipped, rock hard cock poking against his boxers.

“Look what you’ve done now, you little slut,” Daddy admonished.

“Get busy taking care of that for him,” he told her.

With trembling hands and engorged pussy, she pulled his trousers to his ankles, followed by the boxers. His cock oozed his excitement. She licked her lips in anticipation of tasting him.
He moaned softly as she took him in her mouth. She slowly swallowed his entire shaft, held him at the back of her throat a moment, before traveling back up. She circled his head with her tongue, before letting him pop free of her mouth. Her eager tongue slid down the underside of his shaft to his full balls. She buried her face in his balls, licking and sucking until he grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her back up to the head of his cock.

He forced his cock to the back of her throat, gagging her as his hips thrust back and forth at her. She took long, succulent pulls on his cock enjoying the taste and smell of him. She felt his cock growing even fatter against her tongue, felt his precum flowing freely down the back of her throat.

With one final thrust, he exploded in her mouth, his cum warm and salty as it slid down her throat. His groans filling her ears as his orgasm crested and subsided.

Her eyes never left Daddy during the entire encounter, following his lead, searching for what pleased him. He signaled that she rise, then bent her at the waist, hands wrapped around her ankles...

Friday, June 5, 2009


It was the new piece of lingerie that set me off. It was barely there, black, feminine. It made me feel sexy, made me feel hot, made me want to please him. I draped my body over his on the bed, my legs dangling over the edge,our bodies forming a cross as if my subconcious were already surrendering.

I heard his hand reaching, fumbling for something at the side of the bed. I knew it was an instrument of punishment, but not which one. I didn't have to wait long to learn it was the bamboo cane he held in his hand as it met the flesh of my ass with a resounding wallop.

And so it began...

The endless sound of the cane smacking against my ass with ever increasing force. I buried my face in the pillow in front of me so as to muffle the sound of the desperate moans I could no more hold inside my throat than I could will myself not to breath.

My one overriding thought was the desire to surrender, to accept, to bear this pain for our mutual pleasure. My mind began to shut down, focusing only on acceptance and the cathartic release in the pain. My ass began to squirm in spite of myself in a futile effort to escape his blows. His hand went to my ass, rubbing soothingly as he admired his work.

A finger found it's way past the fabric of my new lingerie, into my pussy. A thumb rubbed my clit as a finger fucked my cunt. My hips gyrated, seeking more release as my hands flailed about until they found his well muscled thigh which I stroked, enjoying the sensation of hard muscle beneath my fingers. As if by accident, my hands found their way to his swollen cock. My mouth was not far behind; hungrily sucking as he alternately fucked my holes and whacked my burning ass. We were a fenzy of fucking, sucking, and slapping.

He rolled me off of him, onto my back. Roughly shoving the fabric of the new lingerie aside, he entered me. My pussy wet, swollen and aching for him, my desire uncontainable with the novelty of fucking with my panties simply pushed to the side as he had done.

We bucked and groped at each other, my fingers working my throbbing little clit, his hands wrapped deliciously, painfully around my ankles. My whole body was tense with wanting...wanting to accept, wanting to please, wanting to drown in him, wanting to cum. Orgasm washed through my body seemingly as reward for all my longing. His warm, precious deposit soon followed, milked from him by my clenching cunt.

As we lay together afterwards, a tangle of arms and legs, lazily exchanging slow kisses, I felt so content to be here in this particular moment, married to this particular man who was never afraid to give me what I want. I have the deep purple bruise on my ass this week as a reminder of how much he loves me, and loves what we do together.