Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making Daddy Wait-Conclusion

“Did you learn anything while I was gone, pet?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“Just what have you learned, little one?”

“To be a good girl, to obey Daddy no matter what,” she replied dutifully.

"That’s right, sugar,” he crooned as he kissed her cheek, his tongue flicking out to brush across her lips.

“Let’s see if you have indeed learned that lesson,” he mused.

Daddy tenderly removed her restraints, allowed her to sit up, drink some water, stretch her limbs. He had her lie on her tummy, coated her with lavender scented lotion and massaged her sore muscles.

When she was properly relaxed he whispered, “Come with me my pet,” as he led her from the bed to the hotel room’s balcony.

The view was stunning. The bustling city was lit up and humming with life. She could see the hotel pool far below them with a few laughing occupants even at this late hour.

“Show Daddy what you’ve learned now,” he encouraged as he spread her legs and tied each ankle to the balcony railing.

”Bend over, let Daddy see that pretty pussy,” he breathed.

He got down on his knees behind her; she could feel his breath on her as he took in her scent. His tongue ran a wet line from her asshole to her clit as she softly moaned her enjoyment.

“What are you not to do, pet?” he asked.

“Cum, Sir,” she responded.

“That’s right,” he agreed as he stood and stroked his hand lovingly down her back, over the curve of her ass and back up again.

“Daddy will tell you when it’s time to cum,” he informed her.

He wrapped his body around hers from behind, his semi erect cock brushing against her thigh, his hand finding its way to her cunt, his fingers circling her clit.

“Such a sweet, wet little pussy,” he marveled.

“Mmm, Mmmmm,” was all she could get out as he stimulated her needy clit.

He continued to stroke, picking up his tempo as the juices flowed out of her cunt and her breath began to come in ragged gasps. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the railing, determined to obey Daddy’s orders this time, determined not to cum. Just when she began to fear she was losing control when she felt her pussy begin to contract, his hand left her clit.

She felt her ass being spread wide, felt warm lube pouring over it, felt Daddy’s fingers slide into her asshole.

“Does Daddy’s baby like that, hmmmm?”

“Yes, Sir” she grunted out between clinched teeth.

“Maybe you’ll like this even more,” he mused as he slid a toy into her ass, turned it on to vibrate and hum inside her tingling asshole.

Daddy reached around to pinch her nipples, as the toy continued to vibrate inside her.

“Fuck,” she moaned softly.

“Yes, I think she likes that,” Daddy asserted.

She felt his hands on her hips, raising them higher into the air, opening her pussy wide to him. She felt his cock at the entrance of her drenched hole, and cried out with anticipation of what was coming.

He slid slowly inside her, their moans mingling in the night air as he entered. Her pussy felt fuller than it ever had before with the anal plug pressing against it inside her ass. She fought back a scream as he began to thrust inside her.

“Oh fuck, such a wet tight little cunt,” Daddy moaned.

“Look down there, slut, they are watching you get fucked,” he told her.

Her gaze turned to the pool, where a group of swimmers appeared to be looking their way, heads upturned, bodies motionless and still.

Daddy pounded into her with all his might, as she fought for control of her own body.

“Touch yourself,” Daddy ordered her.

Her hand quickly flew to her hard clit, circling in just the right spot.

“You want to cum, don’t you cunt?”

“Yes, Sir” she gasped.

He pounded into her harder still.

“Feels so good getting fucked in the cunt and the ass, doesn’t it?” he prompted.

“Yes, Yes, Yes Sir, it does,” she yelled.

Without a word, Daddy came inside her, running sticky and wet over her cunt, her thighs, and her ass.

He pulled out of her, and she looked around at him, fearful she would not be allowed to cum.

“Don’t stop,” Daddy told her.

She continued to rub her clit, now even wetter with Daddy’s cum.

“That’s it, take yourself there slut,” he encouraged.

She felt his hand on the plug, fucking her ass as she rubbed herself.

“Daddy, Daddy,” she moaned.

With one hard thrust he shoved the toy high into her ass and shouted,

“NOW... do it now, cum you fucking little slut.”

Her body went slack, as she finally released in orgasm, her pussy squirting all over her legs as she pulsed. She cried out her pleasure, long and loud, oblivious of any witnesses.

When her orgasm finally subsided, she collapsed against the railing of the balcony, spent and breathless. Daddy wrapped her in his arms from behind, caressing her sweaty head, moving her tangled curls to one side to kiss the back of her neck, running his hand from her neck, across her breasts, over her belly as he murmured to her,

“That’s Daddy’s good little girl. I love you, my sweet angel,” he whispered.

As she nurtered her soul with Daddy's praise, he untied the rope binding her ankles to the balcony, and led her inside. He took her to the shower where he tenderly bathed her from head to toe, wrapped her in a warm terrycloth robe, and settled her on the bed. He ordered room service for his hungry little girl, and watched her eat with gusto. Then Daddy wrapped her in his arms for a long, peaceful sleep content that his girl had learned a valuable lesson she wouldn't soon forget.


Anonymous said...

this was a hot story.

xoxox mina

bigd44 said...

Well Mimi you really wrote a hot sexy story. Thank you. How wet did you get while you were writing this? Did you have to touch your sweet little pussy while you were writing? Can't wait to see what's next!

Mimi said...

Mina...thank you. I do SO enjoy yours and Sylvanus' writing as well.

BigD...Glad you enjoyed my dirty little fantasy. Most certainly I had to touch myself during many of the writing sessions. Once even going back to work and sneaking into the bathroom to rub my wet pussy to a rather intense orgasm!