Monday, January 5, 2009

The Best Sex of My Life

Yesterday evening, Jay and I lay, as usual, on our bed, dazed and tired after a long day. We lazily watched TV for a while until I turned to him and began planting small kisses along his face as I pressed my body along his.

He got up to lock the door, announcing, "Since you are in such an obedient mood tonight, let' s see what fun we can have."

He walked over to the nightstand to retrieve the leather cuffs (A Christmas present with which we have had much fun!) as I lay face down on the bed, waiting.

He approached me, telling me to kneel on my knees on the bed. He lifted my shirt over my head, leaving me naked from the waist up. He then moved my hair to the side to attach my collar snugly around my neck, the O ring facing towards the back. He then applied the leather cuffs to each wrist, threaded a rope through them, binding my arms tightly behind my back, then looped the rope through the O ring at my neck. This caused my arms to be raised uncomfortably to the middle of my back, and the collar to press even more tightly against my throat, nearly choking me. It was at this point that my pussy began to gush. I drew in a careful breath, anxiously testing whether or not I could still draw air into my lungs. When I had satisfied myself that I could indeed still breath, I relaxed just a little, until I was shoved down face first onto the bed.

I felt his hands on my bottom, tugging my pants down just below my ass crack. Then, the ever present bamboo cane (another recent addition to our toy box courtesy of Christmas glee) lightly stinging my flesh. The pants were soon pulled off altogether so that a more thorough spanking via cane and hand could be handed out, although sadly not as thoroughly as either of us would have liked due to the presence of the children ( our daughter asleep in her room, and our son downstairs playing video games). I felt his stiff cock between my feet, and began to stroke him. My toes worked up and down his shaft seeking to please him.

When Sir had tired of spanking me, he bade me get back onto my knees. He watched as I struggled to right myself onto my knees without the aid of my arms and hands. When I had finally complied with his wish, I felt his stiff cock against my naked ass. He was stroking himself against me which always drives me nuts.

"You like that, slut?" he whispered into my hair.

"Yes, Sir" I breathed.

"Good girl." he cooed.

He began to undo my bindings at this point, and I was confused. I was not nearly ready for the game to end, nor was Sir I was delighted to discover. He repostioned my bindings such that my hands were now bound in front of me, the rope snaking up between my legs against my wet pussy to be tied again to the O ring at the back of my neck.

"Does that feel good, slut?"

"Yes," I answered as I rubbed my pussy over the rope.

Again I was shoved face first onto the bed. Again the bamboo cane met my ass, the bottoms of my feet, my thighs.

"Yes, that's it. Yes, Sir. Spank me. I'm such a bad girl" I sighed in delight.

"Shut up," Sir commanded.

The blows came faster, sharper as I ground my face into the bed doing my best to take my punishment in silence like a good girl.

He ordered me back up again, this time helping me by tugging on the back of my hair. Again I felt his cock being stroked against my ass. This time I could feel that the head was sticky with his excitement.

I reached down to rub my clit, soaking wet.

"Did I say you could do that, slut?"

"No, Sir."

I received a pop of my ass for my insolence. Again I was shoved down on the bed just before he walked over to rummage in the nightstand drawer again. When he returned I was ordered to get on my knees, in the doggie position.

The rope was moved out of the way between my legs as lube was poured onto my already slick cunt and ass. Fingers were against my asshole, rubbing, massaging, kneading just before a toy was slid inside.

I am normally not one much for anal play however, whatever was in my ass at this moment felt really, really good.

"Push back against me," he whispered.

I did as I was told, and felt the toy slid further in as I moaned my pleasure.

I felt him moving, postioning himself. Oh dear God, could it be, was he about to slide inside my pussy while this toy was in my ass? I felt my cunt swell and pulse as he entered me. This felt like heaven.

He began to thrust, slowly at first building up the pleasure. My hands moved to my clit with a will of their own. I slid my fingers down to my cunt to wet them, feeling Sir's cock pouding in and out before bringing them back up to circle my clit. I pushed back against him as his thrusts grew stronger. The sensations in my cunt and ass unlike any I had ever experienced before. My conciousness narrowed to a pinpoint. I was nothing but a cunt and an ass at this point. I rushed towards orgasm like a freight train, stifling my cries against the mattress as my pussy and ass pulsed and pulsed in orgasm drawing Jay's own orgasm along with me.

And now, you have witnessed the best sex of my life. Last night at the age of 38 I enjoyed the best sex of my entire life right in my own bedroom with my very own husband!!


An Artist Exposed said...

Thank you for sharing that wonderful moment with us. May 2009 bring even greater pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's smoking hot. Thanks so much for sharing.

Best wishes for ever more erotic experiences in '09.


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome! Much more to come for you both I hope...

Anonymous said...

You know what's so great about declaring the "best sex of your life"? Is that you still have many days ahead of you and that day can be replaced with an even better day! Yay for Best.Sex.Ever!

xoxox mina

My expressions LIVE said...

Glad you had an enjoyable time....thanks for sharing!

bigd44 said...

Mimi, very hot story! I love reading about you getting your ass spanked. Does the cane leave marks on your sexy ass? I sure would like to see a pic after you have been spanked. Keep the stories comming, I can't wait to read your new story later tonight.