Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Making Daddy Wait-Part 3

When Daddy’s breathing returned to normal after his animal fucking of her, he pulled her up, removed her clothing until she was completely nude and led her to the bed. He bade her lie down for him as he applied the leather cuffs to wrists and ankles, securing each limb to the bed with black nylon rope. Her pussy was already tingling and wet again with anticipation.

He leaned down to whisper against her ear.

“Did you think I didn’t know that you came, you insolent little slut?” he crooned.

“Did you think I couldn’t feel that tight little pussy squeezing me over and over again?” he accused.

“What a pathetic, undisciplined little cunt you are. You can’t even control your own body,” he berated.

She watched as he got off the bed, and put his clothing back on. He wandered into the bathroom where she heard him relieve himself, heard the water running as he washed up.

He returned to her, leaned over the bed, and whispered again against her ear,

“I’m just going to leave you here to think about that while I get some dinner. When I need to cum again, I’ll be back.”

With that, he walked out of the room and left her there, naked and tied to the bed.

She fought back tears. She had failed her Daddy. He was angry with her. Would he ever return? What if he just left her here for the housekeeping crew to find the next morning? Worse, what if he didn’t love her anymore?

Minutes turned to hours as she waited. Her arms and legs ached, her hungry stomach grumbled, her anxiety increased with every passing minute. Finally, after 3 hours of waiting for him, as she began to doze off in spite of herself, Daddy mercifully returned.

Without a word, he undressed, climbed onto the bed, straddled her head and shoved his cock into her mouth.

“I need to cum again, slut,” he told her.

She worked frantically to please him, to absolve herself of her earlier transgression. She lifted her head, bobbing it up and down as her tongue smoothly circled his shaft. He pulled out of her mouth and presented her with his balls. She ran her tongue over them, spit dangling from her mouth before gently sucking each one into her mouth, kneading and probing with her tongue.

“That’s such a good girl,” Daddy encouraged as he slid his now rock hard cock back into her eager wet little mouth.

Her mouth formed an O around him as he slid to the back of her throat. He began to thrust, shoving himself down her throat as she gagged, eyes watering, but happy to be serving Daddy.

He braced himself against the headboard, thrusting into her open mouth harder and faster, his balls slapping her chin, her spit running out the corners of her mouth as she serviced him, the air around them filled with the sounds of her gagging on Daddy’s cock.

He was unstoppable, plunging into her mouth over and over again until she felt she couldn’t breathe, until her jaw ached, until she was desperate to escape. She attempted to turn her head, squirmed underneath him, helpless and bound.

He placed his knees on her shoulders, grabbed a fistful of hair, pinning her down, as she stared at him wide eyed, mouth full of cock.

“Don’t you move slut until I am finished with you,” he sneered as he fucked her face with all his might.

“You’re….not…done…until…Daddy…cums,” he grunted out between thrusts just as his hot, delicious cum filled her waiting mouth.

She watched as Daddy lost himself in cumming in her mouth. His handsome face went soft, his shoulders relaxed, his breath exited his chest in long moans as she worked her tongue around his head, swallowing every last drop of his precious elixir.

When he was finished using her, he lay beside her, his head nestled on her breasts...

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bigd44 said...

Mimi, this is such a hot story. How bad do you want this to happen for real? How wet was that slutty little cunt while you were writing this? Can't wait for the next part. Thanks