Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Daddy Wait-Part 2

When safely inside, Daddy roughly bent her over the desk chair her dress riding up over her ass, to reveal the garters holding her stockings up.

SLAP went his palm against her ass. THWACK, CRACK, SLAM as he assaulted her ass over and over again ignoring her cries of pain mixed with pleasure.

“What a disobedient slut I have produced,” he spat.

“What time did I tell you to be here, cunt?” he asked.

“3 o’clock,” she replied in a barely audible whisper.

Daddy shoved her to her knees, clenched her face tightly in his hand and bellowed, “YOU WILL ANSWER ME PROPERLY WHEN ADDRESSED, SLUT”

“3 o’clock, Sir,” she replied in a strong voice.

“And what time did you bother to show up my pet?”

“3:40, Sir. I’m very sorry, I tried…”

“SHUT UP. I don’t need your excuses. I need you to follow Daddy’s directions.”

“Stand up,” he directed.

She stood obediently, and was shoved back over the chair again.

She listened bravely, her body quivering with anticipation as Daddy removed his belt from his pants.

SMACK went the belt against her naked flesh. SLAP, CRACK, THWACK Daddy bore down on her helpless ass over and over again as she moaned with pleasure.

“Does my little girl like that?” Daddy asked.

“I know you do,” he answered for her.

“How do I know that little one?” he asked.

“I…I…don’t know Sir” she replied.

“Because your cunt juices are running all over your stockings,” he told her.

“I wonder if you will like this as much,” he queried as he met her ass with a large black paddle.

The room was filled with the sounds of the paddle meeting her ass as she cried out her pain, her lust, her desire to please Daddy.

When she was trembling and sweating, Daddy got on his knees behind her to caress, to kiss, to soothe her cherry red ass.

Without warning, he stood, grabbed a fistful of her hair snapping her head back as he plunged himself balls deep inside her. Her pussy was wet and willing as he slammed into her over and over again. Her body shook with each violent thrust, her head began to ache as his grip on her hair was unrelenting, still she moaned her pleasure for him.

“You made Daddy wait with this hard cock all day,” he grunted out as he pounded her.

His balls slapped loudly against her as his frenzied fucking continued. She wanted badly to touch her swollen little clit as he fucked her.

“May I touch myself, Daddy?”

“You may touch, but no cumming pet,” he responded.

She was afraid this would be part of her punishment. She didn’t think she could hold back so she simply didn’t touch at all.

“I said rub that clit but don’t cum, you stupid bitch,” he spat out.

She obediently moved a hand to her aching clit, rubbing slowly, willing herself not to cum. As if it possessed a will of its own, her finger picked up it’s pace against her drench little clit. Before she could stop herself, she was there, falling over the edge of the abyss, cumming despite Daddy’s directions. She knew enough not to moan, to breath as shallowly as possible, to let the wave wash over her in silence in the hope he wouldn’t know, wouldn’t feel the spasms around his cock.

He fucked her even harder, her tits swinging free, banging painfully against the chair. She winced as both hands gripped her hips now still tender from his spanking.

“Fuck but you have such a tight little pussy,” he moaned just before she felt him empty inside her, hot and sticky, filling her until his cum was running down her legs. He let his body fall over hers in exhaustion, stroking her hair, telling her what a good little girl she was, how good she made Daddy feel.

He was far from done with her however…


Anonymous said...

Goddamn this is one smoking hot fantasy.... Great writing, and extremely arousing. I can't wait to see what happens next!


bigd44 said...

This is getting hot Mimi! Off to read part 3