Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Joys of Bottoming

Ever since this little interlude with Jay, coupled with this interlude before it, I have found myself more and more receptive to the joys of anal play. I have never been a particular fan of anal sex, not because I found it to be taboo or dirty or shameful, but more because I simply did not enjoy the physical sensations of the act. I did, however, engage in it with Jay on occasion when I was feeling particularly submissive. The pleasure in the act for me was not physical at all, but rather mental. I loved the feeling of utter helplessness it gave me, as well as the dominance it brought out in Jay. My mind would go into another space altogether when I offered him this rare delight. I felt wholly submitted, inescapably helpless, and thoroughly dominated.

Things have changed slightly since with our last few sessions of anal play…namely in that I have begun to find some physical pleasure in the act as well. It is a moment frozen in time for me…Jay’s insertion of a small vibrator into my ass which actually felt good, followed by the incredible moment when I realized he was going to enter my pussy as the vibrator fucked my ass leading to a moment of bliss I simply cannot convey with words.

Our fun with anal play continues to evolve. Take this past Sunday morning for example. After safely settling the little one downstairs with cartoons and a morning snack, I returned to lounge in bed with Jay just a bit longer before getting up to prepare for church. He began to lazily run his hands over the front of my body as I lay on my back, caressing my breasts, my stomach, the triangle of hair between my legs. I turned over, my back to his front and shoved my ass towards him. Something I have always found highly arousing is to feel Jay stroking his cock against my ass, or even better to open my ass cheeks to accept a hot load of cum between them. This is what I was going for this particular morning.

I enjoyed the sound and feel of him stroking his cock against my ass until I was good and wet. I moved my hands down to my ass, spread my cheeks and whispered, “Come on my ass, baby.” I grew wetter just with the utterance of those words. I found myself inserting a finger high into my ass for him, knowing he could feel what I was doing as our hands were bumping into each other as he continued to stroke. He stopped for a moment, rummaged around in the nightstand drawer and tossed me my rabbit vibrator. He came back to rest behind me, resuming his stroking. I lay on my side against him, one leg bent in front of me, a finger once again inside my asshole, the rabbit shoved up my cunt. It felt so amazing. I began to fuck my ass with my finger my moans coming faster.

The next thing I knew, Jay was on his knees behind me as I remained in position on my side. He lubed his cock up followed by my asshole then began to shove himself inside me. I couldn’t see how he was ever going to make it inside from this position. The angle seemed wrong, my asshole seemed too tightly closed. I soon discovered it was not only possible, but pleasurable. The head of his cock managed to pop its way inside my ass. As soon as it did, I attempted to shove the rabbit back into my pussy only to discover it was simply too tight at that angle, Jay’s cock popped back out of me. I quickly abandoned the rabbit in favor of my fingers as Jay reinserted his cock inside my ass.

He began to move inside me, slowly at first, my fingers keeping rhythm with him inside my cunt. I grew more and more excited, my pussy literally dripping now, my breath coming in ragged gasps, my ass pushing back to meet him. He picked up his pace as the fingers of my other hand found their way to my clit. I stroked as he fucked my ass…hard. The pleasure built and built until we both dissolved in moans as orgasm washed over us. God, I love to feel his cum leaking out of my ass when we are done. Something about it is so hot.

Throughout the rest of the day, Jay would randomly say to me, “I am thinking about this morning, baby and it’s making me hard again.” Jay seems completely mesmerized by my new enjoyment of anal play. He walks around with this idiotic grin on his face as if he’s just won a million dollars! I am so glad to be able to put that look on my husband’s face.

Sex is good for us at the moment, here’s hoping it will remain so and not be inexplicably, heartbreakingly lost to me again, vanishing like a thief in the night


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

anal is always fun when done right. too much lube and some prep keeps it smooth and SO enjoyable

Alex said...

Great post! So evocative and erotic.....

All the best,


bigd44 said...

Another hot story Mimi! I hope your sex life keeps up to, that way we can read all about it!