Friday, September 3, 2010

The Week of Music: Everybody Hurts

Toay's music offering is REM's "Everybody Hurts." This song brings to mind love #1 from the high school and college days. Specifically it brings to mind the evening he finally told me he was gay and how difficult and painful it was for both of us.

It further brings to mind how he struggled with his identity and to accept who he was. It was a painful time for both of us that eventually drove us apart for a time, and when we did come back into contact with each other it was only sporadic and never the same as it once was.

He is doing very well these days personally and professionally, and I am thrilled for him. He is secure and content with who he is. Time and maturity have allowed me to see that he did indeed love me very much (his words and actions demonstrated this to me). He just couldn't offer it to me in the form I wanted. The form really no longer matters to me. He loved me, and I loved him and the memories of him are something I cherish.

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