Friday, September 17, 2010


So I made mention in this post a couple of weeks ago that I had completed a milestone task for Daddy and HeadMaster(Headmaster encouraged it, but this task was really done for Daddy), and would no longer be required to write my mantra on my body. However, I never made mention of what that task was.

Well, my dearest reader, two weeks ago Sunday I got my nipples pierced. It is something Jay and I have discussed off and on literally for years. We both stopped just short of getting serious about it due to concerns about how it might affect the sensitivity of my nipples. My nipples are extremely sensitive and provide me a great amount of pleasure. The proper stimulation of them can leave me soaking wet and on the edge of orgasm. Losing that sensitivity would be devasting to us both. After extensive research on the subject, the consensus seems to be that in the majority of cases, done professionally and properly cared for, having one's nipples pierced tends to leave them at least as sensitive as they were pre-piercing and often times more sensitive.

Jay and I had been talking more and more seriously about piercing them over the last few weeks. Two weeks ago we were out shopping for birthday presents for my daughter (give me the "mother of the year award" for surviving a sleep over with 8 little girls last weekend to celebrate her 7th birthday!!) when Jay said to me that we were going to get my nipples pierced while we were out. I figured now was as good a time as any, and perhaps it was best to do it on the spur of the moment and not think about it too much.

After birthday shopping was complete, we headed over to the tattoo/piercing shop where I had my navel pierced some years ago. These folks are highly rated and come with many glowing recommendations so I felt good about having it done there.

I actually had my mantra written on my body under my clothing. I would like to say I was brave enough and Daddy was hard enough on me to have made me have them pierced with the mantra still on my body, but he showed me some mercy and allowed me to scrub it off with some wipes we had in the car before going into the shop.

We go in and speak to the guy at the front about what we want done. We had already called earlier to find out their hours and let them know we would probably be coming over today so he was kind of expecting us. Just my luck, the guy who is going to pierce my nipples is quite attractive. I was feeling self concious and nervous enough, now I not only have to bare my breasts to a good looking stranger, I have to let him touch them in a most intimate way.

He prepares everything and takes us to a back room for this rather private type of procedure. I sit in a chair not unlike a dentist's chair, and try not to watch as he readies his alcohol and needles on his tray while donning a pair of gloves.

I ask if I have to remove my shirt completely or just lift it up...silly question really as I know what the answer is. I take it off and toss it to Jay who is happily readying his cell phone to snap some pictures of this momentous occasion.

My handsome piercer swabs each nipple with alcohol,then sets about marking my nipples with a pen for even piercing while asking me if I am nervous. I am about to let you stick a needle through each of my very sensitive tell me if you think I am nervous, Jeff Foxworthy would say, "Here's your sign!"

When the marking is done he takes my left nipple in a tong-like device, places the needle against my nipple and asks if I am ready. I answer that I am while taking a couple of deep breaths. Dearest reader, it HURTS LIKE HELL to have a needle go through your nipple!! I involunatarily spat out "Fuck!" as the needle went through, and then quickly followed it with,"Sorry," as if this handsome, young guy working in a tattoo parlor has never heard such foul language...LOL! He quickly shoved the barbell piercing through the hole he had just made and fastened the little silver ball to the end.

One nipple down, one more to go. I started to wish I was some sort of freak of nature and only had one nipple!! He moved to my right side as I again tried to ignore his preparations to pierce one of my most delicate and prized body parts. A word of caution for those thinking of piercing the nipples, the 2nd one hurts more than the first. Perhaps because your body knows what's coming, or I have also read that the effects of adrenaline and endorphins are often beginning to wear off by the 2nd nipple. No cursing with the 2nd piercing...just deep, guttural groaning.

Just like that...wham bam, thank you ma'am, my nipples were pierced. The first week was rough, I won't lie. I was very sore, and by about Wednesday and Thursday of that week was donwnright crabby due to the constant discomfort.

This week healing seems to be progressing nicely and the discomfort is considerably less, although my right nipple is still much more tender than my left. Jay was actually able to very gently roll my left nipple through his fingers during sex this morning. Yet a little while later when I accidentally scraped something against this same nipple, I nearly jumped through the ceiling with the sharp pain I am told full healing takes 6-8 weeks. I am hoping it comes sooner rather than later!! I look forward to replacing the barbell look with little silver hoops once the healing is complete.

I can't wait for the fun Daddy and I plan to have with this new adornment of my body.

Despite my fuck ups as a proper submissive this week, this is something I can be proud of!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, enjoy and thanks for sharing the story and pics.

bigd44 said...


That was a great story,and your nipples look fantastic!!! The pics look great love that first one

Mimi said...

Ron...Glad you enjoyed the tale.

BigD...Glad you approve of the new look!

Arcane's Angel said...

I didn't feel the second piercing as the huge surge of endorphins from the first totally spaced me out. It is the most incredible sensation having a piercing needle pass through the nipple.