Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As you may recall, I really screwed up in my role as Daddy's and Headmaster's sub yesterday. You may recall that Headmaster instructed me to write his name on one of my favorite dildo's and carry it with me in my purse. After sneaking off to the restroom to take a few pictures of it nestled between my breasts, the head in my mouth just to prove I had it with me, the following conversation took place:

HM: "Are you back at your desk, cunt?"
Me: "Yes Sir"
HM: "Pull up your dress and sit bare bottomed"
Me: "Yes Sir."
Me: "I have done so, Sir."
HM: "Lay the dildo on your chair and sit so that the head is at your cunt hole and your clit is against the shaft"
Me: (incredulous) "Sir, please people come into my office constantly"
Me: "It would be next to impossible to do this without discovery Sir"
HM: "I am not unreasonable - you may pull your dress back down and then place the dildo as instructed"
HM: "Use the dress to obscure it"
Me: "Sir someone is likely to walk in as I retrieve it from my purse or position it"
Me: (becoming desperate) "the nature of my job is such that people come in and out of my office literally every few minutes."
Me: "Sir, I can expose myself to possible shame and ridicule with total strangers although with great difficulty, but I have to work with these people everyday, Sir"
(you can just hear the high, thin note of panic in my voice, can't you?)
HM: "I have been reasonable, you told me yesterday that you would do anything necessary to restore yourself..."
HM: "yet you argue with the simplest of tasks, even when I have provided you an opportunity to have it go unnoticed"
HM: "a true submissive finds creative ways to follow her orders, no reason why she cannot"
Me: "Sir, I don't know what to say."
Me: "I have had 2 people in my office since my last IM" (feeble last ditch effort to get out of performing this order)
HM: "That is the problem - I am not asking you to "say" anything, I am telling you to "do"
Me: "Give me a moment, Sir"

I began this conversation believing he could not possibly be serious. When I placed the dildo in my purse the night before,I expected to be sent to the restroom at some point during the day to place it inside myself. I never imagined I would be asked to insert it right there at my desk. I began this conversation totally set in my mind that what he asked was impossible for me due to external circumstances. Yet, I watched myself as I opened my desk drawer, took out my purse and placed it on the floor under my desk. I kept a careful watch as I pulled the dildo out of it's protective plastic bag. I looked about several times, making sure no one was approaching my office...thank God my back is to the wall, so I only have one angle of view to worry about...then I swiftly took the dildo from my purse, briefly lifted my dress, nestled the head of the dildo against my cunt hole, and hastily shoved my dress back down.

Me: "It is done, Sir."
Me: "You push me to the point of wanting to cry Sir"
Me: "You did it the other week with the whole clothing thing for Daddy, and you have done it again today Sir"
HM: "If I don't push you to the edge, how do you know where the edge is?"

And so I find myself controlled with nothing but words and the strong desire to please, to be petted, to be cooed over as a "good girl." Of course there is also the desire to avoid punishment requiring "tylenol before and after."

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