Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Ashamed Sub Who Just Can't Seem to Get it Right

Today I did not perform as the shining example of a perfect sub either for HeadMaster or Daddy. I am disappointed and ashamed of my failure to learn. My bottom aches as a constant reminder of my failure due to Daddy's discipline this evening.

I began the afternoon by speaking with HeadMaster. We had not spoken for a little over a week due to his rigourous travel schedule. Over and over, I forgot to address him as Sir. He had to remind me, he had to prompt me, he had to wait for me to say it...MORE THAN ONCE. What kind of a sub can't even remember to address her dominant as "Sir?" He was sorely disappointed that I could forget such a simple requirement in such a short amount of time.

I was promised strict discipline for this forgetfulness and just general lazy inattention to detail at our next meeting requiring the need for tylenol before and after our session. That scares the shit out of me ladies and gentlemen...I can't stop thinking about it. However, kinky freak that I am, it also makes me wet.

The tasks I have been given to begin to make it up to him by showing my complete obedience are to wear my njoy anal plug to work tomorrow with a dress. I was also directed to pick out a dildo that most reminds me of his cock and write his name on it.."Sir." I am to carry it with me in my purse at all times. Each time I think of his cock I am to think of Sir. I am also to practice deep throating the dildo for at least 5 minutes each day. My goodness but this is such a difficult skill. Is it something you can learn? Are some women just naturally gifted at it? Is there some sort of trick to it? I must do some research on this subject in an endeavour to bring HeadMaster even more pleasure.

This evening when Daddy got home, I told him of my conversation with HeadMaster. He was glad to hear we had had a good session, and that I had been given tasks. However, he was very upset and disappointed that I had neither asked permission to perform these tasks for HeadMaster nor had he had any communication from HeadMaster letting him know the tasks he had given me. Daddy felt it had been made clear between the two of them that he enjoys HeadMaster giving me tasks, but as my ultimate Master must be kept informed of the tasks his sub is being given.

I became angry with Daddy for being so damn "picky," for raining on my parade and making everything so damn difficult. Basically attempting to do what I have come to recognize lately that I do often to him...topping from the bottom.

This time my attempt to top Daddy ended up with him pulling me out of bed where I had gone to stew, placing me on my knees in position 3 in front of a mirror and caning me with the scary big, black PVC cane that we rarely use. Daddy's punishment left me sweating, and crying out with the blinding pain until I realized our son might hear us, and used all my strength to hold in the screams that wanted to escape my lips.

Daddy questioned me as he dealt the blows of the cane.

"What did you do wrong today?"
"I don't know, Daddy" I blubbered through the pain even though I clearly did know.
"What...did...you...do...wrong...today?" Daddy asked again through clenched teeth as the cane met my vulnerable flesh.
"I did not ask you about my tasks Sir," I panted
"Thats right. Now why do you need to ask if you can perform these tasks?"
"Because you are my Daddy," I responded.
"And who is your Master, slut?"
"You are Daddy, you are," I tearfully replied
"Now you will send HeadMaster a message telling him of your transgression today, and explaining that you must have permission and I must be informed of any tasks you are given. You will tell him of the shame of this session."
"Yes Sir," I agreed

He rubbed the cane along the bottom of my foot and I was in terror. I knew I could not take that cane on the bottom of my foot after my experience with HeadMaster and the much smaller cane on my foot a few weeks earlier. I shivered in fear as I watched him in the mirror.

Finally he said, "You may get up and get dressed now. What are you going to do as soon as you get dressed?" he probed.

"Send an email to HeadMaster Daddy," I dutifully replied.

"That's a good girl," he praised.

I did just as I was directed.

Later in the evening Daddy hugged me, and I whispered against the side of his scratchy, manly face, "Thank you for reminding me who I am Daddy."

"You're welcome sweetheart," he responded tenderly as he kissed me.

I don't know but I think my bottom is gonna hurt for quite a few days, what do you think? With the paddle, it leaves bruises, but they dont usually hurt that much as I sit. The welts from the cane are painful and I fear I am going to be reminded of my misdeeds all day long tomorrow....

The next day...

Ah yes, I was right. My ass really smarted the next day. I have seen it as marked if not more so than this, but it has never been quite so tender. When I went for a run this morning, it hurt. When I stood up, it hurt. When I sat down, it hurt. Something about that cane packs a nasty punch unlike any other implement we have used. I don't soon wish to meet it again.


Rich said...

You might want to check with Chelsea Girl at http://prettydumbthings.typepad.com/, who has written a pretty good summary of technique. Well, here's the link (I looked it up): http://prettydumbthings.typepad.com/chelseagirl/2005/12/swallow_a_brief.html.

Good luck with your new skills!

bigd44 said...


WOW!!! That was hot! Your ass looks so sexy all red and bruised. Glad you finaly heard from HM. Hopefully you will remember the chain of command, so you will not suffer like this again...although you probably enjoy to much to change.

Mimi said...

Rich..many.many thanks. I found that link most helpful and imformative. Now I must go practice with I have learned with my dildo!!

BigD...I will remember the chain of command from now on...no doubt about that!! My ass is a constant reminder.