Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Familiar Taste of Poison

Is this song about you? Yes, you... If it's about you, you know.

It speaks to me. Calls up a host of images, memories and longings...

It touches a still raw nerve in me.

"I tell myself that you're no good for me,
I wish you well, but desire never leaves.
I could fight this til the end, but maybe I don't wanna win."

No I don't think I do wanna win or I would have done so by now don't you think,hmmm? Are you winning?

On another note, this is an incredible band Jay and I have discovered in the last six months...Halestorm. Their self titled album is the best I have discovered in a while. If you enjoy in your face hard rock with a goth sort of edge delivered by a hot female, this is right up your alley!