Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh My...A New Girl Crush!!

I caught this Christina Aguilara video for the first time while we were on vacation last week.

I've always been a bit of a closet Christina Aguilara fan, but this video has me worshipping at her tiny little feet. Who knew she was interested in the same sort of deviant festishes as moi?

I am especially turned on by the jeweled ball gag! I can't get enough of the images portrayed in this video.

I stared at this video open mouthed, my pussy growing moist and tingly. Oh to have little Christina work me over. I imagine her with a strap on dildo, spanking me, declaring me her "bitch" and forcing me to suck her plastic cock, the cloying taste sticking to the roof of my mouth.

Oh the joy if she were to force me on my knees and take me from behind with her fake phallus while pulling my hair, and spanking my ass.

Oh my dear Christina, what a naughty pair we would make!


Anonymous said...

I bet if she knew you, she would agree.

Anonymous said...

I would do that same to you honey xx

bigd44 said...


Glad to see you back, hope you had a great vacation!

Oh my! That is a very hot video! But your nasty mind is even hotter! I would love to watch Christina abuse your sexy ass!

Mimi said...

Steel...I am sure she would agree!! She seems such a naughty little minx!

Waynecoff..would you now?

Big D..Vacation was great. We didn't want to come back! Yes, isn't it such a delicious video? I'm not especially fond of her music, just her...LOL!

asda said...

Joy shared with others are more enjoyed.............................................................

bigd44 said...


Check out the website I sent you with Katy pics. They have alot of C.A. pics too.