Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Sex is SO Good

Jay and I had the best sex we have had in a while this evening, and it felt so right.

We began by lying in bed kissing in the darkness as he gently tugged at my nipple. My breath soon came faster and faster as my arousal climbed. His fingers found their way down to my tingling clit and slid wetly into my gaping hole. His fingers slid freely in and out as his mouth sucked steadily at my breast. I thrust my hips at him, grinding my clit against his hand as I moaned my pleasure.

I gasped that I wanted my vibrating egg which he refused me as he climbed between my legs. His mouth found its mark on my clit as electricity shot through my body. I pinched and teased one nipple while he reached up to pleasure the other one. His fingers worked my vagina and asshole as he lapped at my clit. I was highly aroused. It didn't take long for me to cum on his hand, panting and moaning.

Little did I know, the best was yet to come. He pulled out the NJoy anal plug and lubed it up before handing it to me. I eagerly slid it into my ass just before he slid inside me.

The feeling was ectasy. We have not played with the anal plug in quite some time and I had allowed myself to forget how erotic it could be. The plug forces my pussy into an even tighter position. Jay's cock rubbed me deliciously with each and every stroke.

My fingers soon found their way down to my again throbbing little clit. I rubbed frantically as my arousal climbed again. My world shrunk down to the pleasure building between my legs, and nothing else. I writhed and moaned as I rubbed and thrust at him, both pussy and ass filled. Again, I came, hard, groaning my pleasure.

Jay flipped me to my side one leg thrown over his shoulder in my still hazy post- orgasmic state and began to pound into me. I braced my hands against the headboard and held on for the ride as he spent himself on me.

Damn but we had great sex tonight!


Bull said...

wow I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

That was very hot

bigd44 said...

Wow! That was awesome!