Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm So Naive Sometimes...

Last week on a whim while home with a sick child I decided, out of the blue to set up a profile on the infamous Adult Friend Finder, and see what happened. As a side note... Jay is now the one on the fence about inviting another man into our sex life, so we still seem to be undecided on this issue. It's a difficult and thorny one for sure.

I immediately began to get a number of responses which I slogged through sometimes on my own and sometimes with Jay's help. I did eventually find one gentleman I found of interest.

We exchanged a few emails and began to chat via IM yesterday. He met my height requirements at 6'3". Was able to carry on an intelligent and sexy conversation. Seemed to be a middle class professional guy just like us. All seemed to be going well. When I asked about his marital status he said he was married, but that he and his wife ocassionally played and she allowed him to play on his own as well. I accepted this at face value because as I have discovered over the last few years there are indeed marriages like that out there.

We chatted off and on throughout the day turning up the arousal for each of us. It felt good to be wet and squishy at work. I sent him a few pictures to whet his appetite. He promised a viewing for me via webcam that evening.

Jay and I finished our great session of sex as described in the previous post and I logged on to check for my new friend. Sure enough, he was there. We began to chat. He turned on his cam for me as promised and he was indeed an atractive, professional looking guy. We worked our way around to the good stuff with me eventually suggesting I would enjoy watching him stroke himself for me.

He suggested he would like to hear my voice to verify I was who I said I was, and he would be happy to. As mentioned before, Jay was waffling on this idea and was not into a phone call for the evening. I also was unable to turn on my web cam as he had recently re built my computer and needed to install some software before it would work properly.

I gently explained all this to my new friend, while sending him a link to the blog to further bolster my case that I was who I said I was. He was eager to cum. He agreed to turn the cam on and stroke for me. I had Jay's permission as he sat beside me so we continued.

I was on, ladies and gentleman! I gave him such a hot description of crawling over to suck his cock, gagging on get the idea. It was good. He obligingly shot his load for me. I enjoyed it.


Camera went immediately black. "I've gotta go now, hon. The wife (who was sleeping before, mind you) needs me to do something for her"

Are you serious??!! WTF...does this guy REALLY have no experience with "after play?" Does the fact that we met on AFF and were immediately sexual mean I should expect such an interaction? I'm not looking for much, just a little friendly conversation after, leave your camera on for me so I can see the after glow in your face as we talk. Help a girl know she did a good job and you enjoyed it.

Needless to say, I dont see any further interaction happening with this new friend. Such a shame...


Anonymous said...

Finding the gems on AFF is no easy task, but definitely possible. I have had some good experiences. Definitely worth writing about.

bigd44 said...

Now who's being bad? lol
You be careful out there, and remember one very important thing...when it comes to pussy men LIE!!! lol

PS. Why do I always have to put my password in twice? I get this message the first time...

There was an error processing this form. Please try again.

Then the second time it works fine.

Mimi said...

Steel...Thanks for the advice. I'll keep it in mind.

BigD...I'm allowed to be bad, remember? :-)

Yes, I dont know why I am so trusting sometimes. Men do lie for sex, hahahaha!!

As for the password, I am not sure what the problem is. I added it due to the increased spam I was getting. I may remove it and see what happens. I know the password is a pain in the ass!

bigd44 said...


Oh ya, I'm the one without permission.

It's not the word verification, it's my actual password to post. At first I thought I was typing it in wrong or something, but it happens everytime. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem.