Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Good to Have Like-Minded (Dirty) Friends

I had two very hot conversations with friends with a familiar friend I shall christen "Professor Plum" and another with a brand new friend I shall refer to as "Will" because his accent reminds me of Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting." I will provide more details of my interactions with my dominating new friend "Will" in a future post. Neither of these friends did I meet via AFF just in case you are wondering.

I think a few snippets of my conversations with each will explain why I dragged Jay to our bedroom as soon as I got home, locked the door while our daughter watched TV downstairs and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of him.

After a detailed, hot description of how he would kneel between my spread legs at my desk and suck my hard clit until I spilled my juices into his waiting mouth...

Professor Plum: "I would have to fuck you afterwards. Bend you over the desk."

Me: "Pull my skirt up over my waist and rub your hard cock between my slick lips."

Professor Plum: "Mmmmm, slide deep inside you, feeling your wet pussy surround my cock. Slip my long middle finger into your tight ass."

Me: "Grab a fistful of my hair and pull me up off the desk, my tits bouncing against the desk as you pound into me."

Professor Plum: "My hands on your hips now, pumping hard and deep into your needy little pussy."

Me: "I am so wet again. I am squirming in my seat."

Professor Plum: "Cumming in you, finally...grunting, and cumming deep in your body"

Me: "Bent over me whispering in my ear what a dirty whore I am."

Professor Plum: "Forcing you onto me further by pulling back on your shoulders."

Me: "Yes, I want as much of you as I can take in."

Me: "Did you cum, Professor Plum? Is your hand wet and sticky with your release?"

Professor Plum : "I'm close."

Me: "Oh how I wish I could kneel before you and lick every drop. Sucking each finger slowly into my mouth as you watch. Licking your hands clean. Moving down to your balls and cleaning those as well. Breathing in the scent of you. The scent of filth, the scent of arousal, the scent of your need for me. Mmmm,I wish I could do that for you, Professor Plum. I am wet again, imagining you in your chair at your desk stroking your pulsing cock for me. I slipped a finger under my skirt to feel my own wetness. I can smell my pussy on my fingers.

Professor Plum: "I just came for you again, baby."

This was the 3rd time he had come for me today.

I also managed to carry on another short conversation with my new dominatiing friend Will today while sitting in my car enjoying some down time at lunch today.

Will: "I want you to send me a picture with spit on your face, cunt. Spit in your hand and smear it all over your face bitch."

Me: (after sending said picture) "Is that satisfactory, Sir?"

Will: "I want to see it dripping off your face. Do it until I am satisfied, cunt."

Me: (after sending another picture, hoping to please him with spit just visible dripping off my face) "Does that please you, Sir?"

Will: "Yes, very good whore."

Me: "I am so wet, Sir. I am going to leave a wet spot on my seat."

Will: "Good whore. Send me a picture of your cunt."

Me: (again after sending the requested picture) "Sent, Sir"

Will: "Mmmm, that pussy looks good today, whore. I wish I could smell you right now."

On the way home I message back and forth with Jay at red lights. Before leaving work he instructed me to lift my skirt and expose my wet pussy all the way home. I let him know how drenched I was after my day full of virtual sex. He instructed me to gather my cunt juices on my hand and spread them on my neck and face. He said he wanted me to smell like cunt when I got home.

My last mesage to my friend Will for the day just before I arrived home was:

Me: "My Daddy had me smear my cunt juices all over my face and neck as I drove home. I smell like spit and cunt."

After which, I went upstairs,and dragged Jay to our bedroom where we fucked good and long and hard.

Ahhhh, I feel so good this evening...


Jim said...

Lol, sorry . . . when you mentioned "Good Will Hunting," all I could think of was Casey Affleck saying "my boy's wicked smaht."

Not very romantic.


林奕廷 said...


bigd44 said...


Wow!! That was quite a day you had. Jay is a lucky man!

R and D said...

Well Mimi it is early morning and I can’t sleep and you aren’t helping any. You are a bad, bad girl. Your daddy needs to spank you for writing such things and keeping me from getting my sleep. When he does spank you, you better promise not to ever do anything like that again, until tomorrow. That was soooo hot!!!!!

Elvis湘均Kasp湘均 said...

Poverty is stranger to industry..................................................................                           

Mimi said...

Jim...Yeah, I'm with you... LOL

Big D...I felt ike a lucky girl that day too!

R and D...I am sorry to deprive you of your sleep with tales of my naughtiness. How can I ever make it up to you?