Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Most Embarrassing Moment

I must share a short little story with you this evening of how one of mine and Jay's greatest fears came true yesterday.

I made a trip to the ER yesterday. After having a UTI earlier this week, I began to have some sharp pains in my lower back leading me to feel I might have a kidney infection which I have had in the past. So off to the hospital Jay and I went.

After a very long wait, I was finally seen by a doctor who quickly diagnosed, not a kidney problem at all, but a muscle spasm/strain. It hurt like hell!! The doc informed me she would have the nurse come in with some pain relief for me to which I readily agreed. As we waited, Jay and I both speculated whether or not any of this pain relief would come in the form of a shot in my ass, and what we would do if that was the case. If you recall, my ass looked like this just 6 short days ago. The bruises were still very visible.

Sure enough, the nurse comes in a few moments later with one pill in hand, and TWO syringes!!! Jay and I cut our eyes at each other, both about to die!! There really was nothing we could do at this point. I let the nurse go about the business of preparing the injections, turned over and let her pull my hospital gown aside, and waited for her reaction as I looked at Jay.

It didn't take long for her to ask what I had done to get the bruises. Jay and I couldn't help but break out into embarrassed laughter. He finally managed to get out, "Well, we play rough."

At this point, the nurse too broke out into embarrassed laughter. She moved to my other hip, revealing yet more bruising as we all continued to giggle. I told her at least she would have an interesting story to tell tonight!

Need I tell you how incredibly embarrasing that all was? At least, I suppose we got a nurse around our own age who could laugh about it with us instead of an old fuddy duddy who either would not have understood what we were trying to explain, or would have met us with tight lipped judgement.

Note to self...try not to have any medical conditions requiring a shot to the ass immediately after an intense session of having the shit beat out of me...LOL!


R and D said...

You should have told her, "if you think this is bad you ought to see my husband". That would play with her imagination.

bigd44 said...

That is funny! What if she said the she was a Dom, and wanted a crack at that hot sexy ass? How would you have reacted to that?

Mimi said...

R and D...I think she was freaked out enough by what we did have to reveal to her!

Big D...if she had said that I guess I would have offered my ass up to be spanked by a nurse..ohh la la! Regardless, she did cause me enough pain with her 2 damn injectons that stung like hell, and not in a fun kind of way!!

Anonymous said...

thank u........................................

Love4her said...


If she had said the right things to put you in the right frame of mind, you might have loved the shots!

Yes we nurses run into the interesting stuff.