Friday, March 19, 2010


I want to want.
I want to dream of him, ache for him, cry out for him.
I want to tremble with lust as he penetrates my mind.
I want him to press me against the wall, cupping my face in his hands as we kiss.
I want him to crush me with desire.
I want to gasp as his words enter me as hot and hard as his cock.
I want to feel his strength as he pins my arms to the bed, his cock slowly sliding inside me.
I want to struggle helplessly against him as he takes what he knows is always his.
I want to know, does he remember what used to be?
I want to be his dirty little secret again.
I want to be his fuck toy.
I want him to fuck my mind.
I want, oh how I want.


STAN said...

They say one should be careful of what it is you wish for
As if to imply you shouldn’t wish anymore
They call you a dreamer when the subject is sore
As you look for inspiration through windows and open doors
Begging desperately for a release or liberation
From the harshness of the world causing you frustrations
Wishing to be cut off from people like a social castration
Instead you remain locked in peoples implications
Everyday involved in the same daily grind
Listening to the same people whine
Wondering to yourself if they need cheese to go with that wine
Laughing inside of the visions deep in your mind
So what if you’re a dreamer it helps you through the day
Besides who are these people anyway who say what they say
Just smile and live life as you may
And rest in the fact that you’ve just about made it another day

Bull said...


After that last post I know why Jay Loves you... you are a special woman

上來 said...


bigd44 said...


bigd44 said...

I didn't know what to say when I first read your poem. I've read it a couple more times, and I still don't have the words to express what I feel. Very deep, Very...I just don't know. Awesome! I think that is the best writing you have done. Great job.

bigd44 said...

Oh ya, one more thing...What the hell did the guy after Bull say?

Mimi said...

Stan...thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

Bull...Thanks for the kind words.

Big D...Glad you enjoyed what I put in print. It did come from a deep place of inspiration which I suppose was why it felt so intense.

As for the guy after Bull... your guess is as good as mine...LOL.

Jay and I went out for a wild time last night that I will post about sometime this week. He kept getting your comments on his phone while we were there and chuckled that you must have been bored last night :-)