Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Sound of Bliss

Last night found me very horny after a week of no interest in sex at all, and attacking Jay as soon as we had the little one in bed. The head of his cock felt so big and so right as it split my lips upon entry. I wanted so badly for him to pound me fast and hard, but I slowed my rhythm to match his. He gradually increased his pace, until he was slamming into my cervix with every thrust. I closed my eyes and listened to him, waiting for the sound of his orgasm. Jay and I know each other's bodies very well after nearly 10 years of marriage. I can't generally feel it when he comes inside me ( I have often wondered if other women can, because I have never been able to actually feel a man cum inside me), but know exactly when he comes because of the sound he makes. Last night I closed my eyes and just listened to him, and it was so incredibly HOT. I focused on him and only him as his breath came more rapidly until he blew it out with one long release as he came. I was so unspeakably aroused by the sound of my husband's orgasm, and filled with love for him.


Loverboy said...

Same here, know the noise but don't feel it.


R and D said...

D has learned to anticipate my climax based on the swelling of my cock, which she can feel inside her vagina. What makes it so hot is that she will know when this happens, how close I am, and begin to ratchet up her comments, telling me she feels me getting bigger and she can't wait for me to pump my load into her. These and other type comments simply feed the cycle raising my sexual tension. She will also feel my overall body muscle tension, breathing, and stroke rate to know when the moment hits so she can savor the sharing of our bodies together. On my side, I usually feel this tiny switch being tripped inside my penis. It is very subtle. This correlates with the initiation of the swelling and (barring a catastophic interruption) always results in orgasm. The intensity varies with a number of factors, some known and some still being discovered. Once the swelling starts I rarely last beyond 30 more seconds. Lately, I can say with the transformation of my wife of 34 years into a fuckaholic, I am in a state of marital bliss. She has become the wife of my dreams and my heart is full of love for her like never before. The change that has taken place in both of us over the last year and a half has been incredible.

Mimi said...

Loverboy...Good to kow I am not alone.

R and D...Sounds like some really hot sex. The sounds of Jay's imminent release are just so damn hot I like the word fuckaholic...such a great term! Sounds like ya'll have a great thing going!