Saturday, March 6, 2010

My First Toy Review: The Njoy Pure Plug

I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that I am embarking on a toy testing partnership with Shelly over at Shelly’s Toy Box!! I’ve seen others review toys on their blogs and always wondered how they hooked themselves up with such a fun opportunity. Shelly contacted me via another site Jay and I visit quite frequently, and here I am with my very first toy review!! I’ll endeavor each time to give you a rating of 1-10 Big O’s.

I had the pleasure to use and review the Njoy Pure Plug. It comes packaged very eloquently in a black box with pink satin lining. If you are one who enjoys giving your sweetie naughty gifts for birthdays or anniversaries or Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the Pure Plug packaging would make a great presentation for you. The plug itself is just so pretty…shiny and gleaming snuggled into its little pink compartment.

The Pure Plug comes in 3 different sizes…small(1”),medium(1-1/4”)and large(1-1/2”). I received the medium plug. At first sight I was a bit apprehensive about its size and even more apprehensive when I held it and discovered how heavy it was since I am more of an anal “beginner,” however as you will read below, it was just the right size. The Pure Plug is made of hypoallergenic, medical grade stainless steel which will never corrode. It is easily cleaned with soap and water finished off by drying and polishing with a soft cloth. It can also be sterilized in boiling water or by submersing in a 10% bleach solution and rinsing well afterwards. The Pure Plug is compatible with all sensual lubricants which is a necessity for any anal toy!

What you really want to know is what did I do with it and how did it feel?! As I mentioned above, I did feel a little bit intimidated when I first saw it as I am a bit of an anal novice, but I am pleased to tell you it slid in quite easily as Jay pressed it to my asshole while I gently pushed back. I would recommend warming it first in some warm water as stainless steel is much colder than body temperature, although I am sure there are those who would enjoy the sensation of cold steel entering their ass, I am not one of them.

What great fun Jay and I have had with this toy this week. It felt just right inside my ass providing a nice sensation of fullness as Jay slid between my legs to treat me to some oral pleasure. One of the best features of the Pure Plug outside of its presentation is its clever little handle. Jay reached down to gently wiggle the plug inside me as he pleasured my clit with his tongue. The sensation was incredible.

He eventually slid inside my vagina while the plug filled my ass. The sensation was unique and heavenly for both of us. For me there was the much desired sensation of having both my holes stuffed full. The plug’s unique curve provided Jay with new sensations along the underside of his cock that caused him to uncharacteristically cry out as he came especially hard.

A few nights later we decided to experiment with the doggy position while the plug was nestled inside my ass. The result was explosive for me. This has always been one of my favorite sexual positions, and the addition of the plug only served to intensify it. Again that wonderful curve it has hit the right spot for Jay as I was pleasured by the sensation of the plug being driven ever higher inside me with Jay’s every thrust. He was also able to reach down and grip the handle peaking out from between my cheeks to further pleasure me with the plug.

Overall, this was a toy that did not disappoint. It’s most outstanding features for me were its beautiful packaging, its pleasurable curve, and its nifty little handle. I give it 8 Big O’s simply because anal is still not my first choice in sexual activity. Although as anal plugs go the Njoy Pure Plug certainly is the Cadillac of anal plugs.


bigd44 said...

Great review Mimi! It sounds like you and Jay had a good time with the new toy! I'm trying to get my wife into anal play. So far she is not very reseptive to the idea.

Do you get to choose the toys you review? How often do you get a new toy? It's nice to read a review that explains the toy as it is really used! I can't wait to read your next review.

Mimi said...

Big D...It has only been fairly recently that I have become more open to anal play. It has taken Jay many years to get me there...LOL.

And yes, I do have the pleasure of requesting certain toys or types of toys I am interested in trying and reviewing. I don't really know exactly how often I will be reviewing. Time is the greatest constraint for me. I dont want to receive a toy and take a month or more to find the time to review it. I did quite well with this one...I received it about two weeks prior to posting the review you just read. We shall see...

Love4her said...

I have tried one of these before and users might note that the nifty little handle is just that.... little. With its rounded off shape it could easily slip on in if one was lost in the pleasure and not paying attention to how deep the little bugger was swimming. It might be best to tie some sort of cord to it as a retrevial aid should it swim north during play that may not incude keeping a hand on it.

They do feel wonderful due to the weight of them but personally I would like to see a bigger handle on it.

Mimi said...

Love4her...I find that curious as I did not feel that way about the handle at all. I suppose it would depend on the size of one's anatomy in that area, but I never felt that the handle might "slip in."

I personally would not want the handle to be any bigger since the handle as it is nestles comfortably between my ass cheeks; if it were any bigger I think it might be uncomfortable for extended wear or for wearing out in public.

Southern Sage said...

excellent review. Well written and the pics are a definite addition.