Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wanted: One Good Playmate

Yesterday morning, the only male co-worker in my office that I find attractive came in to show me pictures of his trip to Vegas. He is tall, oh so tall, about 6'3" or so I am guessing, broad shouldered, and just so damn good looking. As he stood there towering over me, I had two, that I had on a top which revealed a little cleavage and that I wondered and hoped he was staring at my breasts as he flipped through his pictures for me, and two, how incredibly deep his voice is. It was so deep that I could literally feel it vibrating through my body. I wanted to shove him up against the wall and fuck him silly,but I didn't. I do have some modicum of restraint and common decency.

This got me thinking though about how I wish I could find just the right partner to invite into mine and Jay's bedroom. My hot Englishman is rarely ever in town these days. I have another friend with whom I enjoy hot, illicit conversations which will probably never be more than that due to his life circumstaces and geographical location. I procrastinate on doing any work to find myself this desired playmate due to how arduous and difficult a task it seems. I want more than just a discussion of body parts, preferred sexual positions and surface conversation. I want a playmate who I also like as a person. I want a playmate who recognizes me as more than just the sum of my parts. I want someone who can fuck my mind as well or better than my body. I also want someone who won't become too emotionally attached, and will respect my boundaries. I want a lot,I know. He exists, I know, I just have to spend the time and energy required to find him.


R and D said...

Sounds like you and Jay have a 1000
piece jigsaw puzzle to put together. I didn't think it was possible for my wife and I to find the right couple to interact with. Turns out they were only a quarter mile away in a neighboring subdivision.

bigd44 said...

Well, I checked with my wife, she said I couldn't go to Georgia to be your Fuck Buddy. lol
From what I've seen and read on rcbb you should have no problem finding someone, or maybe like RandD said a couple to play with. Take your time, check them out, make sure it is someone that you both can trust. Communication between you and Jay will be very important.
Remember the old saying "Be careful what you wish for you might just get it."

In responce to your thought about me being a big boy...6'2" about 260. A little over my 215 playing weight. I just can't workout the way I used to, because of all my old injuries. It sucks getting old. lol

Mimi said...

R and D....Well that gives me hope that he may also be right down the street.

Big D...You do sound like my kind of man! Too bad you dont have permission to be my fuck buddy...LOL!

Bull said...


I asked my wife and I do have permission!!! Just wish I lived closer to you...the hot things that could be done makes the mind dizzy with possibilities.

bigd44 said...

You are definitely my kind of women! I'm probably a little to old for you.
My wife is pretty good with just about anything I can think of doing, except sharing with other people. Back before we had kids I had her talked into having a FMF with a lady I knew was bi, but it never worked out. Once we had kids there was no way anything like that would happen. I bring it up everyonce in awhile but I know we will never share. That's why I like reading about all your adventures, keeps hope alive!

Mimi said...

Bull, yes that is a shame.

Big D...well, now of course I have to ask how old you are?! Jay and I have been back and forth on the whole sharing thing. Did the group thing a while ago and it was a disaster and had made me hesitant to try anything again. I just more and more think if I could find the right person, it could be really hot and fun.

Love4her said...

You said, "I also want someone who won't become too emotionally attached, and will respect my boundaries."

I think very few people could live up to that. Trying to share all the initmacy and physical contact you deisre could only lead to emotional attachment. I mean, I don't understand how it could not? in my mind, someone that could give me all of that would be someone I would not want to do without... I would pine for them in their absence. It would be the same if I were the person in your shoes or the fuck buddy.

Mimi said...

Love4Her...yes, I know, what you say is true. As a woman, I want a little more than just the physical. Sex is only really hot for me when my mind is turned on as well. I think sometimes that I do want the impossible.

I think my idea of a fuck buddy as a female and Jay's idea of a fuck buddy for me as a male are two different things.

I love my Jay so very much, so either we will find a happy medium here, or we just won't enter into this sort of play at all. To be continued...

bigd44 said...


I remember your "group thing". I always thought you guys might have moved a little to fast with that. You should check out the Discussing Sexuality on RCBB. There should be a thread that talks about sharing. That might help you out.

I'm 49

Mimi said...

Big D...Thanks for the tip. We absolutely didn't really know what we were doing before and moved way to fast, thus we are being very cautious this time.

49 is definately not too old!!! I'm about to be 40 soon...gasp!!! My Jay is 42.