Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alice/Mimi in Wonderland

Jay and I had a most scintillating evening last night. We attended a party put on by the same folks that did the Halloween party we attended last fall. This party had an Alice in Wonderland theme and was an even better time than the last. I am going to tell my story in pictures for you today. I will write more later this week, but today the best I can manage are pictures. Jay and I did not return home until 3:30 in the morning, and I am exhausted. Luckily the children spent the night with their grandparents allowing us the luxury to sleep in until 11 before going to retrieve them, but it still wasn't nearly enough rest.

I begin my story with a quite tame picture of my outfit for the evening. Then we move on to pictures of sweet Alice preparing to serve as a human buffet. Then we move on to the most exciting portion of the evening. I was flogged for the first time by someone other than my dear Jay. We met someone who very politely asked if Jay might loan me out. I trembled with fear and delight as he flogged me expertly and moved on to an implement known as a "dragon's tongue" which packed a wicked sting. The final pictures depict my smarting bottom for you as it appeared this morning.

All in all it was was of our best nights out. It has further convinced us to pursue our desire to meet someone who can both fulfill my need for intense correction, and Jay's desire to better learn the techniques of the flogger.


J and J said...

Does that hurt the next day?

Jim said...

Wow . . . those are some serious marks. More pleasure than pain, I trust . . .

Alice is a cutie. I think all couples could benefit from an outfit like that hanging in the closet for frequent use ;-)


bigd44 said...


Those pics are so hot! Love seeing you in action, Jay must have been going crazy watching you get flogged and whipped with the dragon's tongue! You have some prett serious marks left behind foe your effort!
I would think that club might be a good place to look for canidates for what should be my job as your fuckbuddy/assitant master! Good luck!
Jay was right I was bored the other night. My wife and older daughter went to S.F. to see a play. So I was home with the little one. She goes to bed early, so I was just hanging out with nothing to do.

Mimi said...

J and J... Well, let's just examine those last 3 or 4 tell me if it looks like it hurts?

Of course it hurts!!! However, unlike most people I get off on ir for some strange reason. I plan to post more this week about how I feel while being flogged, whipped, spanked, paddled. In short, I feel quite high even to the point of enjoying the marks and residual pain afterwards.

Jim...I assure you more pleasure than pain :-) And yes, Alice was quite a hottie.

Big D...I knew you in particular would enjoy those photos! Yes, that visit did make us more motivated to find a playmate both to have fun with and to teach us.

J and J said...

lol, sometimes things look worse than they actually are ;-)

Grey Summer said...

You look fantastic in that purple corset! You should wear it more often. The discipline looked like a lot of fun. I love the pics of your bum. Very hot! And I can't believe you were at a party with Alisa. And dressed in her Alice costume, of course. I've lusted after her for years. She is just gorgeous.

Mimi said...

Grey...Yes I too thought the purple corset was totally hot! And the discipline was also very hot. Can't wait to do it again!

Anonymous said...

awesome. Looks like fun to me.