Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Halloween Frolic

I have been remiss in relating the details of our Halloween fun last weekend. It has been a very busy week compounded by caring for our sick son who somehow developed an ear infection at the age of 15!

I am finally here now with the details. It was, in short, a fun and sexy time! This is a very important point, as the last time we went out for Halloween two years ago, we had an awful time. Jay and I had gotten into an argument earlier in the day regarding, of all things, bumper stickers on our cars...LOL!! He had seen fit to purchase a bumper sticker endorsing Fred Thompson for President and place it on my car since mine is the family vehicle without even consulting me. I took this as free license to place bumper stickers of my own choosing on the vehicle as well. So, I purchased a Barack Obama for President bumper sticker and placed it on our vehicle. Well, a rather large battle of wills ensued which ended with me storming out of the house and ripping both bumper stickers from the car while yelling at him from the driveway!! It's a very funny story now, but at the time I was PISSED!!

So we started the evening off angry,and it just got worse from there. We were staying at a hotel downtown for the night, and I realized once we got there that I had forgotten my overnight bag which held all my make up and toiletries. We eventually made it to the party and it just wasn't our scene. It was, for lack of a better description, far too "vanilla." The music was lame Top 40's, the guests were all younger than us, and I wanted to leave almost as soon as we got there.

We were determined this year would be different,and I am pleased to say we succeeded! The party was held in a large warehouse that had been turned into a sort of a nightclub. There was a large fire breathing dragon erected outside. Inside, the music was loudly pumping with an Industrial/Goth sort of vibe. There were little snippets of a mishmash of scary movies being projected on one wall. The costumes adorning the bodies of the other guests were delightfully skimpy, erotic and/or exotic...Cleopatra with her ass all but hanging out, naughty witches, sexy kitty cats in latex, etc. Jay and I soon scouted out the area we were most interested in which was set up with a whipping cross, bench, and restraint chair as there was to be a demonstration later in the evening.

We sat and drank for a while, casually observing those around us. As the party began to liven up we began to move about until we found ourselves once again drawn to the demonstration area. We watched while a tiny little girl strapped a shirtless man to the whipping cross and began to expertly whip his back with both sensual and cruel strokes. Jay lifted my dress a bit and began to spank my bottom as we watched. I grew terribly turned on by it all. Eventually, I just bent over and told him to give me a good whack! One of the roving photgraphers for the event saw us and asked if he could photgraph us. We eventally wound up with me bent over the whipping bench, Jay behind me with the paddle he had brought in the hopes just such a spanking opportunity would arise, my skirt raised just enough to expose my bare ass sans panties as usual. I have posted one of these pics for your viewing pleasure below.

After our little spanking session, I was drawn to the dance floor by the pounding beat of the music. Somewhere in the midst of our dancing, Jay took my leash from his pocket and attached it to my collar. He used it to lead me about the dance floor as his whims saw fit. We had a great time letting loose and feeling sexy on the dance floor.

Eventually, my body began to remind me that it was late and it needed to be put to bed. We took our leave about 2 am, pleased to have had such a great time.

These folks put on events at different locations reguarly throughout the city. Jay and I used to enjoy a club here in Atlanta called The Chamber which closed about 6 years ago or so. We have been unable to find anywhere to go for a fun time ever since. I am pleased to announce this party had the same sort of feel as The Chamber, and Jay and I are so excited to have found a place to have fun again for those extremly rare evenings when we are free to go out together.


Sexy at Forty said...

That's a great looking pic! And I love the outfit!

Grey Summer said...

It sounds like y'all were really in your environment. And those fetish parties always sound like a lot of fun. Thanks for the tale and the photo!

Jim said...

Mmm, great pic. I'd caption it something like:

Jay frequently found reason to discipline the staff.


bigd44 said...

Glad to hear you two had a good time! I saw some of the pics Jay posted the other day on rcbb. Very hot. I loved the one that showed your ass with a nice red glow! Did the night end with sex?

Shannon said...

There is a place around with a Chamber vibe? where, where, where!!!