Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What I Want

I want him to own me.
I want him to slam me up against the wall and press his body into mine as we kiss.
I want him to shove me face first onto the bed, his arms pining mine down with the weight of his body.
I want him to enter me.
I want him to lower his mouth to my ear and tell me that I belong to him.
I want him to bite my shoulder.
I want him to kiss away the pain.
I want him to slam into me so hard my whole body is jolted with the force.
I want him to pull his cock completely out of me.
I want him to grab a fistful of my hair and jerk my head up off the bed.
I want him to make me beg for what I want.
I want him to refuse to give it to me.
I want him to make me suck his cock to get what I want.
I want him to twist my nipples until I cry out in pain.
I want him to ignore my cries.
I want him to take what he wants.
I want my body to bear the marks of our encounter.
I want to be filled with him.
I want my pussy to ache for days after he has been there.
I want him to take me in his arms and tenderly remind me that he owns me as he strokes my hair and kisses my sweaty head.
I want to fall asleep with his body pressed tightly against mine, arm thrown over my waist, hand resting on my breast gently caressing the angry red marks he left there.
I want to wake the next morning knowing my body is completely under his command.
I want him to want this too.

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have been there before. I had to leave him cuz my wants were too strong. I am so thankful to have found Sylvanus.

xoxoxox mina