Friday, July 18, 2008

All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

I am pleased to report that my sex drive seems to be increasing nicely lately. I cant say for sure what has contributed to the upswing. Most likely a combination of things...running reguarly to blow off the stress, forcing myself to take the time to focus on thoughts of sex, more "spanking" play with Jay, a little on line play, blogging again... all leading to more sex which leads to increased desire for sex. I already fear that it wont last, but for the moment it feels quite good.

All that said, I sit here tonight, longing for a good hard fuck that I'm guaranteed not to receive anytime in the near future. My poor husband underwent some surgery on his shoulder Wednesday and will be down for the count for some time. I will say though that the experience has increased our intimacy in other ways. I have been afforded the oportunity to demonstrate my love for him by being at his beck and call these last few days, and he has humbled himself to receive that love by allowing me to do for him what he cannot do for himself at the moment.

The weekend leading up to his surgery held some intense sexual experiences as we were preparing for the drought we knew was soon to come.

I finally consented to visit the local porn theater again last Sunday which Jay has been prodding me to do literally for several years. I am sorry to say it was just as disturbing and disgusting as the first time we visited. We stumbled down front in the dark to the area marked off for "couples only" as a bleach blonde with breasts best suited as flotation devices was being fucked by some oily bohunk on the screen. As soon as we sat down, at least 4 or 5 men scurried to the seats around us. One sat a few seats down in the row in front of us, and turned around in his seat to stare at us. I sat there a few moments fighting the urge to bolt as I wanted to please Jay. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I turned my head to see 3 other men sitting 2 or 3 seats down from us staring at me, hands in their laps. I jumped up, pissed off and disgusted, and marched out.

I get that Jay's fantasy is to sit in a corner in the theater somewhere and play. I get that my husband has more exhibitionist tendencies than I do, but even Jay had to admit this place was not fit to play out that particular fantasy. It is located in a not so great part of town, with some rather scary clientele. I didnt feel exactly safe there, and I certainly didnt feel the least bit turned on.

Not to allow the afternoon to become a total waste, we did manage to drive around until we found an empty office park with a picnic table set out for it's employee's enjoyment. Jay persuaded me to remove my dress, and lie naked upon the table, legs spread as he squatted and buried his face in my cunt. What I really wanted was to suck him, so after a few moments I told him I wanted to switch places. He gladly obliged me by removing his pants, and lying back on the table. I squatted, still nude, and took him in my mouth, running my tongue up and down and around his shaft. He wrapped his hands in my hair and pumped my head up and down his ever hardening cock. We were suddenly interrupted by the sound of an approaching car. I bolted up, grabbing for my dress even as I feared a car coming around the corner to catch us naked. It turned out to simply be a rather loud car in the next lot over.

When I was satisfied there really was no one approaching to catch us with our pants down, I laid back on the table, spread my legs for him, and took Jay's fat, hard cock. He fucked me hard and fast(so hard that my back would receive bruises from the picnic table that are still tender as I write this). I held onto the sides of the table and thrust my hips at him, moans and "oh's" growing louder and louder, pushing both of us to our orgasms as my voice rang out in the open for anyone nearby to hear. When he came, it was hot and it was quite a lot.

Later that evening, after putting the little one to bed, we enjoyed each other once more. This time starting out with me on top, his fingers twisting and pinching my nipples as I rocked up and down. I wanted to watch myself in the mirror, so I laid back, my head near his feet, my feet near his head, watching our two bodies in the mirror as I thrust back and forth with his cock inside me. I asked for my vibrating egg which Jay glady retrieved for me. Jay pulled out to stroke himself and watch as I massaged my clit with the egg. The room was silent save for our heavy breathing. "Yes, baby, stroke your cock for me," I encouraged as I grew more and more excited watching him while vibrating my hard clit. Eventually, I laid my head back, closed my eyes and came.

As soon as I was done, Jay was on his knees between my legs, shoving himself rougly inside me. My head hung nearly off the end of the bed, as he gripped my tender inner tighs and thrust inside me. "Harder," I urged as he pounded me mercilessly. I love it when he fucks me so hard it hurts. I lost all reason, lost in the pleasure and pain of his cock sinking into my deepest recesses. I cried out over and over again... "Oh, oh, oh," was all I could manage to get out. Poor expression of what I was actually feeling....flooded with pleasure, with emotion, with intimacy. For the second time that day, he poured his cum into me as I lay panting and spent.

It is memory of sex like that that leaves me sitting here tonight, horny as hell eagerly anticipating Jay's speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

It does sound like you gave it a good send off! I hope his recovery is speedy. And when you get that sex drive back... send some my way would you?

xoxoxo mina

Mimi said...

I'd be happy to share, Mina!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by way of your latest Sugasm submission and have to admit to being totally captivated by the "Parking Garage" piece. Loved it! I will definitely be following along! I also added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

very hot
sounds like Jay is a lucky guy.
good luck on getting the drive back.

Deity said...

Pouring out of your text to me were the smells of all of this. The movie theater, the open air of the office park, the bashing of your two genitals together. Quite lovely. I also caught an image in my head of the picnic table's texture. For some reason, i gathered it to be wooden and rough, but i'm sure that's wrong, otherwise you'd be nursing sores from splinters.

You do realize, by sharing your exploits like this, it takes the form of a different exhibitionism. Your hubby can nurse on that while his shoulder heals.