Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fathers and Daughters

A cautionary tale for all Daddies and future Daddies...

The scene in my kitchen after dinner last night:

My 4 year old daughter is flitting about our rather smallish kitchen as Jay and I are attempting to clean up. She is intermitantly twirling about, singing and demanding dessert.

Jay orders in a slightly raised voice, "Get out of the kitchen NOW. Go play and I will call you when you may have dessert."

Daughter replies, " Yes, your Highness."

Jay hears sass in that reply and explodes, "Go to your room right now, young lady!"

Daughter regards him with wide, confused eyes, and replies, voice quivering with tears,"But Daddy I said a princess word."

Jay immediately wilts, gets that "my little girl is so precious" look on his face, and says, "Come here, sweetie. Daddy is sorry. Go sit down and I'll get you some dessert right now."

It's in our genes, gentlemen. We are born knowing how to wrap you around our little fingers. Dont' try to fight it. You are doomed to fail.

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