Sunday, July 6, 2008

Games Grown Ups Play

Last Wednesday night I was itching for a good spanking all day long. I thought about it as I daydreamed at work, I envisioned it as I drove home that evening, I longed for it throughout dinner.

I successfully got my daughter to bed after bath, story, and an endless amount of hugs and kisses. I checked on my son to learn he was in his room playing video games, oblivious to the rest of the world. I walked back to our bedroom, stood in front of the bed, and suggested to Jay, "You know, if we close and lock our door, leave the TV on, close the bathroom door and go into the closet, I bet no one would be able to hear the sound of spanking."

These are the bizarre tactics our sex life has been reduced to in order to survive the constant presence of two sets of underage ears.

Without another word, I stripped down, walked into the bathroom and continued on to the closet to wait for him. He arrived with crop and paddle in hand. His dress pants were hanging on the closet door, getting in my way so I handed them to him inquiring what I should do with them.

"Hang them up," he replied.

I continued to hold them out to him before he barked, "YOU hang them up, NOW."

The crop met my ass with a loud smack. We both giggled , feeling a bit silly. However, with the second smack of the crop, I rushed to hang up the pants. He continued to swat at me, the blows coming harder and faster until I was frantically rushing to do as he asked and hang up his pants.

When that task was complete he ordered me to put on a pair of heels as they were all right there in the closet beside me. As I scrambled on my hands and knees to find just the right pair, he continued to smack me, ordering,"Hurry up! Get them on NOW."

When I finally had the heels on and stood before him, head cast downwards in deference to his authority, he purred, "Turn around for me, now"

"Good girl," he encouraged.

"Now bend over. Hands on your ankles."

SMACK went the crop against my ass as I let out a soft whimper. More blows followed, growing in intensity until he stopped to rub my stinging ass.

"Mmmm, you like that, dont you?"

"Yes, Daddy," I replied.

"You want more?"

"Yes, Sir," I agreed.

SWAT went the crop again.

Followed by, "Show me your pussy. Spread those lips."

"Mmmm, look at that. So wet. Only a slut gets this wet. Are you a slut, little girl?"

"Yes, Sir, I am."

Glancing back between my spread legs, I see the belt in his hand.

"No, Daddy, no. Not the belt, please. I'll be a girl good."

"Yes, you will because I'm going to teach you how to be a good girl."

THWACK goes the doubled up belt against my ass. Again and again it finds its mark as I grip my ankles and try to be bear my punishment in silence like a good girl.

Finally when I am sweating and panting softly, I feel his hand soothing away the pain. He leads me into the bedroom to reward me for being such an obedient little girl.

Our play continued last night as Jay and I took advantage of our son's absence and our daughter's exhaustion after a full day to continue the games grown ups play.

I slipped into the closet to emerge before him in my little school girl outfit...white blouse, no bra, plaid skirt that barely covered my ass cheeks. He smiles, and leaves for a moment to return with a ruler. I am so excited at the sight of that ruler, I can barely contain myself.

He stands me sideways in front of the mirror, traces the ruler along my bottom.

"This doesn't meet the dress code does it, missy?"

"No, Sir." I answer.

SMACK goes the ruler against my bottom still protected by my skirt.

"I can almost see your bottom. Do you let other boys see your bottom?"

"No Sir."

SLAP, "You're lying to me, young lady," he accuses.

"Do you let other boys see your bottom?"

"Yes, Sir. Do you want to see my bottom?" I offer as I lift my skirt.

THWACK goes the ruler against my bare bottom.

"Do you let them touch your bottom?"

"No Sir."

SMACK. "Tell me the truth, young lady."

"Yes, Sir. They ask and I let them."

"You should know better than that, young lady."

My bottom is assaulted with blow after blow from the ruler.

Mercifully, he pauses to rub my burning bottom, quizzing, "Do you touch these boys?"

"Yes, Sir," I mew.


Silence. SLAP as his hand meets my bottom.

"Answer me," he orders.

"I touch them on the penis, Sir."

"That's a very naughty girl."


"Yes, Sir"

SMACK, THWACK, SLAP as both ruler and hand discipline my swaying bottom.

"But they make me, Sir. They make me touch them."

"You like it!"

"No, Sir. They make me."

SLAP, "Tell the truth."

"Yes, Sir. I like it."

"Get on your knees," he orders.

He is naked on the bed now. "Suck my cock. Show me what you've learned."

I take him in my mouth, pussy gushing, slowly swallow his entire length. My head pumps up and down, tongue swirling. I can taste his precum at the head, and know I am doing a good job.

"Mmmmm, that’s good," he moans.

"Where else have they touched you? Have they touched you here?" he questions as he shoves a finger in my slick pussy hole.

"No, Sir"

The ruler comes back out, he lifts my skirt back up and unleashes a tirade on my lying little ass.

"Ok, Sir. Ok, just one. Just one touched me there. You can be the second, Sir."

"Get on the bed," he bellows.

"On your knees, spread your legs."

He enters me effortlessly, both of us grunting with the pleasure. He pumps several times as I reach between my legs to rub my clit. He pumps harder as my moans cue him in on my impending orgasm. My mind narrows its focus to the small space between my legs as I erupt in orgasm.

I turn over, pull the skirt off my waist, untie the little white blouse so he can watch my breasts bounce as he enters me again. He pumps hard and deep, my tits flapping up and down until he explodes hot and wet inside me.

Mmmmmm, its been a really good week for sex in our house.

This is my ass after our two sessions of play this week:

It actually looks much, much worse today, but I'll spare you those photos. I am reminded of Jay each time I sit down. I can't help but smile with the secret knowledge of what's underneath my clothing that only he and I share.


Eric / Elvis !?! said...

pleasure and pain mmmmmmmmmmm...............!

Anonymous said...

I see I definately need to look around here...
looks like a very good night.

Cdk said...

Wow, very hot! And really well written too. :)

The Fury said...

I like. Looks like I've found a new place to visit when I'm horny.

Anonymous said...

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Let me know!!!


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