Monday, August 9, 2010

The Importance of "Forward" vs"Reply" When Emailing

Or perhaps a more appropriate title would be..."how confusing the two created one of the most embarrasing moments in my life."

Our kitchen faucet has a leak. Jay spent the better part of Saturday trying in vain to fix it until he finally had to admit defeat. Thus this afternoon found me sending out an email at my small company of about 40 employees asking if anyone knew of a good handyman they could recommend.

I received numerous responses which I dutifully forwarded to Jay so that he could sift through them and contact someone for us. One of these emails came from the co-worker you may recall referenced here in the very first paragraph of this post.

The email said something along the lines of, "How much does it pay?" in a joking manner and went on to tell me of a former employee that apparently knows something about plumbing.

Jay and I being us, he is fully aware that I find this particular co-worker incredibly hot, and we joke about it from time to time. So I forwarded the hot co-worker's email to Jay stating, "Here's another one. I won't tell you what I WANTED to type in response to this email...LOL." I of course had visions of said co-woker shirtless and sweaty underneath my kitchen sink, and repaying him with certain "special" favors.

I think you can see where this is going, can't you? Two seconds after I hit send, I realized I had hit the fucking REPLY button and not the FORWARD button. I sent this reply back TO the hot co-worker and not my husband.

Sure enough, about a minute later I get a response from him along the lines of, "Huh, did you send this to the wrong person? LOL"

What is a girl to do in this situation? I had to send a reply. I couldn't just leave it at that, could I? By this time I wanted to crawl under my desk and dig a hole to China!

I finally just came clean and replied, "Yes, I did let's just leave it at that, shall we? How are you feeling this week?"

He has been quite ill for the past couple of weeks so I deftly shifted the subject. See how clever and non-obvious I am after I have made a complete ass of myself?

He replied back in short order," LOL, ok we'll leave it at that." Then goes on to tell me he is starting to feel better, etc, etc.

My face was burning all afternoon. The hot co-worker is in sales and mercifully was not in the office this afternoon so I did not actually have to face him. However, I have no doubt I will see him tomorrow. He stops by my office nearly every morning to say hello, discuss our mutual interest in jogging, etc.

Argh, I think I may be sick tomorrow....."grin"


Susie said...

It could have been worse. You could have written what you'd wanted to reply. Imagine how that would have cheered your co-worker up, especially if you'd spelled out in detail the favors you were thinking of repaying him with.

Mimi said...

Susie...You do have a point there...LOL!

Confessor X said...

It could have been worse then that, you could have replied all and sent it to the group of people you work with. I had a simular instance with a text message i sent to a woman i work with that had the same first name as a partner i play with... Lol

Mimi said...

Confessor..Yes,I do suppose it could have been much, much worse!! I have a few work folks stored in my cell phone and am always oh so careful about what number I am sending naughty pics to when sending them for Jay or a few select others.

bigd44 said...

Although it was probably very embarrasing to you, who know's it could lead to some future fun! But in the same thought I'm sure you would prefer to keep work an play separate. I'm sure you have had to see this man by now...any update on how that went?

麗王王珠 said...


Mimi said...

Big D..Hell NO it won't lead to anything. I'm not dumb enough to play my reindeer games at work...LOL!

Yes, I have seen him and he kindly didn't say anything about it. Just showed me some pictures of his dog...