Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Week of Music: Never Tear Us Apart

I had a nifty idea last week, and I am going to try it out on you, dear reader. I am going to make a post each day this week, featuring a song that has some sort of intimate meaning to me. I may tell you to whom it refers , I may not, that remains to be seen. You can be assured that since each song has an intimate meaning to me it likely refers to one of the three loves I referred to in this earlier post. As with any new idea, you may enjoy it or you may count the days until the week is over. If the latter is the case, I apoligize in advance.

My first song of the week is INXS' "Never Tear Us Apart." My Jay wanted to have this as our first dance song at our wedding. At the time, I overruled with another song, that in hindsight was much less suitable than this one. This song always brings tender thoughts of my Jay whenever I hear it. It is a bit bittersweet now that Michael Hutchence has been gone so long, but still a beautiful love song.

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bigd44 said...

I haven't heard that song in 20+ years! That is a really good song. I can see that as a first song. I was trying to get Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan for ours to no avail.