Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is It Wrong To Have Dirty Thoughts About Your Child's Teacher?

Both of my children went back to school this week. My son began 11th grade and my little one went into 1st Grade. I took my daughter to meet her teacher last Thursday before school began, and was speechless at what I saw. My daughter's teacher is HOT!!

I tried not to stare at her long tan legs leading down to pretty polished toes inside sparkly sandals. I pretended I didn't notice the shape of her body underneath her purple dress which clung to her perfectly. I was practically drooling by the time I left her classroom.

Jay and I both accompanied our daughter to school on the first day. He too was in the same state of drooling shock when we left the classroom. I fear the little 1st grade boys in her class will learn next to nothing this year...LOL.

I can't wait for our first parent/teacher conference!


Jim said...

Elementary school teaching is definitely a babe-heavy profession. I've had inappropriate thoughts about most of my daughter's teachers, the last few years . . . young, eager, firm . . . all those desks around . . . ;-)


bigd44 said...

You're not alone with your dirty thoughts. When our oldest was in second grade she had Ms. R a very hot sexy teacher. I had plenty of dirty thoughts about this young latino teacher! Then eight years later our young one goes into second grade she gets Ms.R for her teacher. Over those eight years she only got hotter and sexier! Another year of dirty thoughts. Enjoy the year, I know I did!

Alfie said...

It seems only fair. As a teacher I often had dirty thoughts about the MILFs who came to discuss their children's progress.

Mimi said...

Jim...Why am I not surprised by this??!!

BigD...Lucky got to enjoy hot Mrs. R twice!

Alfie...I bet you have encountered plenty of MILF's as a teacher!

Anonymous said...

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