Monday, August 30, 2010

The Week Of Music: Quiche Lorraine

Our second music entry for this week's week of music is the B-52's Quiche Lorraine. This song takes me back to my college days having attended the University of Georgia in Athens from which the quirky B-52's hail.

In particular, this song reminds me of my first love. We met in the first year of high school, and continued our friendship through most of college. At the time, I was not wise enough to the ways of love and sex to understand the red flags that should have been raised by a male friend with whom I was nearly inseparable, yet not at all sexual. I fell deeply in love with him over the 7 years we spent together. In time, he finally revealed to me that he was gay. It tore us apart for a long while. I couldn't accept it, nor could I accept that I would never be the one for him.

This song reminds me of our happier party days together in college and always makes me smile.

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