Thursday, August 26, 2010


She knelt between his legs, the carpeting rough on her knees, her dress tossed to the floor beside her where he had carelessly tossed it shortly after they entered the hotel room. His lips had hungrily sought hers as he took her breasts in each hand, drawing a small moan from her. She had greedily pulled his shirt over his head, desperate for the sensation of his skin against hers.

Theirs had been such a long, uncertain wait culminating in this angry, animal desire to devour each other. Now she knelt in front of him, feeling the taut muscles of his thighs under her hands as she gazed up at him. She kissed the bare skin of his belly, tracing circles around his navel with her tongue until he placed his hand on the top of her head and shoved her down, knocking her off balance, her head grazing the wall as she fell.

He advanced towards her as she righted herself against the wall, his green eyes shining with lust and unfulfilled desire. He slapped her in the face with his cock…once…twice…three times before he guided it into her waiting mouth.

She took him balls deep as he groaned his pleasure into the silence of the room. Her warm, tight mouth sucked up and down the length of his shaft, pausing at the head to swirl her tongue around the salty precum gathering there.

Her own sex pulsed and gushed between her legs as she pleasured him. Her need to have him inside her was strong, however her desire to please him was overwhelmingly stronger.

She cupped his tight balls as she stroked his wet rigid cock. He pumped his hips at her, tossing her back against the wall, her head bouncing off the hard surface with each thrust as she gagged on his swollen cock. She gripped his ass feeling the muscles there tighten as his hot, delicious cum began to flow into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly, loving the taste of him as he released into her mouth. When he was still, she gently cleaned him with her tongue, wanting to lap up every precious drop of fluid. She looked up at him as she did this their eyes locked with a mixture of desire and need.

He gripped her under the arms and lifted her to his waiting mouth, tongues swirling together as he led her to the empty bed. The weight of his body on hers increased her arousal to a nearly unbearable level. She wanted this so badly. She had been such a good, patient girl, and here was her just reward.

She could no longer control her own body, could no longer stem the rising tide of desire. She came almost as soon as he entered her, her cunt clamping down on him with such force it took her breath away. She writhed and cried out underneath him as her orgasm ripped through her. When it was over, she clung to him, her legs wrapped tightly around his hips, trembling as her whole body tingled and throbbed with their deed.

When she finally stilled, he rolled off of her, planted a kiss on her cheek, and chuckled, “Let’s do that all over again in about 20 minutes!”


bigd44 said...


Wow!! That was incredible! If that was real, then Jay is a very lucky man! If that was a pure fantasy you thought of in your mind, then Jay is a very lucky man!

Mimi said...

Big D..Fantasy, all fantasy that sent me hurrying to the restroom at work at couple of days ago to relieve the ache between my legs!